Mar 212010

This is in response to Dreamwalker’s post The Power of a Submissive Woman

I am too greedy. I’m not ashamed I’m that way. Maybe your very presence would slow my temperament and calm my head, but  I won’t apologize for my needs and my wants. I’m curious, and sometimes I think that if I sit quietly and speak in whispers that will count as time having waited. It never does.

Don’t waste a moment with me standing, let me into your arms and you into mine. Don’t waste a moment between the thought and the action. Kiss me. Don’t second guess anything that ignites a flame. Even as you take from me I will whisper while I cry.

“Take as much as you want, my Monster.”

Mar 202010

 Tonight is going to be different. Tonight I’m going to touch you and claim what is mine. Tonight I’m going to bare my teeth and mark you with them.

I’m going to hurt you because it pleases me. You will spend as much time making me happy as it takes to make me happy. I will enjoy you and I will have no concern for your enjoyment.

I will use you in the dirtiest of ways, take you to the edge and hold you there …because I’m not ready for you to finish yet. For once, this is going to be about me and not you.

Tonight you’re going to get a taste.

Mar 152010


When he came for me it was swift and cool like a powerful wind blowing right at my face. He sucked out my air and blew back my hair and growled “…girl, what a beautiful taste…” ~TSD

There’s never enough. I will not say that I am enough. I will say that my everything can be your anything, and I will enjoy your onslaught. But I’m a selfish bitch, and I will want a trade.

I have nothing. Make room for me inside your soul. I’m going to pierce you there with the honest and pure truth that is My Love For You and then it will flood over your entire body, like a wash or a wave. Only, you will never drown there. Breathe deep, my Monster. Sleep soundly against my heart, wrapped around me while I whisper beautiful, chilling, needy secrets of mine into your sweet ears.

I will hurt you. Yes! Oh yes, my Love, my Monster… you will. That’s the point.

Mar 142010


“If the knife comes out of my mouth while you are taking me in my ass, then you will use the knife to carve your initials into my very sore ass.”

He made me repeat it before he put the knife in. I started to drool immediately.

As I felt the tip of his cock touch up against my tight hole, he leaned up and reached, turning my face back to look up at him.

“This is going to hurt you, either way,” he said.

I just nodded slowly, and drooled.

Mar 112010

“Do not fight me. I see that look in your eyes. I will break you, and you remember how that felt last time. You know where you belong and how natural it feels there….. Has it been too long? ” he asked.

He searched her eyes, and he still saw resistance there. She began to cry, tears ruining her eyeliner and mascara.

A hungry whisper close to her face, “Oh, sweet girl.”

He stood, removed his cock and covered her body in his piss.


Sultry Saturday

Mar 102010


Trust that whatever I find, I will not scoff at. I will not turn my back on. I will never walk away. You are my only focus. I have wished for this over flames of many colors.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you will never be alone with yourself again. Do not be afraid to show me anything. I will not turn my head. I will not close my eyes. I am here to see you. I accept you. I forgive you. I will take you inside me.

Your pain is my pain, and I won’t hurt for this. I won’t allow it to touch you again. I will take it and wear it until it dissipates, heals, with no scar, only memories of contentment and sated demons. I want you left with a feeling of accomplishments and motivation towards goals which are larger and would once be looked at as intimidating but now are just challenges used as stepping-stones towards more of what you want.

Oh, what I am going to do for you. Your path is going to be clear as your eyes, nothing in this world to stand in your way. Come with me. Trust me.

Mar 082010

Take me in, and see me for the broken girl I am. Protect me from myself. Hold me. Stroke me. Open me up, and sort me out. Enjoy me. Dig inside me until the tears and the begging threatens to push me over the edge, my eyes frantically searching yours, for my own salvation. At that moment do not show me kindness, only strength of your will. Take mine, and show me how you hold it in your hand, taking ownership of it, and then eat it. Gone until you decide to give it back. You have that power. I’ve taken that one opportunity that I had, and I gave it to you. Yes, I want this.

No more opportunities for you, little girl.

Daddy’s girl answers to someone else now.

This show is live.

Enjoy it.

Mar 032010

“To be completely woman you need a Master, and in him, a compass for your life. You need a man you can look up to and respect. If you dethrone him, it is no wonder that you are discontented, and discontented women are not loved for long.” ~Marlene Dietrich’

He said we were going for a walk.

He lied.

I floated.

Mar 022010

I thought of you today when I was shopping. I was on my way for new heels to go with the dress I was picking up from the dry cleaners later this afternoon.  I have an evening out this weekend.

I miss the way you made me feel vulnerable, so I took off my panties and I put them in my purse. My slit grew warmer and warmer with each step I took. I was almost sure that every man I walked past would have his nostrils filled with the scent of my needy hole. I was fine with that and I smiled to them, just to let them know. The heels I ended up  buying are only good for laying on my back, but I wore them out of the store and I’m wearing them to the cocktail party this weekend, sans panties.

Thanks for the memories.

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