Feb 282012

It’s hot.


My breath is hot. His breath is hot. The pillow and  all  my hair in my face is hot. Having all of his weight on me is hot.

I want to spread my thighs, move my hips and grind my ass back against him like his whore.

He’s got me so pinned that it hurts.

What’s he saying?

Just… Yes…

anything… …yes…

Feb 162012

D1 is in quarantine with the flu. Out until Monday. Upstairs in her room; she texts or calls and I come running. I reminds me of that movie with the two old sisters and one had the broken legs and the bell.

Well,  tonight I had to be somewhere at 6:00. I left a little after 5 with TH and D2 had chores to do. When we got home, she hadn’t done anything. When I asked her why, she just made something up that didn’t have to do with anything. I took her phone and iTouch and immediately she finished the chores but cried the entire time. When I told her she could skip school tomorrow and she FREAKED OUT! “Don’t you know how much can happen in a day”!?

Um… obviously, I’d forgotten… then I remember that her grades are good so I’m not going to try to firebomb her social life.

I apologized and the night has progressed well.

I’m going to have an entire day free tomorrow. I’d love to work on the garage, but the dogs will not let me. Pains in the ass.

I think I’d fuck somebody if they’d come over and clean out my garage the way I want it.

Let me explain about my garage. My S-I-L LOVES garage sales. Serious. Addiction. I can have a garage sale and make anywhere from $100-$400, and that’s good money! Once you do it a few times, that cash becomes addicting, especially to her. Anyway, I tried to run the car through the garage door (that’s a whole other story) so it’s been broken. SIL & I have been taking advantage of that and PACKING it with garage sale stuff. On top of that, my Grandmother (so fancy… just, fancy) sent over live, two bed-fulls of clothes (probably 100 items). We have a round rack and two tables in there, a straight rack and a table that runs the length of the garage. ALL of that is packed with stuff on top on stuff.

We have got some major sorting out to do, and it’s not going to be fun.

Feb 132012

I took a break from things for a while.

I came back.

Is it just me or is there more sex and less BDSM, especially less D/s? Don’t get me wrong, I love sex. Hell, I review sex toys, but my kink ultimately revolves around D/s. I have fetishes that turn me on, my main one being that I’m a Daddy’s girl. Being a Daddy’s girl has gotten me off more times than I can count, but it’s a side dish to the D/s. Ok, fuck, it’s a BIG side dish, but whatever. S/M – side dish. It’s like a really great meal that different people like different parts of.

I’ve got to find more D/s people to follow on Tumblr (TheSinDoll – message me & I will) because I see far more sex than I do D/s.

I wrote some of my best stuff to people I had some kind of writing connection with. It was so odd, but I miss that. I’d like to see more of that. I miss not having a good muse.