Mar 142012

I enjoy taking pain from someone who enjoys giving it. He wants to give it. I want to take it. There’s a connection and a pleasure to be had with the exchange of power through pain. Once I’ve shared the excitement of that connection, “the want” sets in.  The pleasure gained can begin to overtake me. I want Him to hurt me. He wants to hurt me, too.

We cut the bullshit and lust takes over.  I know that He’ll want my nipples and breasts so I unleash them first, but my thighs are right behind them. I’ve  pushed my open  thighs towards Him in a nonvocal plea for stinging attention while the sound of His unbuckling belt was already setting off my cunt.

He decides where to start. He determines what part of me to take or taste. That’s His right. I get to slip away and enjoy the pain. I get to take what He gives with my chest caving or back arching. My body telling Him more than my words even could during such intense a situation.

He likes giving the pain. I enjoy taking it from Him.

Mar 132012

I laid flat on the bed with my head hanging over the edge… because He just wanted to start with my tits.

He stood over me with His legs spread apart… enough so that my head fit there easily and my hands came to rest on his upper legs.

I was nervous, anxious and cold but at His order, wouldn’t move a muscle.

Fear of Him as well as where that wax was going to fall both kept me in check on this one.

He was smiling and teasing and I couldn’t manage much of either.

He knew how I felt and so His sadistic side grew by leaps and bounds.

When He checked me before beginning, I knew that my cunt gave me away.

I assured Him that it was only because of how His demeanor had changed.

I was no more looking forward to that wax than I was sitting through a church service with my Grandmother.

He started with the wax.

They were tight, hot bites that I had nowhere to get away from.

He smiled the entire time. Some might say, a grin.

He chuckled at some of my reactions, at my hisses…

He changed locatons of that candle and played His game.

…how far away from my tender skin would he drop those liquid hot kisses.

He was so happy… but that wax hurt.

… I was happy to hurt for Him.

Mar 122012

I wore knee socks as a child. Constantly.

I ran around in these beautiful, little smocked dresses that my Grandmother spent a fortune on. I was the first grandchild, a girl, and a spoiled little thing at that.

So, dresses and bows… knee socks.

…and shoes that tap when you walk.

I really liked it.


Knee socks come up to just below your knees.

When I was a little girl, they reminded me to keep my knees together

It was so that boys couldn’t see up my dress.

What was up my dress was a secret.

It was my secret and it wasn’t for anyone else.

I really liked that.


At some point, I left the knee socks behind, but the seed was still planted and growing, nurtured …and seared in deep.


When you start to grow up …you begin to push boundaries.

Letting boys see up my dress made me feel bad.

…kinda like a good/bad.

A tease.

…and I liked that.


Part of me is still that little girl who loves her knee socks.

It reminds me of keeping my secret place away from boys.

When I’m in my knee socks, I’m just an innocent little girl who wouldn’t dare spread her legs in her knee socks.

unless I really, really liked it.


Mar 112012

He was trying to get her attention.

She noticed.

He tried a little harder.

She aknowdleged.

He came after what He wanted


That… was unacceptable.

At first He wanted her… but after He began to chase her… He had to have her.

He watched her. He was determined.

She didn’t mind.

She liked it.


Mar 102012

He sat beside me…. told me to turn around and bare my ass.

I did, slightly embarrassed about the way the crotch of my panties stuck in my cunt from my grinding and wetness.

He began to hit me.

I gasped for air and arched back for His hand.

I felt Him pause and I knew He was going to hit me harder. Even I was shocked that I had done it.

Harder He did… and I wanted more.

His hands rocked me.

My legs spread.

This was confusing Him, as I had an aversion to spankings.

I wanted His hand. I wanted a rhythm. I wanted to drip and squirt.

He continued until His arm gave out.

He left me arching.

Mar 092012

He came up from behind her quickly and slammed her, not too hard, but hard enough for her to know that something was about to happen. Her heart immediately caught in her chest, then doubled its speed. Her mouth went dry and she waited, instantly aroused, for His next move.

His hands went for her jeans in a fever. Her hands were stationary on the wall, one pinned by His weight on hers. His were now in her cunt and somehow the great power of her needy arch moved the both of them. Her already dry mouth didn’t help her as she panted for Him. No need to pin her. She would fold for Him.

So caught up in her own pleasure, she couldn’t even feel Him smile.

Out came His hand, reaching around her face to open her mouth.

Smearing her own wetness in her face, across her lips and having her suck it from His fingers.

There would be no orgasm for her .

A greedy girl only gets what she gives.

Mar 082012

They were almost as nervous as they were turned on. They were being propelled by excitement into a place that neither of them had been before, but both of them had sexually fantasized about.

…and fantasized about too many times to turn back now.

She just talked to him by messenger at first, then by text and sometimes phone.

It was so that she could reach him as she got more needy. She got more needy… really quickly.

He was more icked about it than she was, until his cock was hard and he was needy for his little girl’s warm, wet flesh.

At first, she’d read and re-read all the messages and “be Daddy’s little whore,” more times than anyone knew.

It was as if she really was keeping that secret he’d told her to.

And of course she was just as innocent as any little girl.

She wasn’t doing anything… wrong. ‘

It was just new and she didn’t know how she felt about it.

…but that wasn’t true

He didn’t know how he felt about it.

…she had decided exactly how she felt about it .

She wanted a Daddy.