Dec 312012

fasterThings get familiar. But when he asked for something… and she huffed, he slowly got up as well.

When he came back with the restraints, her eyes went wide and her chin lifted to the side in question.

“I need to teach you something.”

She had gotten thirsty. Her mouth was dry.

In one fail swoop he had her by the hair, turned, and on the floor.

She was scared. She was scared of him like she hadn’t been in a while.

He began with the cane. She scooted, tucking her ass as much as she could. He had her tied tightly.

He gritted his teeth.

“Faster… Beg for me to go faster.”

Sultry Saturday

Kink of the Week

Dec 222012

Pool table

I threw him a smile. I was new. He was the regular. I picked up a beer or two. He made no move to leave after last call.

Jonathon. I think his name was Jonathon.

He asked me if I played pool. I said that I didn’t. I did.

He said that he didn’t either. He did.

I took my shirt off. He pushed me into the table and went for my neck.

I think his name was Jonathon.

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Dec 172012

Nipple Pump

I’ve had this pump sitting in my drawer for almost as long as I’ve been in the lifestyle.

I’ve never been interested in pumps. I  never used it.

The glass is delicate and as the balloon depressed with each pump, my nipple grew to an extent that I couldn’t stop doing it.

I was too hypnotized.

Sultry Saturday

Dec 172012

Photo courtesy of Penny

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Dec 172012

I don’t know how many times that I’ve recently told a new s-type or even a new D-type that aftercare is an important part of a scene. Some people may not need it at all, but it’s still important to ask. It’s not something that you want falling on your head after a wonderful scene… or especially after a shitty one.

I played a lot this weekend. It was actually the first time that I’ve played in quite a while. It was definitely the first time I’ve played to that extent. I’ve scened in ways that others in our group have not. Our local group is fairly new and still growing in numbers and experience. I want our members to have every opportunity available. I want everyone to learn and grow because that’s why they’re coming out.

In the years since I’ve been playing, I’ve made sure not to hold back on telling the people in the group stories about “I wish I would have known”.

Know what you want.

I know what I want.

Don’t be afraid to speak up.

I’m not afraid to speak up.

Somewhere in there, in telling everyone what they could do, what they had the right to do – I lost myself for a minute. One of the last things that I had discovered about myself before I took a break from playing was discovering the need I have when it comes to my own aftercare. I spent a good amount of time with that fucking aftercare battle. Through trial and error, that was the only thing missing and the only thing that worked when I got it. Unfortunately, I never asked for it, but I learned that I needed the fuck out of it.

My recent play has taught me a few things. One of them being – I can take a lot more pain than I thought. For some reason, I equated what I took, with what I needed. I never once mentioned my aftercare.  I just kept right on going.  I slipped right back into that old mentality.  Hell, maybe I thought I was cured from needing aftercare! Like… if you get to a certain point and you won’t need it anymore. I think it’s much more likely that this was the first few times that I was being tested on something that I knew I needed to do… and I failed.  I didn’t open up. I was a fucking stone. Stones sink.

I won’t safeword.

I don’t need anything.

….and I didn’t.

This weekend I let someone else have my aftercare.  I saw it. I never spoke up. That part of me slipped right back in and I never realized it and I never questioned it. I just slowly…sank.  It was something that I thought I had overcome. Obviously not, but now I know.  Now I’ll fight the shell that it used to put myself in. I know better, and I believe that’s a step in the right direction, but that shitty way that it makes you feel – I can’t make that go away. I keep asking myself why …Why did I not notice, speak up, go to someone – anyone?

I hate aftercare.

Dec 142012

cocksuckingCocksucking – I don’t like being on my knees.

I don’t like it when a man lays down. That makes me feel like I’m all alone.

What I like is for me to be on my back and for him to have his cock in my face. It’s a good position if he likes to face fuck, but it’s it’s even a better place to be when you’re cock hungry. When you’re drooling, mouth begging upwards for a taste of dick. My tongue just wants a taste. God, I just want to feel the slipperiness. I want to beg for it. That’s not cocksucking. That’s being cock hungry.


Dec 112012

Mia. This is one of those; put in your purse; it locks; nobody knows about; you snatch out and go at it in the bathroom and take dirty pictures for someone. –Too much? So I’m sitting here watching this clitoral vibe blinking while it’s sucking its coochie vibe’n power out of my laptop. It takes an hour, by the way, for the white LED light to stop blinking and glow steady. That means that it’s charged. There’s a silicone plus and minus signs, one on top of the other. The LED light is between them. When Mia’s battery runs low, it’ll blink red. You know, if caught, you could actually just say that you don’t want to forget your USB drive, so you hide it in your coochie.

If you need to power off instantly, then hold down the minus button down.  Directions are fairly easy to understand when it comes to power. Up is more and down is less. The vibrations get some decent intensity. I’m thrilled with it- and little more than MiMi can do that these days. Here’s where I think that LELO could have saved their money and just made this one a Hitachi in your panties.

If you’ve got Mia going at her max, holding the plus button for two seconds will send Miainto patterns. They are a bit difficult to find your way out of and around, but some pulses and rollercoastering wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to scroll through everything to get to them. I’m usually a “keep it at the top speed” kinda girl, anyway.

It comes with an USB extension, so it doesn’t have to be stuck right into your laptop. It also comes with a warranty, a black, silk storage bag, and the information packet, all wrapped nicely in LELO’s basic black box. Tie a big, red, silk bow around that box and you’ve got a sexy gift!

With Mia’s lid on, it is 4.5 inches long. With an about 2 ¾ circumference at its fattest, she’s a small, discreet clitoral vibrator with enough power to get me off. I likey.

Mia cleans up nice too. Antibacterial soap and water is the easiest way to go. Since she’s plastic, but not submergible or waterproof, just take it easy with the lid and getting any water near the USB port. You can also use a 10% bleach solution.

I’ve had Mia in my purse and pulled her out on a visit to the bathroom. I can get a quick orgasm with her, even if there is a crazy or two peeking through the space where the stall door meets the wall. Hey, if they want the show – who am I to deny them?

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I also used my Mia to enter in Toy With Me Tuesday! Check out my entry and use the link to find others!

Dec 092012

time outHer mind wonders. She thinks about what’s going through his his.

He watches her from behind and wants to run his tongue from her hip to her bra strap.

He wants to pull it with his teeth and then snatch at it until the thin lace and elastic fibers scream and give way.

He’d have her hair in his mouth.

He’d bury his head in her hair.

He wants her scent. Sniffing her neck and up to her jawline.

Her heart would begin to beat faster. He’d be able to feel it against his own.

Part of her would begin to panic.

She would realize that he was going to take her.

And also… that time out wasn’t so bad.