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Bad Dragon. Need I say more? I shouldn’t have to, but I’m going to. They sent me the coolest looking Cole the Dane that I could have ever asked for. Opening a box from them is like Christmas.

Pink and black – two of my favorite colors. The suction cup base is black and the shaft is a beautiful pink. I went with a small with an 8 in firmness. In my David the Werewolf review I explained the three choices that you have when it comes to firmness, but I’ll touch on it again. 3, 5, and 8  – the scale that Bad Dragon uses to define how firm that their toys are. They also send you a disc of a different firmness other than the one that you ordered that will give you an idea as to how firm your next toy will be. Yes – I said “your next toy,” because I can’t imagine that you’ll want to own just one of these toys. They are so unique that owning just one is out of the question. I don’t even know how you’ll make the initial decision on which one to get first. Good luck.

Besides the firmness, you have a number of other decisions to make when it comes  to customizing your toy at Bad Dragon. I told you that this wouldn’t be an easy decision, right? Go crazy with it. Add a cumtube. Yes, I said cumtube. It will actually spit cum at you! There’s a tube that runs down the center of the toy and when used with a syringe it simulates cumming. Don’t fall over just yet. Its suction cup will stick to almost anything. I don’t doubt it will even stick to your forehead, but let’s not go that far because who wants to walk around looking like a unicorn.

The base is about 1.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches in circumference at its widest. The insertable length is 6 inches. You’ve got almost 3.5 inches above the knots and 2.5 inches from the knots to the base. The circumference of the knots is 6 ¼ and the circumference of the rest of the shaft comes in at about 4.5 inches but tapers at the very tip.

Although this is the most firm out of all that Bad Dragon offers, it still has a plushy give to it. Drag? Yes. These toys are made from quality silicone, so you’re going to need some lube. I’m going to recommend Bad Dragon’s Cumlube, although it does have parabens, so if you have issues with that, you might want to look into a more natural water-based lube.

Bad Dragon’s toys are very easy to clean and maintain as well. Although they pick up lint, pet hair and dust better than any vacuum that I’ve ever owned I use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean before and after each use, and I’ve never had a problem. You could always toss it in the dishwasher, too. Make sure there’s no soap in it and your toy is on the top rack!

While the shaft has no major texture, there are some veins on the shaft, but they can’t be felt while in use. Then there are the knots. Those can be felt during use. If you can’t make it past the knots, use it with a clitoral stimulator and work that sucker! I absolutely love how they make me feel nice and full. If you’re a size queen, these knots should be calling your name. Seriously, stop reading and order. Now. Go.

Bad Dragon makes quality toys that are unique and fills a niche in the sex toy market. They are also Made in the U.S.A.! I can see why people love them as much as I do. As soon as I open a box and see that piece of purple tissue paper, my heart starts beating a little faster. Even The Husband is interested in seeing what they send!

In this box, I also received a tiny surprise that I fell in LOVE with. I’ve named him “Lucky.” Base and all, he’s about 2 inches tall. I absolutely love him. He sits on the edge of my laptop and I play with him when I’m working. Who knew that a tiny penis would be so helpful?

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  1. This looks like a badass toy! I’m going to check out there other products for sure. Thanks for reviewing this!

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