Oct 312012

The Mangasm brand of male sex toys contacted me recently to do a review of the Mangasm Edge. The Edge provides perineum and prostate stimulation with a variation of vibrations. The shaft measures 5 inches from top to bottom with an almost 3 inch circumference at its thickest. The rounded perineum tab is 2 inches in circumference. The chord that connects the toy to the remote is 23 inches. It takes 2 AA to power the blue battery compartment. Keep in mind to remove batteries from toys before you store them in order to keep them lasting longer.

With an easy push of the thumb the vibrations turn on and go from low to high and then back down and off again. The strength of the vibrations is fairly powerful.

The Mangasm Edge is hard and unyielding. It’s smooth, but there is a seam. The seam can barely be felt with your fingers and can’t be felt while in use. There’s no drag.

Since the Edge is made from plastic, feel free to use silicone, oil, or water based lubricants. Since it has a chord coming from it, don’t submerge it in water. Toy wipes, toy cleaner, or an antibacterial soap and water bath would be a good idea for cleaning. Keep in mind that you need to use a condom if sharing.

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Oct 302012

The Mangasm Buzz is a product geared towards men as a popular vibrating prostate toy. However, it also works to stimulate the G-spot in women. It’s not large or intimidating. Rather, it’s easy to use either solo or with a partner.

The Mangasm Buzz is made of silicone, which is extremely body safe. The bullet inside, however, is made of plastic. The silicone part can be cleaned in a multitude of ways, toy cleaner, toy wipes, tossed into the top rack of the dishwasher (just make sure there are no dishes in there along with it and there’s no soap) or boil it for about three minutes. You can also use the wipe-down method – antibacterial soap and water. Since silicone is non-porous, it’s very easy to clean and get rid of unwanted chemicals and smells.

As for the plastic bullet, you can submerge it – it’s waterproof! Some toys have a waterproof seal around them, but that doesn’t mean that they actually keep the water out. A quick waterproof test where we turn the toy on and submerge it, then remove it from the water and dry it off before checking inside the battery  case for water will tell us if the toy really is waterproof or not. In this case there was no water inside the battery case, therefore the bullet is waterproof! It makes clean-up much easier for the bullet. A quick antibacterial soap and water bath is usually the easiest way to go.

Here comes the disclaimers… always use a condom when sharing between partners and I’m sure you know that it’s never a good idea to go from anal to vaginal. Let’s keep it safe, people!

Now, the Mangasm Buzz has some drag to it, so be careful only to use water based lubes, as silicone and oil based can destroy its finish. The Mangasm Buzz is light, and only slightly flexible. It does have a seam that runs over the entire toy. It can barely be seen. If you push down hard, you can feel it, but it can’t be felt during use.

The design of the Mangasm Buzz is interesting. It looks very ergonomic. Let’s start from the bottom of the toy. The base looks to have enough room to get a good grip on the toy. The neck is slim, which is a good sign in anal toys, and then on one side, the toy flares a bit, like a belly, and the opposite side, it has two small raised bumps. They both lead up to the softly pointed head of the toy. The base is about 3 inches across. The neck (sans bullet) is about 2 ¼ in circumference. The circumference then widens to about 3 ½. The total length is about 4 ½ inches. You can insert probably 3 inches of that.

I was very impressed with all of the levels of vibrations, escalation, and pulses that this small bullet was able to produce. Powered by only three watch batteries, the power from the bullet was felt even at the tip of the silicone toy. Its power was light to moderate, but still impressive considering that it was being run on three watch batteries and being felt through a silicone body. Here are the functions of the Mangasm Buzz:

Low vibration

Medium vibration

High vibrations

High pulse

Four quick pulses on high and then a steady vibration

Escalates up on each level of vibration then down

Two pulses up on each level of vibration, elevating up

If you’d like for the bullet to turn off, regardless of the function that it’s on, simply hold it down for a second or two.

A few negatives about the Mangasm Buzz:

It’s pink. – Not everyone’s going to love the color.

There could have been more instructions or information with the product.

Getting the bullet out was like an act of Congress. – This sucker took FOREVER to come out.

HINT: Maybe try a little lube so it’ll slide in easier next time.

What I really liked about the Mangasm Buzz:

Hell, I like pink!

I was impressed with all the functions that it had.

Body-safe material – nice.

Good for both sexes – always a plus!

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Oct 302012

If you’re looking for a lifetime partner for your butt – look no further than Njoy Pure Plugs. They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Right now the small and I are very much enjoying our time together. The Njoy Pure Plugs are made from stainless steel, yep – hardcore stainless. Sling one of these puppies through your Mama’s kitchen window and see what happens. It’s hard and smooth with no drag at all, however, I’m sure you’ll still use lube if you’re sliding this guy up your ass. Take your pick, silicone, water, or oil based. You can use all three. I use Maximus – it’s my personal preference.

The small one weighs about a pound. It feels heavy in your hand. Hell, it feels heavy in your ass! That’s one of the things I like about it, though. It’s made completely of hypoallergenic, medical-grade, stainless steel that’s non-porous. This ensures that your toy will never degrade or corrode. As with all stainless steel toys, the material is extremely easy to care for.  For everyday cleaning, use toy wipes, toy cleaner, or even a bath with antibacterial soap and water will do;  just remember to wipe dry after cleaning, and don’t use anything abrasive against the toy as it will scratch its shiny, mirror finish.  You can boil or toss it in the dishwasher to sterilize the toy. I store my Pure Plug in its Njoy box. It’s perfect for storage and would be a wonderful box to use if you were gifting the Pure Plug to someone!

The small plug is for beginners, but it’s the same design as the medium and large. The handle is flat and thin with an oblong shape. It makes a perfect fit for between the cheeks. The handle connects flawlessly to the thin neck which thickens as it moves upwards towards an almost phallic-shaped head. The length of the handle is about 2 inches. The neck is about an inch in length and 1 ½ inches in circumference at its widest, near its head. The head has a 3 inch circumference.

It inserts perfectly. I’ve had other plugs that didn’t look anything like the Njoy line. They looked like they were just plugging up your ass. The Njoy line looks a little more ergonomic and much more elegant; it just reminds me of a pacifier for an ass. The head of the plug comes to an effortless point which seems to make insertion easier. There are no visible seams. The craftsmanship is excellent. This is literally a toy that will last a lifetime.

The Husband and I love using this plug while he’s fucking me. I will say that I did try to go ahead and move up to the medium and I just wasn’t ready. I’m really taking my time and enjoying the small. I have no issues inserting it by myself. There’s no pain or discomfort. I only feel the weight, which I LOVE. The Husband loves the weight of the plug and how it feels when we move into different sexual positions.

I really can’t say enough good things about the weight of the Njoy plug. Although the small is clearly for beginners, it’s an investment that I’ve been thrilled with making. Don’t be detoured by the price tag. In this case, this is money well spent on my ass.

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Oct 182012

The Icicles No. 2 is wonderful if you love glass and all of its benefits. If you’ve ever wondered what all that “popping sensation” was that people have spoken about, or if you know that you like the popping sensation, you might also be interested in this dildo. From either end it can accommodate almost anyone. The Icicles No.2 can be fun if it’s being used by yourself or a group of 20, anally too – just be careful with that.

You’re also going want to be careful because it gets way slippery with lube. You can use any type of lube that you like – silicone, water, or oil, but start with just a tiny drop and see how that goes. Trust me; it’s easier to add more than take some away. Besides, since the glass is so slick and smooth, it won’t take much to have it slipping right out of your hands and landing on the floor.

If it does land on the floor, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll break. The Icicles No. 2 is actually made of Borosilicate glass. These dildos are like babies, they’re much more resilient than you think. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my nieces and they’ve turned out fine. And this kind of glass won’t erupt into a million little tiny slivers of stabby needles. It would simply snap into a few large pieces. This is much better for the bottoms of your feet.

It’s going to be slippery when you clean it too! It’s non-porous, which is great – body safe. Typically I just use antibacterial soap and water. I’m a part of the soap and water gang. You also have plenty of other options. Once a month a do a deep cleaning on all my toys, so you might find a method here that suits you best for your toys that are made of Borosilicate glass. It’s fine to boil your all-glass toys or even put them in the top rack of your dishwasher, but remember that glass holds temperature extremely well and needs to sit to cool off. A good idea when it comes to boiling a glass toy is to take a cloth and lay it against the inside of the pot so that the toy doesn’t have direct contact with the metal. Always remember to check the manufacturer’s instructions before sterilizing your glass toy via the boiling/dishwasher methods.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to disinfect/sanitize and clean your glass toys:
1. Use a clean, soft cloth and mix ¼ cups of household bleach with 2 ¼ cups of water.
2. Toy wipes
3. Toy cleaner – With my experience with the ingredients in toy cleaners, I would suggest rinsing the cleaner off even if the cleaner says that you don’t have to.
4. Use a bit of rubbing alcohol.
When it comes to glass you have the option of temperature play. My suggestion is to let your toy sit in a bowl of warm or cold water before playing with them for added sensations. Touch the toy to the inside of your wrist before beginning play with your partner in order to make sure that the temperature isn’t too extreme. Also, keep in mind that one of the main reasons for cracks in glass toys (other than drops, obviously) is going from one intense temperature to another. This often happens during temperature play or cleaning. Now, you might have heard it from a friend’s cousin that they put their glass dildo in the refrigerator or the microwave and it worked fine – not a scratch, but I’m not going to advise it. First of all, I don’t know the settings on your microwave or fridge. Second, I don’t know that they really did that. Third, I doubt that they really did that.

The Icicles No. 2 weighs 9 ounces and has nine balls stacked on top of each other, each one smaller than the one below it. The circumference of the largest, bottom ball is 4 ¾ and the circumference of the smallest, top ball is 2 ¼ inches. The globular shapes are wonderful for those who enjoy the popping sensation as a toy enters the vagina. Be careful when it comes to thrusting this toy, no one wants a bruised up cervix. The connection between each ball is smooth and uninterrupted, which will make the Icicles No. 2 easy to use and all good when it comes to craftsmanship.

I enjoyed the Icicles No. 2 the most when The Husband used it with only the smallest bit of Maximus and thrusted gently with the biggest end. It rolled over and put just the right amount of pressure on my G-spot.

Aug 122012

I finally gave in and purchased a Pure Wand.

I can honestly say that it’s one of the most beautiful toys that I’ve ever owned. The Pure Wand is obviously a well-made sex toy. It’s one that you will have in your collection forever.  Although a little on the expensive side, its versatility makes it extremely exciting. It’s a toy that can be used for anal, clitoral, P-spot, and G-spot stimulation.  That’s exciting to a multitude of users because there’s always something new to do with it.

The Pure Wand is made completely of hypoallergenic, medical-grade, stainless steel that’s non-porous. This ensures that your toy will never degrade or corrode. As with all stainless steel toys, the material is extremely easy to care for.  For everyday cleaning, use toy wipes, toy cleaner, or even a bath with antibacterial soap and water will do;  just remember to wipe dry after cleaning, and don’t use anything abrasive against the toy as it will scratch its shiny, mirror finish.  You can boil or toss it in the dishwasher to sterilize the toy. I store my Pure Wand in its Njoy box. It’s perfect for storage and would be a wonderful box to use if you were gifting the Pure Wand to someone!

Given the fact that the Pure Wand is made completely of stainless steel, it’s very firm and unyielding. There’s no texture to this toy except for the Njoy name midway on the inside of the curved shaft. However, the lettering can’t be felt. The Pure Wand is smooth, so very little lube will be needed. However, feel free to use any type of lube you prefer. Water, silicone, or oil based lubes are all compatible with the Pure Wand. I always recommend Maximus, which is my favorite water based lube.

The basic shape of the Pure Wand is a semi-circle with two balls on either end. One ball is bigger than the other. If you measure the length from one ball to the other, you get about eight inches. If you measure along the curve of the shaft you have about 11 inches. The circumference of the larger ball is a little less than five inches, and the smaller one is a little over three inches. The Pure Wand is heavy; it’s 1.5 lbs. in total weight. That can take its toll on wrists and hands, but a solution to that is bathtub or pool use. Allow the water to help with play.

This is a unique toy, and since there’s so many different ways that it can be used, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with such a heavy and unyielding product inside and against your sensitive areas. Leaning back and rocking the toy or gently sweeping the toy from side to side once the ball is inside your vagina have both been pleasurable experiences for me. However, I think my favorite position is on my side, knees drawn up, using a ‘humping’ motion. While having one of the balls stimulate your G-spot, using a toy with vibrations on your clit may send you over the edge. However, I’ve also enjoyed the weight of the larger ball rubbing gently against my clit.

A few things to remember, the Pure Wand is cold when you first insert it, although it warms quickly to your body’s temperature. You can actually use this to your advantage and incorporate temperature play into some exciting sexual activities. You can warm the Pure Wand with warm or cold water.

Overall, the Pure Wand gets five stars from me. It’s well made, multifunctional, waterproof, and can even double as a weapon if some breaks into your home. What more could you ask from a sex toy?

Jul 012012

I’m Writing A Review!!!

The Uma is a well made, quality toy. If you are experienced enough to know that rumbly vibrations are what you want out of a toy, then you should fully enjoy your time with Uma. If you enjoy anal, clitoral, G-spot, or vaginal stimulation, then Uma’s versatile functions will appeal to you as well. I’m thrilled with Uma’s performance.

+ Strong Vibrations
+ Waterproof
+ Rechargeable
+ Warranty
+ Body safe
- Buttons are hard to push for some


Uma is a the perfect vibrator for someone who enjoys any level of rumbly vibrations. With the Uma, these vibrations can be applied to the clitoris, G-spot, vaginal and anal cavities. Uma is a well made, luxury product that is multifaceted. She’s waterproof; so she’s not limited to the bedroom. Feel free to take her to the shower, tub, or pool. Because of how quiet she is, she’s appealing to those who have roommates or children running around. She’s also fun and easy to use by yourself or with your partner. Sometimes we get awkward shaped toys that don’t play so well with a third person. You won’t have that problem with Uma.I also think Uma would make a great toy for beginners. Although she’s expensive, Uma is a great investment as long as you know that you like RUMBLY vibrations. She does have very strong vibrations, but she also has a wide range of vibrations. Those who are more sensitive should still enjoy this toy along with the quality that it provides.

Material / Texture

Uma is made of silicone which is a non-porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free, food-grade material. It’s very soft and velvety to the touch, feeling wonderful against the skin. Uma isn’t flexible and will not bend. Although it does have a bit of drag to it, a little bit of water based lubricant should help with that. Water based lubricant is the only type of lubricant that you can use with Uma. Always remember that silicone lube can harm your silicone toys.Silicone has no taste or odor and is one of the most body safe materials on the sex toy market.

Design / Shape / Size

Manufactured by Je Joue, Uma is sleek and discreet. It has an ergonomic, curved shape and oval ends. It’s designed to provide added stimulation to the vaginal entrance and the G-spot. One of the oval ends has a circumference of 4 1/2 inches. While Uma slims a bit in the middle to about 3 inches, she flares again into another wider, oval-shape, 5 1/2 inch base that holds her controls. Her total length is a little over 7 inches, insertable length is 4 – 5 inches, circumference is 4 1/2 inches, and weight is 0.75 lbUma is rechargable via her magnetic charging dock located at the end of the toy. When you place Uma’s dock close to her buttons you’ll feel the pull. When Uma is charging the Je Joue heart will flash. When Uma is finished charging the heart will have a steady glow until it’s removed from its dock. Two hours of charging gives you two hours of play time with Uma. Don’t use Uma while she’s charging.Although Uma’s vibrations are mostly felt at the end of the toy, she can leave you with tingly fingers if you use her for a while. That’s a small price to pay for her rumblies.Although Uma is discreet and doesn’t look like your typical phallic-shaped vibrator, leave her out and exposed at your own risk. She comes with such a nice storage box and her silicone is known to be such a lint and dust magnet, you might as well keep her tucked away.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Uma is a very well-made vibrator. She has no seems and everything comes together perfectly around her controls.Uma’s controls are very easily accessible during play. Some people have had an issue with the Je Joue buttons, but I never have. Personally, I’d much rather have a button that’s a bit harder to push rather than one that easily jumps around during play. That can be extremely frustrating while you’re trying to get off.Controls:
1. To turn Uma on, press the (+) button and hold for three seconds.
2. Also, use the (+) button to increase the vibration level.
3. To turn Uma off, press the (-) button and hold down for three seconds for an instant shut-off.
4. Also, use the (-) button to decrease the vibration level.
5. Use the (~) button to scroll through the seven different pulse patterns.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Uma is very easy. Warm antibacterial soap and water is all you need to give Uma a good cleaning. It’s helpful that Uma is waterproof because she can be submerged. It’s always a good idea to clean Uma before and after each use. Her silicone tends to pick up hair, lint, and fuzzies from almost everywhere, so keeping her stored in a safe place, away from everything is a good idea.Just a reminder, silicone toys aren’t supposed to be stored with other silicone toys. It can cause them to melt. No one wants a damaged toy!


Uma comes packaged in a discreet black box that can be used to store your toy in to keep her safe from damage. She comes uncharged, so you’ll have to charge her up when you get her. Inside her box you’ll also find her charger and an information booklet. This box is wrapped in cellophane.The black box is inside a pink and white Je Joue box. The Je Joue box includes a full sized photo of Uma on one side, a snippet of information in six different languages on another side, and product information on the ends. It’s very informative, recyclable, and still tasteful.

Personal comments

Je Joue warrants Uma for one year from the date of original purchase.


Some back-story: A while back, I got Fifi. Fifi is Uma’s “Rabbit version.” I was so excited. I had only had one rabbit vibrator before Fifi, and it knocked me over with orgasms. Sooooo, when I got FiFi I thought I was going to cum so hard that the world was going to end. Unfortunately, Fifi didn’t fit my body. Fifi is a wonderfully made piece of sex toy magnificence, but not for those bodies she does not anatomically fit with. The day I found that out you could hear me my crying in the streets like a wounded animal.
It was quite unfortunate.
I mourned.
I pouted.
I was hesitant about Uma. She was so much like Fifi. Could she be trusted to pick up where FiFi didn’t fit me? YES! Uma got exactly the two hours of charging time she needed before I yanked her off her port and stuck her inside me. The Husband wanted to know what all the excited squealing was about.
ME: Nothing!I just slammed the door and took a seat on the edge of the tub. I turned Uma all the way up, and in she went.

The Husband: Is this that thing that came in the box today?

Me: No! Go away!

The Husband: -short pause- I bet it is…

Meanwhile, I’m deep breathing through my first orgasm, working on my second, and grasping for something to hold on to so that I don’t fall on the floor. For some reason, I’m trying to think of something to say in my review as I’m cumming. I can think of nothing but “Oh God, it makes you CUM,”,”It takes more than that to write a good review,” and “You’ve been reviewing too much!”

The Husband: What ARE you doing?


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