Oct 022014

He told her to grab the sides of the door frame.

The floggers came in different types and materials. Her body moved with the rhythms of the strikes. It was enticing. It was meditative. It was painfully seductive. The material and weight of the implements were changed or used in unison. He noted her gentle sway.

He approached her from behind and ran a finger down her naked, warm back. She used the door-frame to support her weight when she arched. She reminded him of a cat, stretching in the sun.

He stepped back and continued to hit her. She moaned. She panted. He went to her again and pressed tightly against her. He pulled her head back by her hair. She could feel his breath from her clavicle to her earlobe. The back of her bare legs rubbed against the roughness of his bluejeans. Her ass lifted and bumped against his cock, teasing it.

He slid his hand down the front of her shorts and panties. Two of his fingers slipped just inside her pussy lips. She felt his guttural moan.

Goddamn, girl.” His fingers dipped in juices that he didn’t expect to be there. He turned her around, giving her a good look over.

Do you need to stop?” He grinned.

She smiled back at him, “I’ll tell you when I want to stop.”

She was going to need the door-frame.

Oct 222012

The Sensua Suede Whip – Ok I’m having trouble calling it a whip – it’s a flogger. The flogger is pretty much for lighter play but if taken to its extremes it can leave quite a good little sting. It’s really well made and I believe it will hold up for quite a while. As for marks, I think if you worked a concentrated area you might get some, but you have to take a lot of things into consideration when you are talking about marks. Some people don’t mark easily, some people do. I don’t. I whipped the hell out of myself on my arm and got nothing. Well, that’s not exactly true. The black suede falls do leave a tiny bit of color behind, but it’s nothing major, and it comes right off with a wipe down   The falls windmill perfectly and, I think this would be a great flogger for those who are just beginning to learn how to top. It can take them from brand spanking – (spanking…I said spanking – get it?) new to more of an intermediate player.

I’ll be honest, when I first opened the box; I was shocked to see how small it was. I was a little let down. I thought it was going to be a huge disappointment, Turns out, I love it. It makes for a great warm-up toy for me. It gives me a good idea how much someone new to bottoming can take and what they like on the toy front.

At half a pound, it’s really easy to control. The weight of the handle is heavier than the 40 suede falls. Part of what gives the flogger so much weight is the plastic handle and metal ball at the top of the flogger. There’s also a thick metal band that runs right above the falls. The black-tinted, plastic handle has the LELO name engraved into it. The handle is a little over 5.5 inches. The falls are about 8.5 inches, making the total length of the flogger about 14 inches.

It’s really comfortable to hold and use, which makes it a good purchase for even the most inexperienced S/M user. Do keep in mind though; this little flogger can leave quite the sting. Depending on how you swing it can be a little thuddy – If you just let the falls drop over the area in question, but I’m really more inclined to leave this little flogger in the stingy category. The suede falls are so thin and each tongue feels like a small sting when used with a strong enough force.

I decided to go with the black, but you can get the Sensua Suede Whip in red and purple as well. It’s best to hang all of your floggers, but unfortunately, LELO decided not to give us anything to hang this one by. I’d suggest laying it flat and out of the sun so that the falls aren’t disturbed. Technically, you can use the handle for insertion, but you really don’t want the suede falls anywhere near bodily fluids. When it comes to the falls, use a good suede cleaner and soap and water for the handle.

My flogger came in a small black box, similar to what other LELO toys have arrived in, except there was a piece of tissue paper in there…to make it more …fancy?

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Feb 092010

What is your favorite thing to get hit with?

A Man’s hands.

I’ve watched as He’s unloaded toy after toy, paddles, straps, floggers, canes, everything. I’ve felt each of these implements strike my flesh and bring my tears and my wetness, but none bring me the closeness that His hands do.

When He touches me He has the ability to feel His work, the temperature, the give, the flow of blood and tenseness of muscle. He can go from a caress to a slap or a pinch in a moment, at His whim. I am nothing if not at His mercy…and I …love …being at His mercy.

I enjoy Him the most… His arms restraining me, His mouth as my gag, His hands striking me. I know I’m supposed to be the toy, but, it’s Him that I wish I could order from, not JT’s Stockroom.


(FYI: I like JT’s.)

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