Feb 072014

A checklist is extremely helpful to anyone involved in the BDSM community, especially those new to it. It’s simply a list of fetishes that you may or may not find interesting. With a good checklist, you can choose activities that you’ve tried and how much you liked or disliked an activity, usually based on a numeric scale. You can also rate each one as hard limits or soft limits.

You can exchange checklists with a potential play partner so that they have all of your desired play information. It’s a helpful way to kick off negotiations before you begin a scene.

The more you play and grow in the lifestyle, you may develop different feelings about what you’ve chosen on your checklist. Feel free to update it! The best checklist that I’ve found is at CEPE. It’s very thorough. You can download it. You can print it.

Feel free with the Q&A!

Jan 092010

I told him I didn’t know what to do.

He said he would figure out something.

I said it was in his hands now.

He said … no better place.

I told him I was scared.

He said I should be, I was fucked.

I wasn’t getting out.

He said he wasn’t giving it back.

For the first time in a long time… I felt safe.

Those words were like cardboard cupcakes, bright, shiny, and beautiful from a distance.

Couldn’t make a dent in them if I tried, even with all the rocks I threw. They held strong.

But when I walked up close, to see what the problem was…

Those cupcakes were  not at all what they seemed to be. I stood there alone, playing back his words, and cried.

I’m eating his words. Drinking his words. Smoking his words. Feeling them, blow by blow, sucking them in, having them carved into me from the inside, swallowing them down as they scrape my throat, my insides… slowly, painfully… all the way down to where they will scar my guts and everything I got on the inside.

I could try to hide it, but I don’t care, really.

Let him enjoy his work.

Let me learn my lesson.

They hurt when I swallow them. Just as he said, those words are strong and unyielding, so they don’t easily bend when I urge them deeper inside of me. Their pointy sides dig into me and puncture me. They needle me.  They just fucking hurt.

I’m eating those words to teach myself a lesson.

Never take anything sweet from a stranger.