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Manufactured by Sportsheets, The Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold comes in red and black. For my review, I went with the beautiful shade of red. While I don’t think that this blindfold is going to appeal to those hardcore, advanced BDSM players, it will do fine for beginners. It’s not going to hold up to extremely rough nights, and there may be some issues of keeping it on and in the right place. However, it’s perfectly suitable for those who are interested in trying something new in the bedroom.

HINT: When I first started out with blindfolds like these, I had major problems keeping them on. I parted my hair horizontally in the back, about mid-scalp. I then let it fall over the elastic. It’s a great way to keep the blindfold from riding up in the back and exposing your eyes.

Material, Size & Design

The Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold is made of polyester. The two bands attached to it are made of thin elastic. From the top to the bottom, the blindfold measures about 3 inches. The blindfold measures a little over 7.5 inches wide. The two elastic strips measure 14 inches across when un-stretched. When I stretched them out to their fullest capacity, they measure at 35 inches.

Cleaning, Maintenance, Packaging & Storage
The Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold can be hand washed in lukewarm water with a tiny bit of gentle detergent. It can even be ironed at low temperatures. It came packaged in a small paper box with the words “Sex & Mischief” and “S&M” all over it. It also had a picture of a woman wearing the blindfold. I wouldn’t suggest this as suitable storage. It takes up too much space.

My Experience
I was able to see light through it, but everything was red-tinted. Due to the fact that the elastic bands are sewn so closely together at the middle of the side of the blindfold, there’s an extreme pull over your eyes. I wouldn’t recommend opening your eyes with the blindfold on. I could feel the material against my lashes, and it was slightly uncomfortable compared to higher quality blindfolds. This is easily resolved by keeping your eyes closed, but keep in mind that the blindfold does not sit firmly against your face in any areas except for over the eyes.
I pulled out the Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold the other day and decided to use her as a sleep mask. When I woke up, that thing was choking the life out of me! Unfortunately, I obviously move around too much in my sleep.As a blindfold goes, she’s not the best in the world, and she’s not the first one that I’ll reach for. However, she’s not intimidating in the least, and that can be important if you’re trying to introduce someone to the lifestyle or even to the act of being blindfolded for the first time. So, I’ll keep her in my toy bag and hopefully find a use for her …someday.

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