Mar 022014
Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

I write dark. I write sinister. There’s a tone for it. My pieces are triggers if they are written well. My new ones, mostly and fully. I believe it’s because each write is a collection of thoughts that have grown turgid and vile in the dark. Also, I shouldn’t be allowed the latitude that I have in D/s and life in general.

Wish One – Become a Better Writer

I’ve hung from tripods and train tracks, but I really want to do more suspension. I just don’t get enough rope time.

Wish Two – Fly

Now I’m going to make a wish that’s not sexy. I was selfish with the other two. I’m not trying to get all “Miss America” in here, but I’d feed everybody. I’m not going to get political with it, but I’d fucking feed everybody.

Wish Three – Everybody Eat

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Jan 052013

Agreeable Agony. I would have reviewed anything except for toilet seats for a company with a name like that. Lucky for me, they don’t sell toilet seats. They sell rope, hitty things, these claws that are badass, and candles for wax play. God help my ADD, I’m going to try to focus on the rope. Now, I usually use jute. I like it. If you’ve ever used jute, you know it has to be broken in. It’s got some (a lot) of scratch and sting to it. A rope bunny had better be a bit of a lover of pain on your first meeting with jute. I’ve had mine for almost a year and it’s still not completely broken in, and I’ve done suspensions, and more than numerous ties with it.

The first time Agreeable Agony’s rope touched my skin, it was like a fucking beach vacation. It’s so SOFT. It’s been a while since I’ve visited rope space (unless I was tied in it and hanging from something) – but feeling the softness of the strands slither over my flesh as it was being gently pulled through and over itself, wrapping around my body was like heaven. I’m pretty sure I made noises – the good kind.

I can’t talk enough about the colors. Prepare to be knocked on your ass. Vibrant doesn’t do them justice. Not to mention the choices that they have! I’m going to include all of that at the end of the review so I don’t blow your mind.

They have Multi Filament Polypropylene (MFP) and Nylon Bondage Rope. MFP is waterproof and resistant to most oils and lubricants. Unlike dyed ropes, it doesn’t bleed. It’s manufactured with colored fiber so that the color is REALLY vibrant. You can even toss it in the washing machine! Seriously. That’s an amazing feature because of all the fluids that we tend to get on our rope during… play, yeah… play.  They recently began offering a solid braid type of nylon bondage rope, and plan to offer other synthetic ropes in the future. All of their rope meets safety specifications set by The Cordage Institute. If you want more information on Agreeable Agony’s full specifications, you can find them here.

 The different types of rope they offer:

1/4″ Solid Braid Nylon:

Custom mixes (up to 3 colors braided together) are also available.

Black, Burgandy, Teal, Gold, Navy Blue, and White – with other colors coming soon! And it’s sold by the foot: 10, 15, 2, 30, 50, and 100 (the Teal, Gold, Navy Blue and White are 100 foot minimum.

Kinky Harry Potter School Kits:

Our 1/4″ MFP is available in pre-packaged kits of multi-colored rope, themed to match each of the respective houses from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Available in 3/8″ upon request.

Kits come in precut sets, each includes: 1 x 50′, 1 x 25′, 2 x 15′

Black, Aqua, Rose Pink, Jute, Green, Hot Pink, Tan/Beige, Red, Teal, Silver, Gold, Navy Blue, Purple, Brown, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Yellow, Burgundy, and White … but they also include the Harry Potter House colors of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

5/16″ Solid Braid MFP:

This is a heavier, thicker grade MFP. It’s sold by the foot: 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, and 100.

Black, Red, Navy Blue, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, Aqua, Rose Pink, Jute, Green, Hot Pink, Tan/Beige, Red, Teal, Silver. The Aqua, Rose Pink, Jute, Green, Hot Pink, Tan/Beige, Red, Teal, and Silver are sold at a 100 foot minimum.

1/4″ Solid Braid MFP:

This is our lighter, thinner grade MFP. Custom mixes (up to 3 colors braided together) are also available. It’s sold by the foot: 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, and 100.

Black, Aqua, Green, Hot Pink, Red, Silver, Gold, Purple, Royal Blue, Burgundy, White, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, Rose Pink, Jute, Beige/Tan, and Teal. The Rose Pink, Jute, Beige/Tan, and Teal are sold at a 100 minimum.

Now I’m no rope expert, and neither is The Husband, but I’ve got a few pictures of some breast bondage that we did with some of Agreeable Agony’s  rope. They sent me four colors and by God, The Husband was determined to use every single one of them. He gets a little excited when it comes to the thought of my tits being tied up, and I LOVE rope marks! I hope y’all enjoy!

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Dec 042012


Congratulations to:


Chanel Chanel



Manila Mike

December 8 is my Birthday! It’s my hope that I’ll be having a hell of a time. It’s my hope that y’all have a hell of a time with a giveaway! This is US only. You have to be willing to provide your address so that I can have prizes sent to you. If you haven’t responded to a winner’s notification within 10 days, another winner will be chosen. We’re going to run it until Dec.22.

I hope y’all have fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thanks to Agreeable Agony I’ve got 1 precut (1 x 50′, 1 x 25′, 2 x 15′) set of beautiful synthetic rope.

You’ve got a HUGE range of colors to pick from -black, aqua, rose pink, jute, green, hot pink, tan/beige, red, teal, silver, gold, navy blue, purple, brown, hunter green, royal blue, orange, yellow, burgundy, white, red/black twisted green/silver twisted, scarlet/gold twisted, yellow/black twisted and, blue/bronze twisted. Y’all get all that

 While you’ve got them tied up, don’t be afraid to use the clamps on ‘em. UberKinky has donated 2 sets (4 total) of MAWA Klamps to heighten your play experience!

            MAWA Clamps

Set 2

condom cubesDevine Toys has chipped in a beautiful lace and wine covered condom cube, along with a case of 24 individual AfterGlow toy and body wipes! I really love these Afterglow Wipes! Check out my review on them! To make it even better, they are even adding a few pillowcase packets of Uberlube!


Set 3

LDecdGoodVibes has a Little Decadence that they’re going to send to a lucky winner and with that, you can enjoy some Maximus  water-based lube sent in by Erotic Toy Town! Maximus is my go-to lube and I can’t wait for others to experience and love it as much as I do!


Set 4

The Cici Rabbit vibrator by Ladygasm is up for grabs, too

ladygasm_cici                               Set 5

                                                      And the last, but certainly not least, an Edenfantastys’ Gift Card.


Sep 202012
Tools of the Trade

Your hair has been his leash longer and more often than any combination of metal and leather.

Ropes leave those wonderfully symmetrical marks, but his hands bruise you for days.

You’ve never had a toy that can make a fist to clench in your hair, or close around your throat.  He can grab a handful of ass. Manhandling what’s his.

You’ve always loved those cuffs. You took the time to pick out just the right pair. They’ve been collecting dust because his body holds you in place.

Feel free to struggle.

You’re still not going anywhere.

Aug 072012

The other night, I topped. I’ve dabbled in the past, but this time was different in a variety of ways.

1. It was only her second time to play!

2. I actually sent a submissive into subspace.

3. I used many implements of pain that I’ve never used before.

4. I really got to let out my sadistic side.

5. I really got to let out my sadistic side.


We’ll start at number 1. I thought I was the green one here. See Number 2.

I just went kinda slow. I did what I liked to have done to me. I kept continued communication until she had a case of the fat tongue and then I slowly eased out See number 3.

I hadn’t used anything too wild: a riding crop, a wooden paddle, and a few other floggers, including the Sensua Suede Whip by Lelo. I’m still writing a review on that, so sit on your hands and wait in suspense. I used a rattan cane, and that lit a fire under her ass! I used some old 10mm  nylon rope that I had and daisy chained it tightly together into one big circle. When you fold it in half, it makes a great hitty. Random. We tried a lot of different toys, all at very entry levels. Ok – See Number 4.

When we first started, we were both settling into the situation and I knew that I was grinning for some reason, but she pointed out that I continued to let out a slight chuckle. I think it made her a bit self conscious at first. I could tell that was running through her head, while – at the same time, I’m realizing that I’m really enjoying hitting this girl. I’d like to hit her harder… and Oh. My. Fuck, I’m more sadistic than I thought. I said it out loud after she asked for about the one millionth time, “Why are you laughing?!” – WE laughed it off after that. I was a little nervous about saying it out loud for some reason. There’s no other way to put it, I’m a growing, evil little sadist. See number 5.

May 112012

A Rope & Go is when you are performing a suspension or tie in a semi-public/public place.

In other words, you pre-tie as much as possible, go to the scene, strip, tie, suspend, take pictures, get down, and GO. Hence, a Rope & Go.

A friend and I developed this term last weekend while I was standing naked under a train trestle. He was in the process of rigging me for a suspension. I was holding up my hair, swatting away the bugs that were feasting on me during the muggy, May evening. .I was also the lookout. We could hear what sounded like a backyard party through some thick brush, probably 50 yards from us, if that. Voices were loud, boozy. We realized that it was Cinco de Mayo. No wonder. The local university graduation was today as well. We really picked a great day for this. Nothing was stopping us now though, not even the people walking their dogs, just a few yards away, in complete sight… if only they turned their heads. We tested the beams and up I went. It was his first suspension. He was proud. I was proud for him. I knew we should get the hell out of there. Jesus, there was an entire row of cars parked facing in our direction, and I was naked, hanging from a bunch of rope.

Still, I couldn’t help but to dangle there for just a bit. It’s easy to Rope. It’s harder to Go.


By the way, this has been added to Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt. It’s my first one, listed under the location of “Bridge.” It won me the Bronze Award. :D


May 062011

During the beginning of spring and on into summer, my favorite time of the day is the evenings. I love sitting outside in a lawn chair, the long kind… where your can put your feet up and cross your ankles, get a good look at the tan you’ve been working on, your toes and how far away you are from needing your next pedicure.

I’ve usually worked up a decent tan by this time of year and I shave – everything. Slather on some baby oil and let it soak in and that’s right about the time that I’m feeling perfect from the day.

Right out of the shower, it’s just too steamy. I have to get out of the bathroom and get some air. I’ve never been modest so walking around naked and airing out feels good. My bedroom is always freezing so it usually evens out the temperature in my bathroom when I leave the door open.

My hair is long and it sticks to my neck,  face and tits while I’m toweling off the rest of my body –  even if I’ve already put it through a good towel drying. If I’m trying to get ready to go somewhere, I’ll twist it & clip it up to wait on styling. If I’m not, I’ll leave it and let it air dry with a little bit of product on it.

I can’t ever really smell my own hair when I’m fresh from the shower, but men say it’s a wonderful thing. When it air dries it curls on its on and it’s softer. Here lately I’ve been straightening it to go out, but it the curls feel nice.

I usually toss on a tank top and a pair of panties and grab my phone. I sit back and relax in one of those lawn chairs and watch the dogs go on a huge adventure up the hill in my backyard. Sometimes I talk on the phone. Sometimes I’m sexed up from my shower. In the evenings I’ll hop on Twitter and see what’s going on. Sometimes company is over. Sometimes I’m just chilling.

I like to have some good music on in the background. I’m in love with Sally’s Song from Universal Hall Pass & Our Dance by Wax Tailor. I saw a great rope perfprmance which included both of these in the soundtrack. Now I can only think about sucking cock or rolling around in a bed to them.

It’s this time of year where sitting outside and the warm sun on my shaved, baby oil soaked, tanned legs in the evenings really makes me love The South. It’s beautiful. My black hair attracts the heat, so I get to suck up the last bit of sun as it sets and the air starts turning cool. This is a wonderful way to finish the day. Feel good about yourself,where you come from.

There’s nothing like having someone you love, someone to laugh with… someone to just be with… in those moments. MGirl and I have started hanging out in my backyard like that. T.H. & I do it often too. It’s the perfect place to chill & de-stress.

It’s my favorite time of day.

I wish I had a spanking bench in my backyard.