Sep 212013

CumI had my tubes tied and my insides essentially burned out because of period problems. I can’t have any more children, but trust me, The Socialites are enough. Buying them each a car will be enough. Putting them through college will be enough. Another child would take away from what TH and I can give to them. TH and I made the decision not to have any more children.

I was pregnant at a young age and received the blessing of Irish twins. I’m 34 and have children almost half my age. I spent my entire life avoiding cum. Even with protection, there have been scares.

Since my surgery, TH and I have enjoyed the pleasures of what cumming inside me can bring. We’ve not been held back by fear of unexpected pregnancy. TH can thrust inside me until he’s ready to spill his seed inside me. I can feel his cum inside me, while it’s pumping with his release.

Last night I asked him to cum on my body. I told him that I just wanted to feel it. He did so, and it wasn’t what I expected. It was everywhere, my neck, all over my breasts. I forgot about the way it turns cold and runs down my body. There’s always a spot that you miss when you’re trying to clean up. I gave up and jumped in the shower.

I realized that I much prefer his cock inside me when he cums. I can feel his cock, and don’t need a verbal warning before hoping that I don’t get it in the eye.

When he cums inside me; it’s an amazing feeling. He loves it as much as I do, and trust me… I love it.

Spunk pik


Sep 122013


I have an entire drawer of sexy panties. I have panties bought for nasty things. I have the most wonderful, little, white panties that when I held them up to really look at them, I could imagine Daddy rolling them down my ass. I have some that are the perfect material that a little girl would want to feel her Daddy’s fingers through. I have thongs that are cute to wear during play in a dungeon. I have panties that frame out the sweet spots on my ass. Those seem to help the aim of newer spankers. I have some that are purple because those were a past Dom’s favorite color. The same with blue, but I couldn’t ever find many that were blue. Mostly black, and some pink. I like a little frill. I like red, too. Just not too much.

I’m not crazy about panties that have words on them. I’ve only got a few pairs of those. My favorite says “badass” across the ass. I guess I love that pair. I think they’re funny. I’m sure that a D-type, flipping up my skirt to find them, wouldn’t. I’d wear some with my favorite football team on them! I should look for a pair or five of those and put them on my wishlist.

I have panties that are worthless when it comes to teasing. They’re too thin to sop up any of my juices. I have panties that came back to me in shreds. I had panties that never came back. I have panties that I’m going to fit into any day now. I have some that I’m not ready to get rid of yet, like an old t-shirt from college. Most of them were bought to match a bra, which is why that drawer will barely shut, too.

Most of the time, these panties are only worn during certain, or special occasions, which is sad to me. But Monday I decided that I was going to wear them every day. I can wear a tight tank-top or t-shirt, but it has to show my panties. I can change panties throughout the day, if I want to, depending on my mood.

Monday was day one. I wore a pair of my favorites, a black, 50’s inspired, sheer front with frilly sides. They also showed a nice bit of ass cheek.

Tuesday I started with some pink cheeky shorts that dip low in the front, decorated with tiny, white stripes. Then I changed into my “badass” panties once TH and I started talking football. Yeah, I’m going to get some Alabama Football panties.

Wednesday was a black pair that says “Love Me” across the ass. They were cotton. And I stayed within my color regimen on those, going black, pink, and white.  I paired them with a tight, pink t-shirt and a whole lot of sass.


I had fun just writing about this. Changing panties and looking at myself in the mirror brought about a sexier side of my day-to-day life.  I was a little more excited about reaching up on tip-toes to dust, and bending over to get the laundry out of the dryer.


Aug 142013

He told her never to cry out when he bit her. It took time for her, but she never cried out until she had too. At first, when he deeply bruised her skin. Then when he broke it, and knotted her shoulders in pain and devotion. Until his teeth threatened her into dizziness. It was in those moments that she couldn’t hold herself back. She would let out the most gut-wrenching, painful screams.

He loved to hear her scream.

Aug 112013


I want to slither through a hole in your boundaries.

I want to start in the middle because you already know how it begins.

I want to slink into your thoughts and see the tasks that you would have for me.

I want to speak about what we know will happen.

I want you to speak about it.

I want it to happen.

I want you to want it to happen.

I want you to stop shutting me up.

Sultry Saturday

Aug 072013

Daddy likes my mouth.

He likes to wrap his hands around my throat and feel his cock in there.

I can remember when I first started snuggling against it. His cock would get stiff and grow. I would lick it and kiss it. I thought that it hurt him.  But he promised that those were good sounds that he was making. He said I could play with it as much as I wanted.

So I did.

When I really starting liking it, Daddy starting feeding it to me. More and more, he fed me his cock. Now my mouth opens when I see it.

I don’t get to play with it anymore. He grunts and pumps it into my face. I swallow everything that Daddy’s cock spits out.

He says I’m a natural.


Sultry Saturday

Jul 162013

I’m trying to change my view on things, literally, figuratively – what have you. Get a new perspective. This is, in part, thanks to a Blogger who doesn’t even know she’s a part of this change in me as I’ve never even spoken to her, and other home stuff. I’m sure this will all come together with time, but for now, please stick with me while I muddle through thoughts and experiences, the good, bad, and ugly. I’m figuring myself out here. No. Here, literally. On my blog. Feel free to stalk or comment.


So. Pictures. It started the other day with my contribution to Sinful Sunday. I decided to go a different route to get A Different View. Now, I’m working on a different series, and you have to understand that with me, I get some ridiculous outcomes with some of the shit that I try. But here’s a slight googly-eyed picture. It’s a first take. I silly, tiny, first peek  at something I’m working on from another perspective of me.

from the front - Sultry Saturday


See who all has kicked in for this Sultry Saturday!

Sultry Saturday

Jan 072013

I don’t have a call. I don’t have a sign. There is not a moonlight reminder. Monsters come when they come. And you know this is more then you can take.

Still – His scent can’t be ignored. Tiptoe if you don’t want them to notice. ‘Cause they know. You always want what you’re running from. They love they way you cry. They love the way you want to. For them.

If you wander across a Monster, and you decide to dance, then a little cut will turn his head. A Monster loves his prey. He will eat you. He will break you. He will take you. Apart. Do you love it? Do you want it? Do you need it? Does  it make it impossible to tiptoe?

Sultry Saturday