Aug 072013

Daddy likes my mouth.

He likes to wrap his hands around my throat and feel his cock in there.

I can remember when I first started snuggling against it. His cock would get stiff and grow. I would lick it and kiss it. I thought that it hurt him.  But he promised that those were good sounds that he was making. He said I could play with it as much as I wanted.

So I did.

When I really starting liking it, Daddy starting feeding it to me. More and more, he fed me his cock. Now my mouth opens when I see it.

I don’t get to play with it anymore. He grunts and pumps it into my face. I swallow everything that Daddy’s cock spits out.

He says I’m a natural.


Sultry Saturday

  5 Responses to “Daddy’s Training”

  1. What a beautiful pic and story to go with it, so sexy.

  2. I’ve been told I am a natural too! You should never waste a drop!

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  4. SilverHubby calls me a natural too. :)

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