Nov 112014

I hate leaving parties alone. I hate leaving a party in which a fresh ex is in attendance . I knew he was waiting for me to look in his direction. He just needed some tiny tip off from me. If he got it, it would be alright to approach. The silly little games we play.

I could have kept to myself and ignored him. Ignored what I knew he wanted to do. Probably, it was to fuck me. Most definitely, he wanted to flirt. We were standing across the room. I leisurely found the end of a couch and three other people followed suit down the piece of furniture. I settled my dress on top of the pair of jeans next to me just in time for him to appear with a chair. It was flirting, even if it wasn’t. He wanted to draw me in.

Admittedly, It’s hard to come home lonely and horny. The drive can take forever and the demons your mind create are dark and hungry. Finding comfort in an ex can feel like a quick fix, a moment of weakness, or just getting a nut.

I won’t lie, the sexual tension was thick and slippery, like my thighs. I had to take a moment to think on how to play it. The Devil does tug. And then I remembered…

An ex is an ex for a reason…

“Enjoy your night.”I stood up and walked out.

When I got to my car, my hands fumbled with the key fob. Once I got the door open, I slid inside. I slammed the door behind me.

I pulled my panties down and shoved two fingers inside my pussy.

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  1. This was deep, I sure know that feeling of seeing a ex and have to remember they were a ex for a reason too but sometimes you can’t help your feelings.

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