Mar 142010

“If the knife comes out of my mouth while you are taking me in my ass, then you will use the knife to carve your initials into my very sore ass.”

He made me repeat it before he put the knife in. I started to drool immediately.

As I felt the tip of his cock touch up against my tight hole, he┬áleaned up and reached, turning my face back to look up at him.”This is going to hurt you, either way,”….. I just nodded slowly, and drooled.

  10 Responses to “He Smiled”

  1. Well THIS is hot. I’m drooling without the knife!

  2. What a lovely image to have!

  3. This is hot!

    Rebel xox

  4. Oh my what a phrase to repeat and the statement to acknowledge. Curious how it ended.

  5. Fuuuuuuck.

    xx Dee

  6. Damn, reminds me of a very similar experience but with the flogger…. I held it there, even when I nearly knocked it out on the St Andrews cross I still managed to keep it…just!


  7. The JR Senator, had a big reaction to this.

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