Dec 202014


Hide your eyes.

If you’re caught you’ll have to run. Just like a dog headed out into the night.

Make him want to stay.

If he doesn’t they’ll take you away. Straight to the place where there is no light. ~TSD

Klick de Kiss! There’s more sexy stuff behind it.

Sinful Sunday

  18 Responses to “Hide Your Eyes”

  1. Your cleavage in this picture is stunning but the what really stands out to me are your gorgeous lips. Lush and utterly beautiful. Jane xxx

  2. I completely agree with Jane, your cleavage is beautiful but your lips just look so delicious, like they made for kissing


  3. your boobs are breath taking in this photo well done!

  4. As others have said, both your cleavage & your lips look so sexy here! Yum!

  5. Your sexy lips immediately draw my attention, then I looked at your cleavage, and back at your lips. Beautiful photo :)

    Rebel xox

  6. That is a seriously sexy picture!

  7. As others have said – your lips are so sensual and beautiful.

  8. Very teasing pose! Love the cleavage :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  9. Love the slight graininess of this shot – really works with your pose, I think, and turns your lush, inviting cleavage into something filthy and decadent.

  10. My gaze is drawn to your lips, they look so soft

  11. How could anybody resist the temptation of your gorgeous boobs and lips?

  12. You look incredible. Very desirable – it’s those lips as much as your cleavage :)

    xx Dee

  13. Stunning photograph. I really love this!!!
    Xxx – K

  14. Beautiful words, beautiful picture.

  15. Beautiful. I love it.

    xxx Miss July xxx

  16. :If he doesn’t they’ll take you away. Straight to the place where there is no light”
    Chilling words of a promise that not drawing him to you will become a trip to a place of unspeakable horrors. Oh the possibilities, though I doubt her would ignore what you offer. Great picture ,

  17. Gorgeous! Of course your cleavage is fantastic but I also love the sweep of your hair over your shoulder and the warm contrast of your sweater.

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