Mar 132012

I laid flat on the bed with my head hanging over the edge… because He just wanted to start with my tits.

He stood over me with His legs spread apart… enough so that my head fit there easily and my hands came to rest on his upper legs.

I was nervous, anxious and cold but at His order, wouldn’t move a muscle.

Fear of Him as well as where that wax was going to fall both kept me in check on this one.

He was smiling and teasing and I couldn’t manage much of either.

He knew how I felt and so His sadistic side grew by leaps and bounds.

When He checked me before beginning, I knew that my cunt gave me away.

I assured Him that it was only because of how His demeanor had changed.

I was no more looking forward to that wax than I was sitting through a church service with my Grandmother.

He started with the wax.

They were tight, hot bites that I had nowhere to get away from.

He smiled the entire time. Some might say, a grin.

He chuckled at some of my reactions, at my hisses…

He changed locatons of that candle and played His game.

…how far away from my tender skin would he drop those liquid hot kisses.

He was so happy… but that wax hurt.

… I was happy to hurt for Him.

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