May 232013

So, Some have  lived through the bullshit themselves to some degree or another, at some point or another. Some of us see a fucked up situation and just want to bring light to it.

Regardless of what happens, there’s the possibility of  at least a handful of contributors leaving. If they do. Don’t leave them hanging. We put this information out there, now help them to find a better way. If you have information on your blog about getting started, post the fuck out of it. If you don’t have one – write one. And everyone retweet it. Light it up.

It’s the time to help those who need it. Give them information to get started, and if they make it, then they do. Maybe some of them will find a different niche all-together. Who knows. Let’s just not make this another fucked-up situation.

I’m going to link to as much information as I can for new Bloggers. There’s a TON more information IN THE COMMENTS TO THIS POST! Remember to follow other links on these pages for more information. It’s there. Look for it.

Adriana’s – Web Hosting – Alternatives to Edenfantasy – All About WordPress Database

Bad Kitty Erotica – Domain Advice, Registering the Domain, Choose a Register and Hosting Company

Beck – Picking a Host for Adult Blogging & The Importance of Backing Up – New Blogger Information and Advice

Dangerous Lilly’s –  Post on Blogging and  Sex Blogger Information and Basics of Paid Advertising

Epiphora’s –  Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toy Reviewing and Blogging – A Short Guide to Life Beyond EdenFantasys – EdenFantasys: A Pattern of Deception

Kara Sutra – Building Your BlogBecoming an Online Affiliate, and Writing a Review

KissinBlueKaren – Blogging Tips

Mistress Kay – Sex Blogging Resources

ThatToyChick – How to be a Bitchin’ Blogger –

  27 Responses to “Not Another Fucked-Up Situation – NEW BLOGGER INFORMATION”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on this, i think the more we help our fellow reviewers out goes to really further us as a community of bloggers. We are all wanting to give the best information we can to the people who are out there looking for information on these toys, we should totally help out one another as well.

  2. If the site does go under, I wonder if anyone’s archived everyone’s written and video reviews.

  3. Awesome. For the longest time I have been wanting to start a blog, but time and job searching has held me back. I do know that EF did at one time did have a… about helping others to start a blog but I love that you are showing others that they do not need to rely on a company that its director has shown all he cares about is $ and not about truly informing or supporting those with sexual curiosity. Thanks for doing this Doll.

  4. Fantastic, I will definitely be looking into other options as far as reviewing goes. Any information is useful since I’ve never really blogged but I think I may want to start.


  5. I know it’s a lot of information to sift through, but I’ll just include the link to my “Sex blogger education” category of posts. That way people can take what they want from it.

  6. Thank you so much! This is an invaluable resource and I really appreciate it.

    • Hey – Let me be completely clear to everyone. I stopped reviewing shortly after I left EF (about the time Kira and Beck did). I was kinda broken down from review after review, and points, and should I do this, and rankings, and EU’s, and shit that did not matter.

      I love spending the entire day outside in the pool with my nieces. They are 7 and 9. Watergun fights. Have one of my teens fix sandwiches and we eat it over the side of the pool. Keep some chips and cool-aid on the side of the pool. Drink from the outside faucet. I taught them both to swim. Totally irresponsible behavior. Best memories ever.

      I can’t put my finger on which one, but I will bet you that I’ve spent an entire sunny Saturday writing reviews. I know some of you have, too. I won’t ever do that again.

      Once I stopped putting all that energy into shit that didn’t matter, I could figure out what did matter. Don’t get me wrong, I had a little sad spell. The community, the ones you come-up and climb the ranks with. You miss them. But you can keep them. Twitter. Tumblr. Facebook. There’s plenty of ways to stay in touch. And those real friendships, based on honesty, won’t fail you. If you know your shit, if you respect people, if you listen, and are willing to learn. In all of this… it’ll take you far. You don’t have to lose those friendships.

      Once I stepped back from everything for a while, I decided that I liked writing – but smut. Erotica. Call it what you want to. Regardless, it wasn’t reviews. I had found what mattered to me. What mattered to me was putting words out there that I liked. It’s great if other people like them too, but this is really just mine. It’s my niche. If you step back from what you’ve been doing, you might find what matters to you. Making videos. Selling Panties. A kinky journal. Your niche. Find it. Whatever it may be.

      I don’t have a computer brain. I can help with the most basic of basics. I might be able to change your background to blue. On a good day. To be honest, I stumbled over getting my domain and hosting with GREAT HELP and I barely know what those two words mean. So, I have no computer brain, I know about sex toys. I’m kinda in the loop. But I’m not.

      Here’s a head’s up to new bloggers – REMEMBER these bloggers whose links have helped you. But don’t flood them with questions. Read every single link on this page before you ask one question. TAKE NOTES. Some of the information will be duplicated, great. Use it.

      If one of these guys has a link up there that helped you build your site, put their link on your page. Pass on the love.

  7. A lot of this stuff about registering domains & setting stuff up isn’t explained very well. If a simplified version helps a just a couple of people get things right and find a decent host (hint: don’t use GoDaddy) then that post has done its job :)

  8. Hi Sin!
    I love your last comment. I posted a little something on my site. i hope to helps someone to get off EF.

  9. More info:
    Advertisers are not as common as they were a few years ago thanks to changes at Google, but this might still be of help at some point:

    Also for bloggers once you’ve been around a couple months and feel that you’re gonna stick with the whole blogging thing, it would help to join the Sex Blogger Co-Op where you can ask questions or look at past tutorials, etc.

    If you’re a toy reviewer you can also join the ToySwap Network to offload your excess sex toys and swap for something different.

  10. Holy Shit. I’ve been flying blind, and it appears that several of the bloggers I look up to a lot have posted resources that I never saw!

    This… is amazing, and so very appreciated!

  11. Psst, SD – can you chuck my “vanilla” freelancing info blog/eBook up there too, in case some of the flood of newbies would like to venture outside the dildo-dome? :)

  12. Jumping on the blogging bandwagon. Thank you SO MUCH for providing all this information! It’s overwhelming, but I know it’s going to help me get a good start on this. Thank you so much!

  13. Reblogged this on Fox in the Flowers and commented:
    With things that are recently going on, I know that a lot of new blogs are going to be cropping up. Sin Doll, who I rather adore has taken the time to go through and find great information for bloggers which she has been keeping up to date as new articles are being written. I highly recommend checking it out!

  14. Thank you so much for this information. I have always wanted to start a blog but I never really knew how.

  15. […] check it out?  The Sin Doll has it all mapped out for you!  Make sure to check out both her blogger information post and her post on how to choose a blogging […]

  16. brilliant list of links! Really helpful for newbies! Keep up the awesome work the sin doll!

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