May 202013
Hold down

Hold downHe came to the door. His knock is not the same.

And the horses are off.

In. Shut. Lock. Bed. Arm. Pin.

“You know how I found you? I followed your scent. I know every bit of you. It’s because I own every bit of you. You’re mine. Mine to do with. Mine. Can you understand that? Can you? I want to make sure. .. I need you to understand. Mine.”

He wasn’t sure what helped pave the way for his release, the freedom to speak to her that way, or the look on her face when he did. Her body language made his cock jump. And he knew; he should have done this the first time his wife asked him.

May 202013

No, I wasn’t there. God help. I wasn’t there.

I’m not going to have this one up for long, because it’s not for everyone. Everyone’s going to take it differently. Nothing I can do about that. If I misunderstood something, please let me know. But if it’s a bad situation. If it’s a fucked up situation. It’s just fucked up.

So, I’m Shocked that I have worked for someone that speaks English that poorly. I’ve seen a picture of his face, but I don’t care – I’m almost sure that the entire empire is being run by Borat. It’s like textspeak. Or worse, my Mother’s textspeak. You have to read it (or in this case, listen to it) at least seven times to put it together. She’s only half-way up to date with the sheep and she used to be a regular person. Regardless, it has indeed verified that in no way has a single post ever been written by him.

I cannot imagine losing $150,000 in one year. Then in one MONTH?! WHoooAAAA. I’m on emergency mode on day TWO, motherfuckers! You don’t overlook drops in numbers like that. Not if you’re …maybe, I dunno… looking at them?

Listen to me. How the fuck do you have time to verify something ten times if you don’t have the time to pay attention  to where your company was bleeding money?

I’m firing everyone except for my girlfriend. Of Course. I’m sure you were probably hanging out with her while you were missing meetings about how your company was going TO SHIT.

Oh Gawd, it’s The End, well no fuck, you ass. Now we just want know if you did it on purpose or if you two were just incompetent. What’s your business history? Ever tossed a business before?

Oh and there’s No need to transfer anything. There’s nobody to here to pick it up. Christ on a stick. My slack-jaw count just doubled.

By the way, let’s not make any public announcements, just in case I need to cover my ass for anything. Besides, I’d still like to try to keep the community bringing in SOME money after I fire you. You know how I feel about telling the truth to the community. :shivers::

Hell, I might file some kind of protection. We’ll see what we’re gonna do? – Just…What The Fuck?!

I don’t know who it was that originally brought up concern for the community, but it made me think of where people’s heads were at during all this. This woman’s job was in the wind, and she was thinking about the community as well. I’m not  saying that others weren’t, I’ve asked who she was and never got a response. I’d like to know, just out of curiosity.

It’s been …worsening for …quite some time?

Wait a minute…?

You’re saying that this train ….really hasn’t been running that smoo..?


GET OUT! And No recordings!

I sue you! I sue you!


I’ve never run a business, but I know if I’ve made $150 grand one year and lost the same amount in one month, there’s a problem. I know that when it’s that big of a problem, you usually follow the money. I know that I got an email asking me to basically “hang in there with us.” Whatever the fuck that means. It came right before the walls started falling. I know that there’s been uproar before. Quite a few members have been banned for speaking their mind, pointing out the whole used product thing. Even more for non-legit reasons.

I still have an account there. However, I stopped posting and reviewing for them after two friends of mine were booted for thinking. God Forbid.  I can still see forums. For now.

Hell, I don’t know if the company really is folding, if he’s cleaning house, or if he’s high on goofballs. I say use you points and step waaaay back. Don’t be afraid to get away from there. If you really want to do it, find your niche. If it was just a little fun, then it was just a little fun.

Either way. Think for yourself on this one.

May 172013




I know you’re new so I’m going to be blunt  from the start. Don’t send those same emails out to chicks in town and hope to get a bite from a few.

If you’re just looking to fuck, go ahead. Because your  your approach comes off straight-up AOL Chatroom, A/S/L and everything. Then again, some  girls are  looking for that, too.

If you’re really trying to learn about BDSM, if you’ve got some fetishes that you’re into, and you want to talk about them with other kinky people; you’ve found the right place.

One more thing, do us all a favor and if you really are just wanting to get laid, make it known. If  you talk  to a someone, and you see that they do want to learn and need some guidance, point her this way.

Please …just don’t fuck her up.

May 162013

You and him. Sitting in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then here you come with a baby carriage.

WORKWell – that isn’t for everyone. Some people are more casual. More quiet. More secretive. Professional and family lives tend to get into the way of exploring kink and other fetishes that some might have. Some people don’t know what they want and need a little more information.

Now that dating has become so easily accessibly online, it’s just a click away. Well, most things are if you know where to look.XXX Sex Guides gives you reviews of sites, and some interesting niches for you to explore. Does it scream sex? Yes. Why shouldn’t it though? It’s all about sex. There’s a little something deeper though.

Transexuals, FemDoms, Bondage. Escorts. Professionals. In the U.S. or otherwise, XXX Sex Guides offers you a taste of what’s out there in the alternative dating world. It gives those who are new a place to start looking for information and old hats a place to hang them.

XXX Sex Guides  Links you up to ProCon which informs you of the prostitution laws in 100 countries. Keeps you informed. If in Europe and looking for an escort, then you’re on the right site. Endless possibilities.

* The only site that’s listed on XXX Sex Guides that I’ve used and am currently using is It’s a wonderful site and I’ve enjoyed it so far. Although I’ve received payment for this post, it’s still within FTC Guidelines. *

May 152013
cum shot

cum shotEveryday he made bolder moves.

When she’d suck him off, if she didn’t get it all, she’d wear it all day. She learned that scarves hid the stains.But not the strained expressions from coworkers who knew she’d been tasting her Boss’s balls.

He’d follow her to the bathroom stall and rape her mouth. Cubicles housing strained listeners with growing boners and coloring cheeks. Fax machines and copiers quieted. Phones were secretly sent to voicemail – almost silencing the entire office.

When he let her up from his cock to get air, she’d gag and gasp.

Some of them gave quick, low glances over the room. Torn between wanting to listen and go jerk off.  You could hear a pin drop. Then over and over, a deep voice, and finally, her. Just a little too loud…


May 142013
looking in

looking inSaturday night will be the last night that I’ll see two of of my most beloved friends in my local BDSM group. I’ve made and lost friends from this circle before, but I was never this sad. I was never, ever this sad.

B is a gay male dominant. I’ve been working with him on hitty stuff. Some rope. Our rope relationship is notorious, but the last time he did a cuff tie on me, he gave a snatch and an eyeball and – I saw a  flash of dom. He came out to play. Since then, our group became more serious with scenes. He and I were becoming a nice little co-topping team.

C is B’s gay submissive. He doesn’t like impact play. He does great in rope and wax, though. He was aftercare for everyone. Even when you didn’t notice it. That’s probably the most important job ….ever.

They’re going to the other side of the country for B’s job. They’ll be back in seven months. But part of me hopes they stay? Parts of me hopes they find something better and more fulfilling where they’re going. I hope they learn while they’re there. I hope they love it.

I’m gonna hate it.

May 142013
bloody kid

bloody kidMy demons haven’t been lulled to sleep.

They haven’t been whispered words of appeasement until a later date.

Each time they come for me, I’ve been forced to learn.

Each time they twist me around like warm caramel from a spoon.

Rip up my insides.

Leave me on the floor. Horse from the screams and noticing the blood on the carpet.

I’ve learned.

I cannot just get through it. 

Demons come back.

So, trust me… there’s only one way to get rid of a demon.

You kill that motherfucker good.

May 122013

sadisticHit her harder. 

She can’t even feel that.

I can tell how she’s reacting. Everyone can tell.

“Beat her ass.” It was more of a hiss than a whisper.

I stepped in. The air was thick the first time I hit her.

She was up there for a reason, in that position.

Her head rolled back after the second strike.

She moaned.

I hit her harder.

And I liked it.

May 062013

This is hosted material. For more information about the author, make sure that you read to the bottom of the page. Until then, here’s a piece of his work for you to enjoy.

The Life of a Diva…

I’m not saying she does it on purpose or anything… just…

Okay, look at it this way. Say you’re 21. You go to a house show. You and your friends try to meet wrestlers afterwards at the restaurant at the hotel next door. With very little luck scoring any autographs, not seeing John Cena or anyone you like, you spot Tamina having a steak and a beer.

Swallowing your initial fear at her masculinity (which is far greater than yours), you approach her, asking if you can have a photo or an autograph?
She stares at you, chewing… almost boring a hole through you with her eyes.
“Uhhmm… nevermind” you say.
“Sit down,” she almost yells. You comply. “How old are you?” to which you reply telling her you’re only 21.

She finishes her beer, grabs you by the shoulder as she stands and says “C’mon.”
Tamina, who looks so much like her famous father you can barely look her in the face, rides you so hard, you’re afraid your cock will break.
She spoons you all night, holding your junk in her massive hands. You wake in the morning, too early… 6AM.

Tamina is up and preparing her bags. She throws your clothes at you, yelling “Get the fuck up, it’s morning.” As you buckle your belt, she’s pushing you out the door, but she turns you around for one final kiss. She hands you forty dollars and shuts the door, never even asking your name.
While you walk back to your car, still parked behind the Civic Center, Tamina is crying to herself… softly…

About the Author:

Shaun Burnett, 32
Artist – Published professionally by Invest Comic’s One-and-Done Charity with Inflation.

Apr 302013
Monster in you

Monster in youI like your pale skin. I want to sting it. I want it to spill little strips of lava , maybe rub some in. Oh, and I want you cry. Just let me have a little bit of it. Just let me hurt you a little. Cry for me. I want tears. They just tickle me to death. Make me grin.

It’s Christmas morning and I’m like a kid just a little too old for Santa, but with no parental conformation that he doesn’t exist. I don’t really know where this came from, but I like it.