Feb 202010

I’m so soft after I shave. I could spend an exorbitant amount of time just dreamily tracing my fingertip over my warm, smooth, pussy lips and the inside of my thighs, just enveloped in the softness.

I would enjoy this part of a woman, I know, licking her there.

I enjoy this part of myself. I also enjoy the change from the cloudy light softness to slickness with the deeper I get, even if only a bit at a time. I will start  to moisten and sometimes even surprise myself with my own touch.

The more  that happens, the more that I want  it. Dipping my fingers inside myself becomes more like riding my hand.  The grip of my pussy is the ultimate secret handshake.


Sultry Saturday

Feb 092010

What is your favorite thing to get hit with?

A Man’s hands.

I’ve watched as He’s unloaded toy after toy, paddles, straps, floggers, canes, everything. I’ve felt each of these implements strike my flesh and bring my tears and my wetness, but none bring me the closeness that His hands do.

When He touches me He has the ability to feel His work, the temperature, the give, the flow of blood and tenseness of muscle. He can go from a caress to a slap or a pinch in a moment, at His whim. I am nothing if not at His mercy…and I …love …being at His mercy.

I enjoy Him the most… His arms restraining me, His mouth as my gag, His hands striking me. I know I’m supposed to be the toy, but, it’s Him that I wish I could order from, not JT’s Stockroom.


(FYI: I like JT’s.)

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Feb 072010
Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...


What is the strangest thing you have ever used to fuck yourself with?

My guess would be the handle of a hairbrush. I was a teen, and it was the first thing I could find on my nightstand while I was masturbating. I was so horny. I was so tight that it kinda hurt, although I was very wet and just barely going in and out. Hittin’ that G-spot, but I didn’t know it then.

I can remember, after cumming, taking the hairbrush out and smelling the end of it, my cunt juice, then tasting it. I touched the tip of my tongue to the brush, but got no real taste. I flattened my tongue out and actually licked it. I was so anxious about what I was going to taste like. I could  feel the bristles digging into my hand. Now that I think about it.  That might have been one of the first times I ever used anything inside myself during masturbation.

Wow, that got me excited just thinking about it.

Now I want to do something really filthy and bad.

Thanks for the memory.


Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Jan 142010

What was your first experience with an erect cock?

Sweet, little, southern, Christian girl, straight home from cheerleading practice, sneaks her then boyfriend over for an hour or so before her Mom gets home from work.

I had on just a pair of black cotton panties and a white long sleeved button down shirt, all the buttons undone. I had taken off my own pants and my bra was gone before he’d even gotten there. I have always had nice, full tits, and I had known what I was doing in losing the bra. I just remember trying to plan everything so carefully. Oh God was I nervous!  When he got there he was instantly touching me, and I was on the couch, my Mom’s cream, floral couch, something my Grandmother had helped to pick out, no doubt. Here’s what I think of your couch, Grandmother, and not to mention overall floral prints, too.

He was on top of me, between my legs, and his cock was hard. He just had his underwear on, and we weren’t really looking at each other as much as he was attacking my face like a hungry animal, grabbing at my tits and not sure what to do with one when he had it, but when he did happen to graze a nipple I would hiss and arch, and he would freak for a nano-moment, seem not to understand, then go back to his activities. I could feel how hard he was. He was pressing against me and God he was so hard. I can remember how almost uncomfortable it  was for him to touch me.

I got up and asked him if he was thirsty and wanted something to drink. I walked into the kitchen. I was so ridiculous. Looking back, he is the most passive person in the world. But then, in my perfect little fantasy (yes, even then) my make-out sessions included a little more “I am Man, you are… Mine!”… I wanted a little wrist pinning, hands in the hair, snatching off the rest of my clothes and “taking it if you want it”. I guess I never thought about it that way, but had it been with the right person, I would have easily lost my virginity that day. Instead, I was way frustrated, so at some point I decided to make the best of it, and use it as a learning experience.

I slowed his kissing, sat him down, straddling him, took my time and just enjoyed him. Through my panties I could feel the pressure of his cock rubbing up against my clit, as I moved against him. I gently introduced him to my nipples, and I got off. Afterward, I reached inside his underwear and wrapped my hand around his cock. I had no idea what I was going to do. I’d never touched one before. Thank God I didn’t have much to worry about. Before my hand really even closed, he grabbed me tightly and blew with a loud cry that made me jump. It scared me, and I know I jerked his cock some. God knows how that felt.

I was just some chick who had no idea what to do or even what I was willing to do. I knew what I wanted, but was too afraid to say it.

I hope that answers your question… :)

Jan 142010

Do you enjoy cum in your mouth?

Ok, honest story… my Grandmother found a really perverted letter that a guy friend and I were writing back and forth to each other when we were in high school. I was still a virgin, (in the ninth grade I think) and so was he. We had kinda decided that we were going to take each other’s virginity. We hung out all the time, alone. We were both very excited and way too nervous to do it with anyone else.

We had talked it out and he would do everything I wanted him to do and I’d do everything he wanted me to do… win/win… right? Until this fucking letter… which, detailed the blowjob portion of our little rendezvous and exactly how he wanted me to suck his cock. This is also the point at which I learned in life… never write anything down. Anyway, I’m not sure how many times he wrote about filling up my mouth, 25…maybe?

*le sigh* Did I ever get to suck him off? … No. My Grandmother made sure that didn’t happen. She also told me (this was her version of “The Talk”) that was something that “pretty girls don’t have to do.

My Grandmother was determined to marry me off to someone from her church whose Mother also sat at her table at the Country Club. Her sweet little grand-daughter couldn’t be caught sucking cock and swallowing cum; it would ruin both of our reputations!

I gave my first real blowjob to my first real boyfriend while we were in his truck, parked in my driveway. I was thinking less about that letter and more about where this was going to go if I came up off his cock. He was shaking and the moans and “ooohhh baby” were running together and making less and less sense. He tightened up and all of the sudden I had a mouthful, which didn’t taste so great.

I knew that at that moment, I wasn’t just another pretty girl. I swallowed hard and continued to gently suck and he got LOUD. I knew I’d either done something really wrong or really right.

I later learned from B and T (the bouncers that I fucked for some time) that sucking cock is different for everyone. You have the same basic idea, but everybody prefers a little something different. Learn the cock you’re working for.

A good blowjob isn’t about how hard you suck or how long it lasts, it’s about how good it feels. When someone comes in my mouth (if that’s what they want) then I’m happy. If they come on my tits, then I’m happy too. If I’m sucking your cock and I’ve given you access to my mouth, then your happiness is what I’m most concerned with… so by God, have fun… because that’s all I care about, trust me.


Jan 142010

What is the perfect cock size?

I don’t have a ‘perfect’ size. I have a pretty adjustable vagina. I think most all of them are. If I don’t have sex for two weeks, I tighten up. Until I’ve had sex with for a while, I ask for them to feel free to be as rough with me (bodily) as they like, but please work our way up on the pounding (especially if they are well endowed).

I’ve been with men who have had very small cocks, (one, actually, but he had a great personality and that really did make up for it ) but I’ll admit that was less than sexually exciting. I’ve also been with two men who had the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen and taken in my life, not just in length, but thickness too. They should have been in porn. I spent some of my finest years learning on those cocks, but to be honest, they were too big.

I guess there’s no perfect cock size as much as a perfect cock. I think a perfect cock is one that you love, one that you want to kiss, suck, press to your cheek and face and eyes and lips, no matter what the size.  Here’s a thought, it might have something to do with the Man attached to the cock… then again, that might just be me.


Jan 112010
Massive Red Monster

My new anal plug is this Massive Red Monster. Ok, well, it’s only ‘medium’ in size, but it FEELS MASSIVE. I played with a small one for about the past ten years and finally, since I’m actually taking a little cock up my ass, I figured I’d be a big girl and buy a big girl butt plug.  Wow, slow down there, Sugar.

When I started bartending at the ripe old age of 21, I started dating bouncers. One in particular, B (who was 11 years older than me), would change my life forever. He would introduce me to a million new things and what I didn’t do with him, I’d soon begin doing with his best friend T (13 years older than me).  I thought that age equaled experience, and experience was once thing this good girl didn’t have,  but wanted more of. One of the things these two gentlemen taught me was the term “take it up the ass like a porn star.” Of course, with them I never could, Jesus, I wouldn’t be walking today if I did.

The point is… when I got the small butt plug, I thought I’d NEVER be getting a bigger one. Hell, I couldn’t imagine getting fucked in the ass! Taking a finger almost killed me. I didn’t need to be talked into it or taught how to do it, I needed to be shown how to want it.

T explained to me the difference, how to get “turned out”. I don’t stay in a constant state of being ‘turned out’. Sometimes I get ‘turned out’ and there’s nothing I can do about it. ‘Turned out’  is a state of lust for me which is  waaaay past ‘turned on’. ‘Turned out’ made me sit up this morning, lean back and slowly push the very last bit of that butt plug up inside my ass. I cried out, my cunt soaked and the room smelling like sin.  It was in, oh God, oh Fuck, oh fuck, oh Fuck… it was in. I could almost feel it in my pussy, and my hips were moving like I was fucking myself. The fullness of the plug shoved in my ass made me cum in that instant.  I began to clench, and pain shot through my entire body from that fat thing shoved up in my ass. That made my pussy just clench harder. I had never experienced anything like that before.


I know I’m not a porn star, but I really felt like one in those moments.

…even if I’m sore as fuck now. :)

Jan 092010

I told him I didn’t know what to do.

He said he would figure out something.

I said it was in his hands now.

He said … no better place.

I told him I was scared.

He said I should be, I was fucked.

I wasn’t getting out.

He said he wasn’t giving it back.

For the first time in a long time… I felt safe.

Those words were like cardboard cupcakes, bright, shiny, and beautiful from a distance.

Couldn’t make a dent in them if I tried, even with all the rocks I threw. They held strong.

But when I walked up close, to see what the problem was…

Those cupcakes were  not at all what they seemed to be. I stood there alone, playing back his words, and cried.

I’m eating his words. Drinking his words. Smoking his words. Feeling them, blow by blow, sucking them in, having them carved into me from the inside, swallowing them down as they scrape my throat, my insides… slowly, painfully… all the way down to where they will scar my guts and everything I got on the inside.

I could try to hide it, but I don’t care, really.

Let him enjoy his work.

Let me learn my lesson.

They hurt when I swallow them. Just as he said, those words are strong and unyielding, so they don’t easily bend when I urge them deeper inside of me. Their pointy sides dig into me and puncture me. They needle me.  They just fucking hurt.

I’m eating those words to teach myself a lesson.

Never take anything sweet from a stranger.

Dec 212009

“Please stop…”
The words were more of a whispered sob, catching in my throat.
“I need… I need… I … need you to stop..”
I continued trying to lift my head to make eye contact. If he looked into my eyes and saw me, really saw me… he might know.

His mouth attached securely to my nipple. He didn’t look as if he was going to let up anytime soon. The burning sensation of his teeth digging into the tender flesh sent shivers through my body. My back arched as I cried out. I felt the fingers of his  hand begin to roughly push past my panties. Three of them entered me. He  let go of my nipple to watch his own assault. I cried out and kicked, scooting myself upwards on the bed and away from him, causing him to loosen the grip his left hand had on my wrists. He grunted as his position was lost. I pushed with my shoulders and tried to roll backwards to get away. The door was 20 feet from us. I could make 20 feet.

“Back, now.” He was growling. He was upset. This was day three, day four? I was getting better at telling when he was really angry or just trying to intimidate me. He’d waited, but now he was more anxious.

He reached for me, but I rolled off the bed and hit hard on the floor. I rolled to my back and as soon as I saw him step one leg off the bed I kicked at him as hard as I could. I clipped him. He howled, cursed, and fell back onto the bed. This was my chance. I rolled over and crawled a few paces, scrambling to my feet before taking off towards the door. He had every lock latched, and just as I was reaching for the handle to fling open the door – I felt the weight of his body crush me into the door with a loud grunt. I felt all the air in my body leave me. The smell of him bombarded my nostrils as I sucked in and  prepared myself to be thrown back on the bed. Unfortunately, he decided he liked the position. I heard his zipper release.
“I’ll kill you.”
I began to really cry.

His hand encircled the back of my neck and pinned me against the door. I felt his cock hard against my ass. I was panicking. I began to scream and beat on the door with my hands. His  hand wrapped around my mouth and nose, cutting off my ability to breathe. I became still and quiet, very quickly. His chuckle was dark. He moved me over to a chair and bent me over, letting me have my air as his hands trailed over my back, to my ass. I sucked in and coughed, gasping and sobbing as he spread my legs farther apart and began pressing himself against me, trying to get in. I threw my head back and pleaded with him.
“Please! No!”
“It’s mine. I’ll do as I please, pet.”
I thought I screamed as he entered my ass, but there was no sound, just a horrified gasp. I was holding my breath. I had done this before, but never so violently,  never like this.
“Take it, girl”

His voice was so gruff, and his hands held tightly to my hips, slamming me back onto his awaiting cock. I felt myself get wet instantly, yet the pain in my ass was almost unbearable.

‘Please… it… hurts!’
“Shhh…. I know… It’s gonna hurt.”