Oct 292012

His office door opened and there he stood.

She stopped in front of him.

He opened his palm to her.

She gently pushed the warm, silky material into his hand.

He cocked his head with some surprise.

She’d already taken them off.

Kink of the Week

  8 Responses to “Panties”

  1. Very nice. Minimal & subtle. Very sexy!

  2. Need she say more?!!! :) I bet he grinned like a Cheshire cat :)

  3. Short, sweet and oh-so-sexy. Love it! Jane xxx

  4. No better way to express “good to go”. Shit, my husband’s military language is catching. But still, it works with this situation too.

  5. Oh I do so hope they were still damp though


  6. Hehe, that sounds like a lucky man! Or, perhaps an unlucky one…depending on whether he likes to watch them come off. Either way, she’s ready for what happens next…

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