Oct 242014

Yesterday I was on my Fetlife account. I was scrolling through someone’s pictures. One popped up with the caption “Daddy’s new prize for me!” Her new prize was a bit. It was covered in some type of yellowed, plastic-ish thing. What… wha… o.O. So it’s brand new, and it’s yellow-ing-ish. I wish I had the picture, but I wasn’t just going to take it off her page.  I shook that one off and continued to peruse.

The next one was j…j…jelly.


There was no condom.

She was sucking on it.

Grabs my pearls.

And then she put it in her vagina.

All the jelly. In the vagina.

Suck up those phthalates, Darling, suck ‘em up.


Then I realized, there are a ton of kinksters that have no idea what they’re getting into when they buy sex toys. We can tell how well a flogger is made. We examine the falls and the leather. Feel the deer, or bull it might be made of. Even the weight of the thing. We can examine a spanking bench, a single tail, and a bull whip.But some of these same people will yank out a jelly dong because it feel good. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they don’t know.

I have the most ridiculous thoughts sometimes. Why can’t Lilly make a tiny sex toy gun that I could keep in my pocket. I could shoot the taser at all the toys. The gun would leave the good ones and the bad ones would disappear up in smoke. Seriously, the uneducated need the quick and dirty about what they should and should not be putting in their bodies.

I’ve seen a lot of players who want to use their sex toys on someone else during a scene. Not on me, Sugar. I suggest kinksters begin bringing their own safe, sex toys to be used only on themselves during play. Now I carry every kinky toy that I own, plus any sex toys I might need. I know what I have is safe. It’s clean. Any partner I have can work with what I bring. If they can’t find something in that big box of sin, then God love ‘em.


  3 Responses to “Sex Toy Gun”

  1. You are such a good student! :)

    Do you think that the Fetlife people would even listen? Can their minds be changed through education? I’ve met a lot of really rigid people in my line of work. It’s a toss up, really. Sometimes I tell people the basics and they’re horrified, they throw out their shitty collection and start over. Sometimes that flat-out say that they’ve been fine so far, and they don’t give a shit.

    I’ve had people say to me “well I’m not sensitive, I’ve never felt anything from these so-called toxic toys”. We focused on the phthalates for so long that we never really looked at the porosity. I’ve seen black mold spots on dildos and masturbators. AND people keep using them that way!!!!

    I’m no longer on FetLife but I’d come back to do a virtual class if you think any would listen.

    • I’ve seen one with the mold spots! It belonged to a friend. We were cleaning out her room. I was horrified. Not at finding the dildo, but the shape it was in. I gave her the lecture, but felt responsible. I knew better. I’d told her all about sex toys. I showed her places with a wide range of toys, inexpensive, safe materials, but …that’s what she was working with. That’s when I “got” that some people just don’t really care.

      I’m sure that there are “safe sex toy material,” and “non-toxic toy” posts and groups, on Fet. But I feel like it’s coming in waaayyy behind other “toys.” Not all kinksters seem to put as much effort, care, and concern in their sex toys.

  2. I have came across a bunch of people on there just using anything for sex toys. I give as much advice I can in the groups but people just don’t listen then I see them buy something new and it is like wtf are you thinking? They will learn one day.

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