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TMI Tuesday: March 18, 2014

Thank you to Virtual Sinner for today’s TMI Tuesday questions.

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Consumer purchase behavior is much studied. These questions are about your buying behavior with respect to different products.

1. Name a category for which you are very fussy and only one product will do. Name the product.

Make-up. MAC. I participated in beauty pageants from the time that I could toddle up to the stage until my teenage years; when I could have an opinion about doing them. Throughout those years, I ran into a ton of different make-up and learned how some of them worked and how some didn’t, especially when it came to my skin. Everyone has a different type of skin, and there are really great products out there that cater to that. I’ve experimented with other products, but right now, MAC is what’s doing it. When it comes to make-up, I like what I like.

2. Name a category for which you are fussy about quality and buy top-of-the-line brands.

Hair products. This one’s a throwback to pageants again. Your hair doesn’t look amazing the one night you need it to unless you take care of it all the time. Certain products take better care of your hair than others. There are different hair types, just as there are different skin types. There are different shampoos for colored hair. Their are products that can turn frizzy hair into soft waves. Gotta love the best hair products.

3. Name a category for which you are most interested in price, and will buy whatever brand is cheapest.

Toner. My beauty regime doesn’t require a top of the line toner. I usually just buy it off the shelf.

4. Name a category for which you are unable to find a satisfactory product.

Highlighter. I only need it a few times during the year. Since I change my make-up with my tan, it’s really hard not to wash out your face.

5. Name a product that has disappeared from the market for which you have been unable to find a satisfactory substitute.

There was a beautiful color purple from Chanel that a friend gave me. I can’t remember the name. it was discontinued. It sat so perfectly with a matte black. I’ve never found another dark, solid shade of purple like that.

6. Name a product that you buy that your mother or father used to buy.

Buttermilk. That’s all I got.

7. Name a product that you won’t buy because your mother or father used to buy it.

I can’t think of anything.

8. Name a product that is over-rated.

The CONAIR Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. From what I understand, It eats hair if it’s tangled. I don’t see the point. It might work for those who don’t have thick hair, but for those who do – stay away.

9. Name a product that is under-rated.


Bonus: If there was one product that you would re-invent or improve, what is it?

Cell phones. It would be great if they worked no matter what. End of the world. Forever battery life. Signal Everywhere. Waterproof. Maybe a Rambo knife could slide out of it or an app could shoot out fire. The Ultimate Cell Phone, brought to you by The SinDoll.

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  1. They do have a waterproof cover for the cell phones out now someone I know had one. I was still skeptical about it though.

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