Oct 142014
Another smashing TMI Tuesday idea from Virtual Sin.

Color is everywhere–nature, food, clothing, skin, animals. Different colors symbolize or mean different things in different cultures. Finally, color affects mood.


From your life, tell us about an object, experience or idea related to each of the colors of the spectrum:

1. Red

I have a pair of red thongs with a bow on the back, right at the top of the ass. Pussy – a gift. ;)

2. Orange

Ugh – A few of my NCAA football rivals wear this color. We’re big time Alabama fans. I don’t let The Socialites or The Husband wear orange (not to mention myself.) This makes decorating for fall a bit on the tough side, but we ride out Halloween in different colors of dark purple and black. I’ve been working on creame colored pumpkins for fall. I know, just work with me.

3. Yellow

Lemon trees and antique baby paraphernalia. I love a lemon tree. I love lemonade with tequila. <3

4. Green

A color that will never look good on me, no matter how many times I try it on. Beautiful to decorate with in spring. Nature makes a background for naked.

5. Blue

TH looks good in blue. His eyes are blue. I love the teal side. I use it to decorate with it in the summer. Our pool. 15’s basketball colors. Our dog, Mookie… he looks good in blue sweaters.

6. Violet

I don’t ever really use this color. Sometimes I’m drawn to it when making jewelry.

Bonus: What is the color of sex? – Depends on who your fucking.

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  1. Jamie’s eyes are blue too. Lemonade is my favorite. I don’t think I’ve had it with tequila, though.

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