Oct 152014

Who keeps a playlist on their phone that makes them horny? The playlist you can fuck to. The dirty fucking. That rhythmic, ass-riding fucking. I do. Thumbed the screen three times before I found it. I wouldn’t have put any more time into it. I was horny.

I had no shame in unzipping, stepping out of, or unhooking anything. I left my clothes where they fell. I didn’t care if he watched or not. He didn’t come for a strip show. But I knew he wanted every thick bit of me. He was tripping over his shoes. Mine were all I wore.

I knew it was a bad idea. I thought about it when I grabbed fist fulls of that stiff hotel comforter and slung it off the bed. I bent over the bed. When I felt the vast amount of white sheets against my chest, I didn’t care. I spread my legs. My heels lifted my pussy. I just needed him to climb in and drive.

He stepped between my legs and slid his cock along my pussy. He was surprised at how wet I was. My outer lips were puffed open. He gently pinched one, but didn’t pull. I liked that very much.

“Yeeess, pleasee. Like that.” I swayed my ass back towards him. I lifted it up for him. I think he got the message. The length of his dick teased the outside of my pussy until my ass danced.

“Next time, I’ma fuck them titties.” He lined up the tip of his dick with my hole. He slid in nice and deep. I didn’t care what he said. He was inside. I’d deal with his mouth later. He held my hips. I bounced up and down the length of him. We kept a nice rhythm.

When he got on my nipples…

I was needy on his cock. I begged for my tits, sucking, biting, harder, harder. I could see his nervousness. Once he knew how hard, he was sloppy and chewy. I loved it. He bounced from tit to tit. I rode his cock, hard, and happily, right into Squirty Land.

I walked around for a day or two afterwards. My nipples and breasts were sore from his mouth and his hands. I wondered why I had him go that crazy with my nipples.

It was the dick.

It’s always the dick.

Sep 172013

Hello folks! This week use those sexy (and often dirty) minds to fill in the blanks for TMI Tuesday fun.


Fill in the blanks.

1. My passion project is _____ . – Having good hair, make-up, and nails. Oh, and Alabama willing the National Championship.

2. In the morning I hate to _____ . Wake up

3. If _____ were bigger, I would like it. my bank account

4. Please don’t _____ close to me. bash people in front of me. I don’t want to hear your drama.

5. I have had strange things happen to me but ______ is the worst. my kids turning into teenagers

6. Oh baby that feels good. Will you _____ my _____ ? fuck my ass.

From https://filledandfooled.wordpress.com
What is one thing that you do to make yourself (and only yourself) happy?  This is something that you do that makes you feel uplifted and blissful when you get done and something you can repeat often.

Writing…. and masturbation. 


TMI Tuesday blog
Jul 302012

Seven ’til Midnight did a great job with this thong. It’s stretchy and comfortable. I feel sexy when I wear it and The Husband makes me feel even sexier. It’s well made and beautiful.

+ Comfortable
+ Stretchy
+ Well made
- None
This is the most gorgeous thong. I fell in love with the color almost immediately. The fact that the panel was supposed to give you some tummy coverage appealed to me even more. This was going to be my first time ordering from Seven ‘til Midnight, but I wanted this on my body. I wanted to be somewhere, talking to someone, knowing that I was wearing these panties.The Undercover Lover Shaping Thong was wrapped in a clear plastic bag for the first 3 seconds that I owned it. After tossing that aside, I noticed the attached tag included the manufacturer’s name, website, and a copy of the stock photo that’s on the product page. It also included the size of the thong and the following information:

+ Lace overlay microfiber thong offers smoothing and tummy control
+ Minimal rear coverage leaves no panty lines for added comfort and confidence
+ Pair with any of our control tops to create a slimming, fashionable outfit

What’s it made of?
The Undercover Lover Shaping Thong from Seven ‘til Midnight is made from 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex, as listed on the care tag. There’s almost two parts to this panty. There’s the panel that’s made up of the two materials sewn together and the thong. The inside of the panel is lined with a silky colored, fuschia material that feels great against the skin. The outer layer is covered in a lacy, floral material.

Sizing and Fit:
Seven ‘til Midnight’s The Undercover Lover Shaping Thong comes in Small, Medium, Large, XL, 1X/2X, 3X/4X. I decided on their 1X/2X and here’s their measurements up against mine:

Seven ‘til Midnight’s 1X-2X: Waist: 36-38 inches Hip: 42-48 inches
My Measurements: Waist: 42 inches Hip: 48 inches

Waist (unstretched) – 32inches
Waist (stretched) – 48 inches
Thong length – 10.5 inches
Panty liner length – 4.5 inches long

They have quite a good bit of stretch to them, so I don’t buy the whole ‘tummy control’ advertising. I do think that the design and cut of the panties are geared towards those who have tummy issues, however, there’s no special “shapewear” that provides any extra belly support.

How well is it made?:
Fortunately, everything looks to be in good working order with this Seven ‘till Midnight piece. There are a few areas where it looks as if the lace wasn’t lined up perfectly before it was sewn, but nothing seems to be coming apart.

Care and Maintenance:
The tag says: Hand wash cold. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Line dry. These will go into a lingerie bag and then into the washing machine. I don’t know if I’ll dry them yet. However – I still advise you to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. I store mine in my panty drawer. Just fold them and toss them right in. Although… I don’t know why I bother folding my panties because they never stay folded.

When I wear them:
Here’s what I hate about anything with lace: you can’t wear anything tight with it. I can always see the lacy design through thin materials, so I have to keep that in mind when dressing. However, this thong was comfortable and I was pleased with the fit! It was stretchy and felt nice against my skin. I also like wearing thongs to some of the play parties that I go to. Thongs make it easy for implements used for impact play to get to your ass cheeks without having to put all of your business out there for the entire group to see.

I paired this with a black bra and wore it out under a black dress. After coming home and while undressing, The Husband did a double take when I turned to hang my dress on the outside of the closet.The Husband: I like those panties, girl.
Me: Thanks
The Husband: Take ‘em off.

Follow-up commentary
I still like them, even three months after original review
Any pair of panties that catch The Husband’s attention are a good pair. These are comfortable and really gorgeous. They’ve actually held up well. In all honesty, I’ve just been tossing them in the washing machine. Granted, I’ve separated them into the delicate pile, but they’re still in great shape. They haven’t torn, despite being roughly pulled off and The Husband loves how they make my ass look. How can I argue with that? STM2 STM1
Jun 162011

Even when I say that bad stuff, He smiles.

He’s gonna get me if I don’t shut up.

Daddy’s got that mean stuff like that sometimes.

But I will hide my face and casually leave my ass in the air, then squeal when he smacks at it.

Then I will be faux-shocked at his defilement of such an innocent creature

… and tell him about it.

… with a straight face.

…and a voice that most people have never heard and will never hear out of me.

I’m just a babygirl.

I want to hide behind him and curl up in his lap.

I want him to pet me and  feed me bites.

I want him to squish my sammiches flat, and rub that sweet part of my ass until my legs spread, and I get all blushy blushy.

I like sitting on the floor so I can stretch, then crawling over to put my head in his lap.

He can sit me down, and stop all the noise, and I’ll listen.

He can have me in tears in a heartbeat.

It’s more than sex.

It’s more than play.

It’s not exactly love, but close…

It’s a special level of care for another person.