Sep 212013

CumI had my tubes tied and my insides essentially burned out because of period problems. I can’t have any more children, but trust me, The Socialites are enough. Buying them each a car will be enough. Putting them through college will be enough. Another child would take away from what TH and I can give to them. TH and I made the decision not to have any more children.

I was pregnant at a young age and received the blessing of Irish twins. I’m 34 and have children almost half my age. I spent my entire life avoiding cum. Even with protection, there have been scares.

Since my surgery, TH and I have enjoyed the pleasures of what cumming inside me can bring. We’ve not been held back by fear of unexpected pregnancy. TH can thrust inside me until he’s ready to spill his seed inside me. I can feel his cum inside me, while it’s pumping with his release.

Last night I asked him to cum on my body. I told him that I just wanted to feel it. He did so, and it wasn’t what I expected. It was everywhere, my neck, all over my breasts. I forgot about the way it turns cold and runs down my body. There’s always a spot that you miss when you’re trying to clean up. I gave up and jumped in the shower.

I realized that I much prefer his cock inside me when he cums. I can feel his cock, and don’t need a verbal warning before hoping that I don’t get it in the eye.

When he cums inside me; it’s an amazing feeling. He loves it as much as I do, and trust me… I love it.

Spunk pik


Apr 112013


My orgasm is your knee pinning my inner thigh without care of a bruise. Every time you use my hair to position me. When I cannot physically escape you, my mind cums. And again when you slap me.

When you taunt me with words of ownership, giving in, and taking what you want; I’m not shaking from fear. I’m shaking because my brain is finally getting  a hit. It’s kissing the sky, and it doesn’t want to come down.

You can fuck me if you want to. You deserve it.

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Jan 082013

Cum and ScentShe smelled like cum and naivete. If you turned your head just right you’d catch an easy mingling of her perfume and sweat.

Unforseen wet spots marked battles won and lost across her sheets. She wasn’t ready to get up, but couldn’t find comfort in a place that was so freshly marked.

The wetspots would wash away. The cum would rinse down the drain.

Just don’t forget my name.

Dec 092012

His bare feet padded back and forth. His station was spread out all over the room. Gagged and blindfolded, she could still hear. His footsteps were the only warning that she had. She. Just. Ached. The stingy and the thuddy were gone.

There wasn’t a piece of flesh to mark that hadn’t already started showing its colors. Now we’re done with the first set of tears. There was new life in him. Now on to the sobbing.

He was getting to the real root of his work. Rip. It. Open.

The padding of his feet became a distant sound. He was hitting her faster. Harder. She couldn’t keep up. She was about to cum.

Jun 112012

Yesterday I wrote about my first sex toy. It was an inexpensive little thing. Today I want to tell you about Mimi. She’s a bit more on the luxurious side of toys… for me at least. I knew that I wanted a nice toy that would really get me off. I also knew that I had become very attached to my Marble slimline G. Mimi was very different looking than the old faithful Slimeline… but she was soooo beautiful, and everyone talked about how powerful she was.  I really wanted to make the jump from the cheaper toys to the more luxurious ones, and I’m still in the process of that. Mimi just happened to be the first one that I fell head over ass for.

I crank her all the way up and I can just reach my shallow G-spot that we’ve talked about. Since she’s shaped like a flattened out egg, I can drag her up to lap at my clit while she’s on her broad side. Some people like that pinpoint stimulation – just using the very tip of her on their clit or other erogenous zones, not me. Y’all know I like that long, slow, teasing drag from G-spot to clit, back and forth. The patterns and lower levels don’t excite me. I don’t even fool with ‘em. I just wan’t my ‘main drag’.  It does perform. It draws me up in a knot, starting with my abs and moving outwards. I think it’s a race between my clit and my G-spot – which one can cum faster. My Mimi turns me into a whore every …single …time.  I can’t say that I’m sorry, though. It’s been one of the best investments that I’ve ever made in a sex toy. 

If you desire luxurious clitoral stimulation, you’re looking at the right toy. Mimi can be your new, small, non-intimidating, user-friendly, best friend. Whether you’re using her for solo pleasure or during intercourse, she will perform with excellence. She is easily applied to the clitoris and vaginal area, either with just her tip or with a lapping motion for more coverage.

I wouldn’t recommend Mimi for anal use as there’s no flared base. However, teasing around the area as well as the testicals, up and down the shaft of the penis, and the perineum can all be alternative and pleasurable uses for this toy. Need a gentle massage? Mimi is powerful enough to relax sore neck and back muscles. Hello foreplay.

If you’re worried about being discreet, don’t be. Mimi’s vibrations, although powerful, are so quiet that roommates and passersby won’t have a clue that she’s being used. In a car, through a closed door, or even in the same room under the covers, she will go unnoticed even on her most powerful setting.

Mimi can be used in any number of locations. Since she’s waterproof, take her into the bath. Take her into the pool. Take her to a play party and pair her with a blindfold and a set of cuffs for some sensory and sensual play with your partner.



Mimi is made of ABS plastic and smooth, soft 100% body safe silicone. Mimi’s silicone has anti-bacterial properties. It’s also a food-grade material, hypoallergenic, is latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. All of these make this toy extremely body safe!

Mimi isn’t flexible, but she’s very smooth and velvety to the touch. In fact, your first instinct is to gently caress her. Shameless! There’s no smell at all to Mimi. If owning Mimi doesn’t excite you enough to get your juices flowing, then add a little water-based lube to help with any drag that you may feel.


Manufactured by Je Joue, Mimi is obviously a quality product. She is an opulent toy with her closures and buttons feeling very sturdy and well fitted. Mimi is very discreet in her appearance, looking more like a flat, oval egg instead of your run of the mill sex toy. She is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, and her shape makes her easy to hold and maneuver. Her design is perfect for her many uses. She is 3 1/4 inches in length, 5 inches in circumference, 2 inches in diameter, and 3 inches in width.

She is rechargeable and powered by her magnetic cord. Simply plug the cord into the wall and magnetically connect the end directly to her buttons. The Je Joue heart will blink while your Mimi is charging. Once charged, the heart will stay fully lit.

Functions/ Performance/ Controls

Mimi’s vibrations are located at her very tip. Although the toy is small and the vibrations powerful, I don’t find my fingers becoming numb. She has five rumbly levels of vibrations.  Mimi also has five different patterns. They all pulse, one more quickly than the last.

The location of Mimi’s buttons are easily accessible along the bottom of the toy. There are two buttons. One is a “+” and one is a “-“. Holding down the “+” button for three seconds brings Mimi to life. The “+” button also allows you to cycle through all of the vibrations first, then the patterns. If at any point in time you decide to go back one level, simply press the “-” button. If at any point in time you decide to turn Mimi completely off, hold down the “-” button for two seconds.

Although, some people have complained about Mimi’s buttons being hard to push, I haven’t had any issues with them.

Care and Maintenance 

Cleaning Mimi is easy peasy. Antibacterial soap and warm water applied to a cloth is a simply way to clean this toy. Since Mimi is waterproof, there’s no fear of getting water where you shouldn’t. You can also use toy wipes. I use body wipes, too. Two birds, one stone.

Since Mimi is made of silicone, use only water based lubricants. Silicone lubes can break down your toy, and no one wants that.

Storing Mimi is very easy. She comes shipped to you in a nice box that will keep her away from other toys that could harm her. There’s also enough room to store her information booklet and power cord!


Mimi’s black storage box is packaged in a purple, paper box for shipping purposes. That box is wrapped in cellophane. Je Joue even ships with quality! The purple box has limited information on it, but in five different languages.

The black, hard, cardboard box ties with a ribbon. Upon opening it, you will see the bed for your Mimi. Underneath, there is ample room for Mimi’s charger and the information booklet that comes with your toy. Everything is very tasteful and discreet.


Mimi comes with a one year warranty from the date of original purchase. Your information booklet gives you more information as to what you need to do in order to use your warranty. This is very useful information. The first time I used Mimi by myself, I wasn’t sure how she was going to work. I’ve been using my Hitachi for so long, I was almost sure that I’d burned my clit out. I’d read great reviews about Mimi and I really wanted to step up to more luxurious toys, especially ones that were body safe. Since my clit is super needy, I cranked my Mimi all the way up and just began to massage myself with her. I was super stimulated – super fast. My nipples were hard and I was ready to orgasm WAY sooner than I expected.
While The Husband and I were having sex, I snatched Mimi off my bedside table. He had my legs over his shoulders and was very much enjoying that position. I turned Mimi on and slid her down to my clit. In no time, I squirted everywhere. Between the feeling of his cock and Mimi’s vibrations, it really put me over the edge.I really LOVE my Mimi.

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Mar 142011

When I first realized what  kink was all about, I was one of those types who thought “I’ll never refer to any Top or Dom as Daddy.” I thought it was odd and directly referred to the relationship that I had with my Father. Taking into consideration that my Father had just passed away the year before, it was also a touchy subject.

Years went by, still no interest. I discovered my love for some of the more taboo types of kinky activities, knife play, rape play, etc. but still I resisted that one word that seemed so filled with disgust and filth that I just couldn’t bring myself to say it.




It started out in my head, after reading some Twitter posts. In actuality, I had gotten off to something I’d read about ageplay a few years earlier. I had never cum so hard in my entire life, but I wasn’t up to admitting that just yet. The Husband wasn’t a ‘Daddy,’ but I had started calling him that when we fucked. it lit a fire in me. Still, I wanted more.

I wanted to hear the most perverse of things from the calm, lowered voice of a man with unethical intentions. I wanted to be completely innocent as he took hold of me gently, yet firmly …all the while his reassuring whispers in my ear, telling me that what he was doing was completely natural, shushing and stroking me as I whimpered and occasionally grunted.

This is what I wanted when I touched myself. This is what I needed along with the bought vibrations that the online stores couldn’t provide and the toy makers couldn’t design.

I wanted a Daddy.

Secret touches. Unwilling spankings. Stolen innocence. My virtue out the window and all the while my legs spread wide and my cunt gasping for more ….just one more touch, one more stroke of Daddy dick. I’ll quiver and moan. I’ll keep it slick and shaved, anything for Daddy.

Now, nothing is enough. It’s like a thirst that can’t be quenched.




Feb 072010


What is the strangest thing you have ever used to fuck yourself with?

My guess would be the handle of a hairbrush. I was a teen, and it was the first thing I could find on my nightstand while I was masturbating. I was so horny. I was so tight that it kinda hurt, although I was very wet and just barely going in and out. Hittin’ that G-spot, but I didn’t know it then.

I can remember, after cumming, taking the hairbrush out and smelling the end of it, my cunt juice, then tasting it. I touched the tip of my tongue to the brush, but got no real taste. I flattened my tongue out and actually licked it. I was so anxious about what I was going to taste like. I could  feel the bristles digging into my hand. Now that I think about it.  That might have been one of the first times I ever used anything inside myself during masturbation.

Wow, that got me excited just thinking about it.

Now I want to do something really filthy and bad.

Thanks for the memory.


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Jan 112010

My new anal plug is this Massive Red Monster. Ok, well, it’s only ‘medium’ in size, but it FEELS MASSIVE. I played with a small one for about the past ten years and finally, since I’m actually taking a little cock up my ass, I figured I’d be a big girl and buy a big girl butt plug.  Wow, slow down there, Sugar.

When I started bartending at the ripe old age of 21, I started dating bouncers. One in particular, B (who was 11 years older than me), would change my life forever. He would introduce me to a million new things and what I didn’t do with him, I’d soon begin doing with his best friend T (13 years older than me).  I thought that age equaled experience, and experience was once thing this good girl didn’t have,  but wanted more of. One of the things these two gentlemen taught me was the term “take it up the ass like a porn star.” Of course, with them I never could, Jesus, I wouldn’t be walking today if I did.

The point is… when I got the small butt plug, I thought I’d NEVER be getting a bigger one. Hell, I couldn’t imagine getting fucked in the ass! Taking a finger almost killed me. I didn’t need to be talked into it or taught how to do it, I needed to want it.

T explained to me the difference, how to get “turned out”. I don’t stay in a constant state of being ‘turned out’. Sometimes I get ‘turned out’ and there’s nothing I can do about it. ‘Turned out’  is a state of lust for me which is  waaaay past ‘turned on’. ‘Turned out’ made me sit up this morning, lean back and slowly push the very last bit of that butt plug up inside my ass. I cried out, my cunt soaked and the room smelling like sin.  It was in, oh God, oh Fuck, oh fuck, oh Fuck… it was in. I could almost feel it in my pussy, and my hips were moving like I was fucking myself. The fullness of the plug shoved in my ass made me cum in that instant.  I began to clench, and pain shot through my entire body from that fat thing shoved up in my ass. That made my pussy just clench harder. I had never experienced anything like that before.


I know I’m not a porn star, but I really felt like one in those moments.

…even if I’m sore as fuck now. :)