Oct 202014

“So we got money comin’ in from that thing in Philly. We’re in our room, the four of us. It was me, Tony, Big Tony, and Rocka’.”

“Rocker? What kind of name is that?” Summer giggled, innocent little whore she was supposed to be.

“Ehhh… We call ‘em Rocka’ on account of how he rocks in his seat. Yanno… he leans on the back two legs of the chair and rocks. Like a rocking chair. So we, uhh… we call him ‘em Rocker. Anyway, yeah… right there, baby. Daddy likes that. Anyway, yeah…yeah….we were waiting for ….a friend, to show up.”

“Uh huuuuhhh” Summer had Paulie’s trousers and briefs down around his ankles, and his mind turning circles. He leaned back on the cheap hotel bed. Summer licked and kissed her way down to Paulie’s cock. She didn’t want to give him what he wanted until she got what she wanted. Paulie was on the drunk side, so she didn’t expect any trouble.

“So what happened to the rest of the story?” Summer’s eyes were wide, curious. She went deep on him twice, slowly. She gagged just a little. Paulie loved that sound.

“Ohhhhh baby, ohhh that’s a goood girl.” That girl and her tricky tricky mouth. She drew back and sat up beside him, her thick, tight nipples luring his attention upwards.

“Was it scary, Daddy?” Summer left whined and lowered her tone. She sounded horny. Her fingers rubbed his ears, his neck, down his shoulders.

You weren’t scared were you?” Summer drew back from Paulie. Her nipple popped from his mouth. She squealed and shook. He loved watching her breasts bounce.

“Daddy’s never scared.” Paulie reached down and stroked his own cock with one hand and twirled her hair with the other.

“So everything was good, right?” Paulie was animated, going back to the story.

Summer’s eyes went wide and she nodded along with his words.

“And then him and Rocka had an issue. And Rocka BOOM BOOM BOOM. Shot the guy in the belly. Three times.”

Paulie stuck three wiggling fingers into Summer’s belly each time he said the word “Boom.”

“Daddyyy! That tickles” Summer squealed and squirmed onto his lap.

“Daddy! That’s a scary story! I’m gonna have to sit in your lap so no one can get me. Please, Daddy?” She whined. Summer teased him with her little girl words and erotic actions. She moved to straddle his dick. Summer sank down on top of him with a pretty little purr and a pout. She was already feeding his cock into her. Her hips tipped from side to side.

“Ohhhh, don’t worry, baby, Daddy’s got you” All he could do was nod, vigorously. Paulie’s hands pulled her hips down on his cock.

Paulie liked to talk. Summer fucked him while she played an excited little girl. Paulie was her Big-Bad-Daddy. She played to his stories and he played right back. Summer sucked and fucked until they were both happy with what they got. She dressed and was dismissed.

Her driver delivered Summer to her apartment. She went upstairs and turned on the living room lights and the television. She waited exactly 15 minutes. Her cell phone rang.

“Anything for me?” The voice on the other end was familiar, and deep.

“Yes, Sir. It was Rocker. Three shots to the belly. He and Rocker had some kind of issue. Paulie was there. So was Tony, Big Tony, and Rocker. But Rocker shot him.” Summer did not like delivering bad news. The messenger could easily be shot, just for knowing the message. But she was valuable to a lot of people. Summer sold information out the backdoor to those who were willing to pay for it and act discreetly with it.
“Anything else?”

“Paulie said something about some money coming in from Philly, and that’s why your guy was coming to meet them.” The voice on the other end of the phone chuckled darkly when Summer mentioned Philly. She knew better than to question. That laugh gave her chill bumps.

“It’s in your fridge.” He hung up the phone.

Summer’s phone went black. She had ten grand in a shipping envelope behind her orange juice. Pretty as she was, her betrayal was so thick you couldn’t wipe it off. She knew that someday, someone was going to start calling for the truth.

Wicked Wednesday

Aug 072013

Daddy2Daddy likes my mouth.

He likes to wrap his hands around my throat and feel his cock in there.

I can remember when I first started snuggling against it. His cock would always get stiff and grow. I would lick it and kiss it. I thought that it hurt him.  But he promised that those were good sounds that he was making. He said I could play with it as much as I wanted. So I did.

When I really starting liking it, Daddy starting feeding it to me. More and more, he fed me his cock. Now my mouth opens when I see it.

I don’t get to play with it anymore. He grunts and pumps it into my face. I swallow everything that Daddy’s cock spits out. He says I’m a natural.


Sultry Saturday

Mar 122012

I wore knee socks as a child. Constantly.

I ran around in these beautiful, little smocked dresses that my Grandmother spent a fortune on. I was the first grandchild, a girl, and a spoiled little thing at that.

So, dresses and bows… knee socks.

…and shoes that tap when you walk.

I really liked it.


Knee socks come up to just below your knees.

When I was a little girl, they reminded me to keep my knees together

It was so that boys couldn’t see up my dress.

What was up my dress was a secret.

It was my secret and it wasn’t for anyone else.

I really liked that.


At some point, I left the knee socks behind, but the seed was still planted and growing, nurtured …and seared in deep.


When you start to grow up …you begin to push boundaries.

Letting boys see up my dress made me feel bad.

…kinda like a good/bad.

A tease.

…and I liked that.


Part of me is still that little girl who loves her knee socks.

It reminds me of keeping my secret place away from boys.

When I’m in my knee socks, I’m just an innocent little girl who wouldn’t dare spread her legs in her knee socks.

unless I really, really liked it.


Mar 082012

They were almost as nervous as they were turned on. They were being propelled by excitement into a place that neither of them had been before but both of them had sexually fantasized about.

…and fantasized about too many times to turn back now.

She just talked to him by messenger at first, then by text and sometimes phone.

It was so that she could reach him as she got more needy. She got more needy… really quickly.

He was more icked about it than she was, until his cock was hard and he was needy for his little girl’s warm, wet flesh.

At first, she’d read and re-read all the messages and be Daddy’s little whore more times than anyone knew.

It was as if she really was keeping that secret he’d told her too.

And of course she was just as innocent as any little girl.

She wasn’t doing anything… wrong. ‘

It was just new and she didn’t know how she felt about it.

…but that wasn’t true

He didn’t know how he felt about it.

…she had decided exactly how she felt about it .

She wanted a Daddy.

Feb 132012

I took a break from things for a while.

I came back.

Is it just me or is there more sex and less BDSM, especially less D/s? Don’t get me wrong, I love sex. Hell, I review sex toys, but my kink ultimately revolves around D/s. I have fetishes that turn me on, my main one being that I’m a Daddy’s girl. Being a Daddy’s girl has gotten me off more times than I can count, but it’s a side dish to the D/s. Ok, fuck, it’s a BIG side dish, but whatever. S/M – side dish. It’s like a really great meal that different people like different parts of.

I’ve got to find more D/s people to follow on Tumblr (TheSinDoll – message me & I will) because I see far more sex than I do D/s.

I wrote some of my best stuff to people I had some kind of writing connection with. It was so odd, but I miss that. I’d like to see more of that. I miss not having a good muse.


Jun 162011

Even when I say that bad stuff, He smiles.

He’s gonna get me if I don’t shut up.

Daddy’s got that mean stuff like that sometimes.

But I will hide my face and casually leave my ass in the air, then squeal when he smacks at it.

Then I will be faux-shocked at his defilement of such an innocent creature

… and tell him about it.

… with a straight face.

…and a voice that most people have never heard and will never hear out of me.

I’m just a babygirl.

I want to hide behind him and curl up in his lap.

I want him to pet me and  feed me bites.

I want him to squish my sammiches flat, and rub that sweet part of my ass until my legs spread, and I get all blushy blushy.

I like sitting on the floor so I can stretch, then crawling over to put my head in his lap.

He can sit me down, and stop all the noise, and I’ll listen.

He can have me in tears in a heartbeat.

It’s more than sex.

It’s more than play.

It’s not exactly love, but close…

It’s a special level of care for another person.