Sep 262014

Everyone says “It’s that time of year!”

What’s happening is that people are listing their favorite blogs and posts that stood out in 2014. It’s “Nomination Time.” I said that like it was fancy. Anyway, Twitter gets all all gossipy about whether one should or should not post and ask their readers to nominate them. That’s fun to watch.

Feel free to nominate the fuck out of me – that’s my opinion. I like comments on my blog. I like to know what the readers of my blog are thinking when they stop by for some nasty reads. If readers like my blog, I want to know. ¬†How would some readers know that they could nominate bloggers for stuff like this if we didn’t tell them?

That being said… Kinkly is having their annual call for their 2014 Top Sex Bloggers. It’s quick and dirty. Click the link below and then vote on their page.

2014’s Top Sex Bloggers

If you’re wanting to do one better, you can hit up Rori’s page and nominate me there, too. Just Check out Rori’s Back!


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