Apr 272013


She had a thing for the animal shuffle and the view of a whore.

She’d been through enough of them.

Now she’s careful who she bruises for.

But the marks do call.

And the ringing is hard to avoid.

Now the ringing won’t stop and her unmarked flesh drives her up the fucking wall.

Dec 092012

His bare feet padded back and forth. His station was spread out all over the room. Gagged and blindfolded, she could still hear. His footsteps were the only warning that she had. She. Just. Ached. The stingy and the thuddy were gone.

There wasn’t a piece of flesh to mark that hadn’t already started showing its colors. Now we’re done with the first set of tears. There was new life in him. Now on to the sobbing.

He was getting to the real root of his work. Rip. It. Open.

The padding of his feet became a distant sound. He was hitting her faster. Harder. She couldn’t keep up. She was about to cum.