Dec 082014

Masturbation-Monday-Week-14“You act like you’re not even happy that she’s coming.”

“I didn’t say that. I said I’m not babysitting.”

“Babysitting? Dude. She’s you’re sister.”

“Yeah, my lush, little sister. And every time she comes for a visit, she spends it drunk or hung over. She’s on her own this time.

“Seriously, man? Who babysits your drunk ass? Me. When she comes, my workload would be a lot easier if you’d get drunk like normal and not be so possessive of your kid sister.”

“Man, act like you haven’t! You know I caught you smellin’ her panties that time.”

“Dude, you ain’t caught me doin’ nothin’. Besides, that was like four or five years ago.”

The night played out better than expected. Eddie cut his kid sister loose; and Jessie watched as Anna lavished her attention on the men she drank with. The more she drank, the more she teased them. Jessie watched all night. He suppressed a note of jealousy.

Eddie stumbled out into the clear night. The fresh air rushed into his lungs. He laughed, shaking his finger at Jessie. Eddie was too inebriated to find the words. Jessie chuckled along with him. He knew Eddie was referring to Anna, passed out, carried in Jessie’s arms.

Eddie wobbled towards his room. Jessie laid Anna on his bed. He planned on getting her into a t-shirt and grabbing some jogging pants. He slid her heels off and unzipped her dress. He lifted over her head. He looked down at her. He could barely make out the tiny hearts on her cotton panties. He pulled one of his t-shirts out of a drawer and guided her head and arms inside it. He leaned over her, gently adjusting her legs. He maneuvered the covers, pulling  them out from under her. Her knee fell to the side, opening her legs.

Her scent caught him off guard. Her panties were damp. He could see the outline of her pussy. He could smell her. He inhaled deeply. His cock pulsated instinctively. Jessie tossed the covers over Anna and headed to the spare single they kept in the weight room. His dick was out of his pants. Her aroma banged in his nostrils. He could see her moist panties in his head. He barely made it into the room before he shot his first load.




Nov 242014

Plugged InMy face was comfortable in the pile of pillows. My bottom was in the air with both holes exposed. I heard him pump the lube and make an attempt to warm it with his breath. He slathered it on me and the metal plug.

“Relax,” he said.

It was my first time. I felt pressure against my ass. I cried out and tightened up. The feeling wasn’t bad, but I wanted to go slow.

“Unnhhh… I feel it,” I said.

“You’re going to feel it. Relax and it’ll be easier,” he said.

The pressure didn’t go away. I couldn’t take my mind off of it. He stood up and opened the door. He flagged down a girl named Jamie. I didn’t know Jamie, but Jamie knew him. He leaned my head back down.

“Let’s try again” He started moving the tip of the plug in small circles around my hole. That felt like a much better way to warm-up. When he began to ease the plug in, I felt Jamie’s tongue in my pussy. She caught my cunt by surprise. Her tongue flicked and played on my clit.

“Bite it, and I’ll cum” I was working very hard not to climax.

“Bite it,” he said.

Jamie bit down on my clit. He popped the plug into my asshole and held it there while my juice leaked out of me. Mostly, Jamie got it in the face.

When the plug was finally in, I didn’t mind so much. It felt odd, heavy. I felt a little horny.

“See, it wasn’t that bad.” he said.

I looked up at him inquired casually…

“Can Jamie be there when we take it out?”


Nov 172014

Watch Me - MM1She grind the most powerful vibe she had against her clit. Metal sat in her ass. It clamped her nipples. It strained her tits. She liked the weight. Her hips bucked back and forth. Her body tightened from her pussy up to her lower belly.

She squirted with a guttural moan. It wasn’t a pretty, sexy sound. She  grunted until the last bit of juice dripped and darkened the sheets. The vibrator’s motor slowed against the immense amount of pressure she put on it.

It was the moan that got him the first time he saw it. He barely had time to get his dick out of his pants before he shot a load. He couldn’t turn that moan off. In ran in his head like a tune you couldn’t chase out.