Nov 172014

Watch Me - MM1She grind the most powerful vibe she had against her clit. Metal sat in her ass. It clamped her nipples. It strained her tits. She liked the weight. Her hips bucked back and forth. Her body tightened from her pussy up to her lower belly.

She squirted with a guttural moan. It wasn’t a pretty, sexy sound. She  grunted until the last bit of juice dripped and darkened the sheets. The vibrator’s motor slowed against the immense amount of pressure she put on it.

It was the moan that got him the first time he saw it. He barely had time to get his dick out of his pants before he shot a load. He couldn’t turn that moan off. In ran in his head like a tune you couldn’t chase out.








May 122013

Hit her harder. 

She can’t even feel that.

I can tell how she’s reacting. Everyone can tell.

“Beat her ass.” It was more of a hiss than a whisper.

I stepped in. The air was thick the first time I hit her.

She was up there for a reason, in that position.

Her head rolled back after the second strike.

She moaned.

I hit her harder.

And I liked it.