Feb 092014

In the dead of goodbyes, I would have swallowed my pride.

I would have set the past aside. No hard feelings inside.


But you, couldn’t see what was true. Couldn’t feel me and you.

You were afraid of what we’d do. I was afraid of it too.


I could feel you grow. You let it show. You let me know.

But you had to go. Excuses I’ll never know. Cards you’ll never show.


No more wailing inside. I patched up my pride. Your bullshit won’t ride.

No more reasons to hide. I set that part of me aside. A lesson learned in stride.

Apr 242013

You don’t have to pretend to even like the idea, but tolerance would have been nice.

To know that you tolerated her.

But you didn’t.

She’ll let that cook.

It’ll simmer till the rolling boil sets a hiss to the stove. And tears will flow like blood from a busted nose.

Then – She’ll  be tolerated.

She’ll be more than tolerated.

She’ll be heard. ~TSD

There’s always a show. You don’t always have tickets.~Unknown

Jun 152011
I’m honest about what I want, but seriously.... 
I’m a girl and that might be different from day to day so *do* 
try to keep up.

Sometimes I’ll say shit like that just to see what you’ll do.

Don’t ignore me or I’ll lose it.

For reals – being ignored – Hard Limit.

If you let it slip, I let you slip.

I get in those moods.

I push.

I need to know that it’s there.

I need the consistency of that really raw, primal, sadistic ‘mine when you don’t want to be’ jama that’s not inside everybody. There seems to be a mysterious line between a Growl and a goddamn bug bite these days.

I need to feel it even when I can’t see it, and you can’t touch me. I need to feel it in that instant when you want me to, or when I know you’d want me to. I really need to be taught how to care about knowing better.

It’s in there.

What I’m asking for is some help in getting it out.

P.S. This is NOT a Test. These are the answers.

Apr 302011

At the end of the day, don’t be unhappy. Don’t be left standing there with the sun setting and the chill of the approaching night reminding you of what you didn’t say or do.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, but if you never reach for anything, you won’t ever get anything that’s not ever dropped into your lap. Say what you will, but when you fight for something, want it,  and desire it… it makes getting it that much sweeter.

After all, who the hell ever got anything worth getting by playing it safe?