Jan 142013

When I was young, I thought dogs were boys and cats were girls.

I thought that if I wasn’t at church on Sunday morning to sing with the Little Lambs Choir, then they wouldn’t sing without me.

I disliked mayonnaise, so I told people I was allergic.

I figured that since most people are allergic to two things, I’d need to choose another.

I picked turtles.

I refused to wear my hair in a ponytail because no one could center it perfectly in the back of my head. So it grew in long, big, black curls. I’m from Alabama. My Father used to say that he could tell where I’d been playing outside by what was in my hair.

My Mother told me that my dog went away on a ship.

I killed a snake when I was in Kindergarten – on our playground.

I used to pretend that I worked at McDonalds.

As a flower girl, I ruined my cousin’s wedding by trying to wake my sleeping brother the entire time. We’ve never been close.

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Jun 192011

Here’s the truth.

You have something deep inside you that you don’t want to give anyone… but I smell it.

I can feel it inside you when I stand really close to you and when I look at you, …I can tell then, too.

I have no desire to beat it out of you when just looking and knowing stirs it around so much.

Everyone has their own topping ‘style’. Last night I had my first real ‘experience’ at mine. I got into my first real topping headspace and I liked it. I’d played around there before, but last night I visited and I knew that there was a part of me that could really do well there. It’s somewhere I really look forward to going again.