Jun 252013

I want him to watchIt was a theory. A test. Maybe. She usually got dressed in her room with the shades drawn. Although she knew he was always watching her, and she had never minded him doing so, she was always modest when it came to her body. She had kept that part to herself. For as much that she knew.

But again, this was a test. She opened all the shades. In her panties and what most people wouldn’t even call a tank top, considering the lack of material. Her breasts strained against the old, comfortable threads. She lowered down to pop the DVD into the player. Her ass spread with the bounce of her landing.

Her experiment kept giving her the chills. She hoped the movie would keep her mind off of it. She remembered waking up in a dreamy haze of the DVD screen.  The movie must have ended.  She started turning  off everything. Half fumbling over the remotes as the television provided the only light. She stumbled to her room and fell flat into bed.

She was out.

The next morning, on the way to make coffee, she noticed it.

There was a note written in permanent marker on one of her paper towels.

“You are MINE. I am Watching.”

“P.S. Nice Show.”

May 152013

cum shotEveryday he made bolder moves.

When she’d suck him off, if she didn’t get it all, she’d wear it all day. She learned that scarves hid the stains.But not the strained expressions from coworkers who knew she’d been tasting her Boss’s balls.

He’d follow her to the bathroom stall and rape her mouth. Cubicles housing strained listeners with growing boners and coloring cheeks. Fax machines and copiers quieted. Phones were secretly sent to voicemail – almost silencing the entire office.

When he let her up from his cock to get air, she’d gag and gasp.

Some of them gave quick, low glances over the room. Torn between wanting to listen and go jerk off.  You could hear a pin drop. Then over and over, a deep voice, and finally, her. Just a little too loud…