Dec 222014

Tolbert watched the couple from across the restaurant. The Blonde tossed her head back and laughed easily at what her companion said. They were enjoying each others company. Only a few sips of wine into dinner, and from where he was sitting, this was a beautiful match.

Tolbert cut into the filet and decorated his plate with blood from the almost raw, red meat.. His taste buds danced with the same anticipation as did his cock. His meal was accompanied by the show from across the way. He didn’t have to worry about being noticed or seen.

The Blonde reached out and tapped the pads of her fingertips gently on top of The Gentleman’s hand. She teased him with a coy smile and primly pulled back her hand. Her red nails left an invisible net of lust, drawing him to her.

Their server, Williams, delivered their food, and their wine glasses were refilled.

“Will there be anything else for the moment? asked Williams.

The Gentleman shook his head and The Blonde just smiled. “No, thank you, though.”

Williams bowed slightly and left the table. The Blonde and The Gentleman took moments tasting their food and complimenting choices. Tolbert just had to wait. He’d seen the fervor, just under the white tablecloth.

The restaurant was emptying slowly, and the couple was finishing their meal. Her legs recrossed under the tablecloth. She feigned an accident as she brushed one up against his trousers. He felt the length of her heel. The Gentleman imagined her leg over his shoulder.

She squirmed in her seat. The Blonde leaned over the table, her ample breasts pressing themselves against the top of her dress. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her. He didn’t need the invitation. The Gentleman’s hand wrapped around the back of her head. He pawed in public display of sexual desire. Their actions caught the attention of the hangers-on. It propelled them towards the door.

Tolbert sat down, back into his little cove, flushed. His cum garnished the single piece of bloody piece of meat on his place. He continued to cut into his dinner, enjoying the texture of the meat mixed with the warmth and saltiness of his own semen.

Williams appeared by his table just as Tolbert noticed the couple rushing for the door. Williams watched them go and noticed Tolbert’s plate.

“I thought I might have put a bit too much in the wine, Sir.” Williams half-way asked the owner.

Tolbert laughed. He ran a sliver of meat around in a circle on his plate, chasing up the juices. “You did fine, Williams. Just fine. That’s all for now.”



Jun 252013

It was a theory. A test. Maybe. She usually got dressed in her room with the shades drawn. Although she knew he was always watching her, and she had never minded him doing so, she was always modest when it came to her body. She had kept that part to herself. For as much that she knew.

But again, this was a test. She opened all the shades. In her panties and what most people wouldn’t even call a tank top, considering the lack of material. Her breasts strained against the old, comfortable threads. She lowered down to pop the DVD into the player. Her ass spread with the bounce of her landing.

Her experiment kept giving her the chills. She hoped the movie would keep her mind off of it. She remembered waking up in a dreamy haze of the DVD screen.  The movie must have ended.  She started turning  off everything. Half fumbling over the remotes as the television provided the only light. She stumbled to her room and fell flat into bed.

She was out.

The next morning, on the way to make coffee, she noticed it.

There was a note written in permanent marker on one of her paper towels.

“You are MINE. I am Watching.”

“P.S. Nice Show.”

Jun 212013

Since the last incident, she’d been behaving. But two weeks had passed and even the whispers and bets as to when the next one would happen weren’t really whispers anymore. He stood and called her into the office and shut the door. Each time he did, the possibilities excited her. It excited them too. The entire office watched their lamb to slaughter with froth on their lips. She could almost see it dripping down and joining with the stains left from their coffee cups.

They were more than voyeurs. Some of the more excitable ones felt as if they were taking part in it all. She’d never know how much all of this played into giving release to one man’s sad marriage, another’s inability to adapt to social situations, and the few other that used it just as fodder to drain their dicks. Many.  Many times over.

Generally she was called in to do secretarial work and if he felt like it, a blowjob. Although the last one had been more of a face-fucking, and more than she had been prepared for.

“Bend over the desk and remove your clothes so that I can get to your pussy. Spread your legs. Now. Now.”

She didn’t get her skirt thrown up over the back of her ass before he was in her. Hard. Her thighs slammed into the front of his desk and she yowled. He was constantly pounding her. His body bent her over. But he grabbed her hair. He pulled it and used it to ride her.  The harder he pounded; the harder he pulled; the more her legs spread. She climbed that desk. She banged her cunt back to meet him. She squirted on his cock and some papers that he was supposed to sign.  He yanked her down to swallow every drop and left her on the floor as he zipped up.

She put herself back together and picked up the office.  He spoke when she opened the door to leave.

“Meet me at my car after work”

She smiled. “Yes Sir.”

Jun 172013

Ten years ago she received a necklace and a pair of heels from a wish list that she’d seen no harm in making public. Since then he’d followed her on various social networks. She didn’t know who he was. From what she’d caught about him on the internet, he was into some intense kink. That didn’t interest her. It enthralled her.

For all these years that he’d “been with her,” he’d never tried to do anything but let her know that he was watching. For as long as she’d “been with him,” she’d never done anything but let him watch.

Sometimes it was a post-it on her front door. A text.  A drink from a bartender, the message written on a napkin. Reaching out over the internet behind one blank face or another.

You are Mine. I’m watching you.

A change in phone numbers, then locations for a job. She thought it would end.

Then the same thing.

You are mine. I’m watching.

Through relationships, fuck-and-goes, and extra-friendly sleepovers.

You are Mine. I am watching.

Sometimes she’d wonder if her actions angered him. If she was in danger. If she should call the police. If he’d ever produce himself and expect something. Or if he’d ever become more obsessive.

She’d wonder.

And then she’d get wet.
Because she knew he was watching.

May 152013

Everyday he made bolder moves.

When she’d suck him off, if she didn’t get it all, she’d wear it all day. She learned that scarves hid the stains. But not the strained expressions from coworkers who knew she’d been tasting her Boss’s balls.

He’d follow her to the bathroom stall and rape her mouth. Cubicles housing strained listeners with growing boners and coloring cheeks. Fax machines and copiers quieted. Phones were secretly sent to voicemail – almost silencing the entire office.

When he let her up from his cock to get air, she’d gag and gasp.

Some of them gave quick, low glances over the room. Torn between wanting to listen and go jerk off.  You could hear a pin drop. Then over and over, a deep voice, and finally, her. Just a little too loud…


Mar 112012

He was trying to get her attention.

She noticed.

He tried a little harder.

She aknowdleged.

He came after what He wanted


That… was unacceptable.

At first He wanted her… but after He began to chase her… He had to have her.

He watched her. He was determined.

She didn’t mind.

She liked it.