Jun 212013

parkinglotSince the last incident, she’d been behaving. But two weeks had passed and even the whispers and bets as to when the next one would happen weren’t really whispers anymore. He stood and called her into the office and shut the door. Each time he did, the possibilities excited her. It excited them too. The entire office watched their lamb to slaughter with froth on their lips. She could almost see it dripping down and joining with the stains left from their coffee cups.

They were more than voyeurs. Some of the more excitable ones felt as if they were taking part in it all. She’d never know how much all of this played into giving release to one man’s sad marriage, another’s inability to adapt to social situations, and the few other that used it just as fodder to drain their dicks. Many.  Many times over.

Generally she was called in to do secretarial work and if he felt like it, a blowjob. Although the last one had been more of a face-fucking, and more than she had been prepared for.

“Bend over the desk and remove your clothes so that I can get to your pussy. Spread your legs. Now. Now.”

She didn’t get her skirt thrown up over the back of her ass before he was in her. Hard. Her thighs slammed into the front of his desk and she yowled. He was constantly pounding her. His body bent her over. But he grabbed her hair. He pulled it and used it to ride her.  The harder he pounded; the harder he pulled; the more her legs spread. She climbed that desk. She banged her cunt back to meet him. She squirted on his cock and some papers that he was supposed to sign.  He yanked her down to swallow every drop and left her on the floor as he zipped up.

She put herself back together and picked up the office.  He spoke when she opened the door to leave.

“Meet me at my car after work”

She smiled. “Yes Sir.”

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