About The SinDoll


WriterI’m The Sin Doll, 36. Born and raised in the South, Alabama to be exact. I married The Husband quite a few years ago. He’s Italian. He migrated for college and stayed once he heard my Southern drawl.

Although he and I aren’t involved with too much kink play together, we have our moments, especially Daddy/girl and rape play. I play outside of the relationship and TH is well aware of that. Here’s the moment I praise our communication skills.

I enjoy heavy BDSM. I fall on the submissive side of the slash, although I don’t always present that way. I’m sarcastic and never as funny as I think I am. I don’t have a computer brain, so there’s usually an upside picture or a blinking link around here. Don’t worry, I’m working on it. I’m always working on it.

I like when people are generous enough to leave comments on the nasty things I write. Most of my fiction, erotic or otherwise,  is edgy and dark. It screams “trigger warning.” Honestly, who knows what you’ll find in this joint.