Jan 262015

She told him to stay away.

Mark showed up on her doorstep the next day.

They both sat on the couch. Anna had a huge plastic cup of water. Her breathing was labored but seemed to be settling. She was completely naked and sore. Strands of her dark hair stuck to her face and breasts.  The fucking was great.

Mark looked much the same. He was drained.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Anna stood slowly.

“Aren’t you supposed to ask first?” Mark asked.

Anna shook her ass and snickered, “Not me. I’m a very good girl. Don’t you remember?”

Mark reached up and snatched her back to him by the wrist. Anna’s glass of water hit the floor and spilled. She fell to the floor at his feet. He reached down for a tortured nipple and fingered it.

“The last time I called you a ‘good girl,’ I was balls deep in that soft cunt of yours. You were begging, remember?”

She gasped a little. He tightened his grip on her nipple and put his mouth to her ear. “Beg.”

She cried out, but couldn’t pull away from him. Mark grinned.

Anna flashed him a look of defiance.  He stood and growled, “ Beg, you fucking brat. Beg to suck my cock.”

Anna’s eyes flashed up and met his with determination. He could gag her mouth. She loved to wrap her lips around anything. But her eyes always gave away her feelings. That’s where she kept her fight. He pulled her hair back tight. He slid the tip of his cock across her lips. Instinctively, she licked them and opened her mouth, pushing forward. Mark yanked her hair back, even as he continued to swell in his hand.

“Beg, you brat. Beg.”

Anna whined and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. She looked up at him, feeling a little defeated, for having to give in. Her pussy was wet again, and he was so close. Her eyes flashed him a pleading glance. In an instant, she blurted out her words.

“Please, Sir! Please let me suck your cock! Unh.. Please!” As soon as she finished speaking, Anna opened her mouth wide in hopes that Mark would take pity on her.

He did. He slammed his cock inside her mouth so hard he could have unhinged her jaw. He face-fucked, forcing her open all the way down her throat.  He reached down and twisted her nipples. Anna’s mouth was warm. Her lips were big and soft. She loved the taste of Mark’s cock. She looked up and her eyes delivered a message of thanks. She was very happy where she was, on her knees, sucking his cock.

Mark kept his hands in Anna’s hair and groaned, “Now that’s a good girl…”



Jan 212015

Daniel slid his sunglasses off and hooked them in the “V” made perfectly by the buttons on his shirt. The sunlight was nothing but a dim shadow in the bar he regularly met his girlfriend after work.

Daniel dressed well. His dark hair was messy only when it suited him. Fit and trim, standing a little over six feet, Daniel was attractive. He was kind to people, and they felt very comfortable in his presence.

He returned a wave to the bartender as he entered. He dipped his head to a waiter and they both shared a chuckle. Dan knew people. He was a natural networker. His parade through the crowd was normal. Once he reached their table, he was surprised to see another face joining them for happy hour. He leaned over and kissed his girlfriend, Jenny, on the cheek.

“Hey, babe. How was work? Who …uh… is our guest, here?” Daniel smiled and waived at one of the servers who nodded, knowing Daniel’s regular beer order.

Jenny swallowed down a knot.

“Well,” she began “This is Amy. She’s the girl from my office that you’ve been fucking for the last six months.” Jenny sounded matter-of-fact.

Daniel’s beer was delivered, but he was too nauseous to drink it. He looked at Amy. She wore a look of sadness framed by her flaming red hair. It drove Daniel instantly insane. Who was she sad for?

Jenny got up from the table and blew past them.

“Where’s she going?!” Daniel cried.

Amy huffed and shook her head, “She leaving you, baby.”

Daniel was on his feet, tripping over the same people he’d so easily maneuvered through only moments before, yelling back at Amy. His anger pulling him to her, “Don’t call me that! Why did you do this? Why did you tell her?!”

Amy stood from her chair. Tears welled in her eyes. “I did it for us!” She cried out to him.

The door was closing behind Daniel.

The door was closing behind Jenny. The taxi was down the street. He spent almost eight months with her. Daniel turned right back around and muscled his way to the edge of the bar. She spent the next hour or so with Jack before heading out. He made it to an alley a few blocks from the bar before he had to piss. He took the opportunity. Then he heard her.

She was following behind him. Either coming from a bar down the way or the had emptied out of the same bar. He was still angry, just drunk. He called out to her, “Amy!” He shouted.

She dipped into the alley with him.

“Oh Daniel, I’m sorry about tonight. I knew it was the only way we could be together. I had no…” she was interrupted abruptly by Daniel.

“Be together? You and me?” Daniel looked puzzled.

“Yes, of course. We both have profitable jobs and healthy sexual appetites. We’re a little young for children, but ….” Amy’s words were cut-off again.

“No! Just…no! We were fucking. That’s it! Stop talking about children and profitable jobs and shit. I love Jenny.” Daniel’s brows were pinched. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“No you don’t. Besides, I don’t think you understand, Daniel….” Amy rambled.

He grabbed her arms and shook her. “Shut-up!”

“No, I love you so much, and if we build on it, you can leave your old life and…” Amy was persistent.

Daniel wrapped his hand over her mouth. “Shh…shut the fuck up. About all of it.”

Amy pulled at his hand with an expression of annoyance, quickly turning to fear. Daniel’s hands refused leniency. His grip on her mouth tightened. His arms wrapping around her head, emotions and alcohol overtaking him.

“Just shut-up. Shhh…. just shut…. Shut-up….” he whispered.

Daniel let Amy’s lifeless body fall with a hard thud onto the concrete.

He walked the six blocks to Penny’s apartment.

Jan 152015

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Jan 132015

Alice tried to remember who gave her the key, and shrugged. If the man who assaulted her didn’t leave it on her, then she was completely clueless. What bent Ali was the obvious question. How could the guy have left a key in her boot during the onslaught? She was shaken up from the attack, but she wasn’t amnesic. She knew she didn’t have the key before the big redhead fucking blitzkrieg’ed her in the alley.

“No Sir, not with any degree of certainty. It would just be speculation at this point. I was in plain clothes, so I don’t think he knew I was a cop.” she said.

She tossed the few pages the officer brought to the end of the hospital bed. Each yellow page had pictures of men in line-ups. Something to jog the memory.

“So no one sparks, anything, ehh?” He asked, deflated.

Ali shook her head. “And no offense Cap, but those six packs need a re-issue. One of those guys works narcotics vice out of Brooklyn.” Ali eyed the officer. So did the Captain. The officer dipped in on thin ice and scrambled up the papers on the bed. He stepped back, out of sight and hopefully out of mind during the conversation.

A shopkeeper happened to lock-up early. He passed by. He called the police. When the call came in with her ID, it alerted a few people she’d rather not involve.

She looked worse than she felt, but that was adrenalin and whatever pain medicine was pumping through the tube in her arm. EMT’s cleaned and patched up her face. He turned her to the wall. His fist pulled her hair back, roughly. She was eyes to the heaven’s and jaw to the brick. He licked her throat. Told her that she smelled good. She left that part out. She couldn’t do anything about her face, his bite, and that damn key.

“Well, no worries. Special victims will be here soon. We’ll get that bite flushed and hopefully get a hit on this bastard. You just take it easy. Take some time off. I’m not asking, either.” The Captain nodded. He looked over to a chair, off to the side, occupied by Ali’s partner, to back him up.

For the first time, Alex spoke up. “Hey Cap, no reason to kick this up to SVU. Can’t we handle this guy in house? I mean… she’s one of our own…”

Alex talked with his hands, his tone and demeanor gave him a style all his own. He had special touch in sticky situations. And he was good at fucking you over while he shook your hand.

The Captain listened to Alex, then immediately adopted the idea.

“Well, if you want a job done the right way, gotta do it yourself. And nobody does it better than us.” The Captain gave Alex a hard, militant nod. He offered Ali a bit more solace and headed out with his officer in tow.

Ali glanced over to Alex, “get that key.” She winced, pulling out her IV.

Alex gave Ali his coat. They spoke softly as he guided her through their hospital breakout. She was looking at the key. A skeleton key tied to a small, aged piece of red leather by a thread of suede.

Ali was so confused. She turned it over and over in her hands. Even smelling it gave her no clue as to it’s origins. They made it out and into Alex’s car, avoiding any poking and prodding from hospital staff and questions from fellow detectives.

Once they were in the car, the conversation changed.

“Is there any chance this has something to do with your….. yanno?” Alex had a hard time forming the question.

Ali sighed.

“No, Alex. Jesus. I just joined the site. Besides, it’s supposed to be very …” Ali dropped off.

“Very what? Kinky is one thing, but guys attacking you in an alley”

“Who said that it’s related?!”

“You said this group is ‘different,’ how so?” Alex asked, defiantly.

“I just heard that it was…. I don’t know. Rougher. Not like normal …groups,” Ali exhaled the words.

“This is bullshit. Partners for five years and you can’t tell me?”

“If I knew, Alex, I’d tell you. I really don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into here…. Can you just take me home?” Ali asked.

They drove in silence. Alex offered to walk her up to her apartment, but she insisted he head home. It was late. She buzzed in and opened her mailbox before heading up the two flights to her apartment. There was a note stuck to her front door.

“You have the key to my heart.




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Jan 122015

They stood across the bed from each other. He was giving her one hell of a dirty look. Mark’s dark hair was a bit disheveled. His suit jacket lay tossed on the sleeping space between them. Anna’s heart was beating in hear ears. She was only afraid because she ran. And he was going to catch her. He watched her chest lift and fall. He had her pinned in the bedroom.

“You know the trouble you’re in,” he said.

Anna nodded. Mark reached his hand out, over the bed, for her to take. Anna squealed. She jumped on the bed and slid through, tight to the headboard. Mark roared in frustration.

He loosened his tie. He unbuttoned buttons. He rolled up sleeves. He went to the kitchen and fixed himself a scotch. He tossed the first one back. The second, he took with him into the living room. Anna tip-toed in after him.

“I’m sorry. If I surrender now, what are the terms?” Anna opened her eyes wide, with a faux look of innocence that she’d adopted.

Anna had no poker face. Mark enjoyed her effort. It was entertaining, at least.

Mark took a seat on one end of the couch, clacking the ice in his drink.

“There are no terms. Running is double punishment,” Mark shrugged.

She was still topless, wearing only her panties. Anna’s breasts heaving across from him in the bedroom flashed through his head. He reached down and adjusted his pants for the extra growth needed inside. He watched her flop down on the other side of the leather couch. She drew her legs up under her. He eyed the meat on her thighs. His mouth watered and his dick would no longer be ignored.

“What if I kinda like the chasing part?” Anna asked, evasively.

“Ohhhhh Anna. We’ll talk all about the chase,” he smiled at her. She smiled back.

He reached over the couch and yanked Anna out of her false sense of security. He had her by the hair. He walked to the bedroom. He pulled. She went. Bent over and already mewling, Anna was caught.

“I’m not punishing you. I’m just going to fuck you because you’re a bitch,” Mark held his arm straight, digging her face into the covers.

He hit the backs of her thighs and prodded her, “move up. Your ass, bend your fucking back,” Mark snarled.

He let go of her hair and grabbed her hips to position her. He was unzipping and snatching her panties loose. She whipped her black mane up and across her back, lifting her torso up on her arms. She was already moving her ass against him.

She chuckled darkly, “Oh, fuck you.”

As soon as she got herself into a stable position, he yanked her back by her hips. She cried out and arched. He eased two fingers inside her, then another. He was surprised how wet she was. She whined like a puppy, wordlessly begging him. He pulled his fingers out of her and rubbed her clit, eliciting a high-pitched moan. He wiped his fingers on the back of her ass. He eased his throbbing cock inside her. He wanted a few slow strokes, holding her ass open, watching her wet his dick. He smirked.

“No, I’m going to fuck you,” Mark grinned.


Jan 062015

“In a way, both of you are lucky that it was me who caught you. At least this way the entire office doesn’t know,” said Mr. Griggs.

Janice and Elliot had been seeing each other secretly for months. Keeping the secret amongst their co-workers was a game they both played. They edged, fucking in the bathroom, fingering her while everyone was gone for lunch, and the blowjob in the car. They didn’t see Grigg’s car. It was in the shop. He was taking a taxi home. How were they to know he would walk past them in the parking lot?

Janice and Elliot both stood in his office, like two school children who’d been caught with their arms in the ice cream cooler. Griggs sat on the edge of his desk, his big, hairy arms crossed over his wide chest. He shook his head.

“This is the first time this has ever happened here. I’m still a little mind-blown,” said Griggs.

His thick fingers ran through his comb-over and he slid away from his desk to walk aimlessly around his office. His wheels were spinning.

“We can’t just let activities like that go on around here, yanno?” Griggs said.

He stomped around and shook his finger. He ranted about how office relationships were bad for business.

Griggs wore a hard frown. He rocked slowly, from side to side. He went silent, preparing a final decision. Janice and Elliot anxiously waited for him to hand down his ruling.

“Janice, you have seniority here. You can stay. Elliot, I’m sorry, but you’re fired,” said Griggs.

Griggs watched as Elliot put his head in his palm and whispered with Janice. She patted him lovingly on the back, offering him some assurance. Elliot left the office and headed to the car. Janice was humbled and shamed, yet secretly relieved to have her job.

“Thank you for allowing me to stay, Mr. Griggs,” said Janice.

Griggs patted her on the back, making his own assertions.

“Oh, with a mouth like that I see good things coming your way.”


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Jan 052015

He punished a girl. He took a paddle to her, yanked her panties down and stuck his fingers inside her.

Nadia stuck her head into the room.

“May I have one?” She asked.

He bent Nadia over the bed. She felt the paddle pushing the pain deeper into the flesh of her ass. Nadia arched. She bounced back for it. And she had a problem with keeping her legs closed. He reached between them. His fingers pulled the material away from its sodden embrace of her lips. He ran his fingers under his nose and smelled her pussy.

“You’re a wet little cunt,” he chuckled.

She just nodded, on the edge of a moan. He pulled her panties down around her ankles and used his fingers to rub her off.

“Tell Daddy where to touch it. There? Ohh, baby, that little spot is wet….” His filthy mouth sent Nadia over the edge. She jerked through two orgasms and left a trail of girl cum down his comforter.

Five minutes. Nadia stood, facing the door. Panties around her ankles, skirt lifted, he wanted to watch her. For five minutes. It was an exchange.

Her friends were calling her from down the hallway.

“Done,” he said.

Nadia tripped over herself, trying to roll up her wet panties and go.