Nov 242014

Plugged InMy face was comfortable in the pile of pillows. My bottom was in the air with both holes exposed. I heard him pump the lube and make an attempt to warm it with his breath. He slathered it on me and the metal plug.

“Relax,” he said.

It was my first time. I felt pressure against my ass. I cried out and tightened up. The feeling wasn’t bad, but I wanted to go slow.

“Unnhhh… I feel it,” I said.

“You’re going to feel it. Relax and it’ll be easier,” he said.

The pressure didn’t go away. I couldn’t take my mind off of it. He stood up and opened the door. He flagged down a girl named Jamie. I didn’t know Jamie, but Jamie knew him. He leaned my head back down.

“Let’s try again” He started moving the tip of the plug in small circles around my hole. That felt like a much better way to warm-up. When he began to ease the plug in, I felt Jamie’s tongue in my pussy. She caught my cunt by surprise. Her tongue flicked and played on my clit.

“Bite it, and I’ll cum” I was working very hard not to climax.

“Bite it,” he said.

Jamie bit down on my clit. He popped the plug into my asshole and held it there while my juice leaked out of me. Mostly, Jamie got it in the face.

When the plug was finally in, I didn’t mind so much. It felt odd, heavy. I felt a little horny.

“See, it wasn’t that bad.” he said.

I looked up at him inquired casually…

“Can Jamie be there when we take it out?”


Nov 222014



The Husband has a thing for pictures after sex. That’s fine with me. Occasionally I’m drawn to one, like this one. Maybe it’s the curves of my ass and my back  that pulls me to the photo. Possibly, it’s my feelings that I relate to it. I know that my cunt was sore, my nipples stung, and my ass was hot. My mouth felt stretched from a gag. And I was thirsty.


Yeah… I think that’s why I like it.





@Mollysdailykiss challenged us to use a little photo editing called color splash for this month’s theme.

In trying to learn a little bit about effects,

I played with this one.

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Sinful Sunday

Nov 192014

Cheeky minx
Photo courtesy of Cheeky Minx

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Nov 182014

We rode in the backseat. Brian’s friend drove the van. There was plenty of room on the floor. Brian’s dick needed sucking. He was aggressive about pushing it down the back of my throat. His cock was so big, he rarely did that. I knew he didn’t want a regular blowjob. He wanted my mouth to warm his cock up, quick. He wanted me to gag on it.

He made a fist in my hair to control my head. He bucked his cock into my face. I gagged, long and hard, multiple times. He used to say that ‘the sound of a girl gagging on a cock was like ringing the erection dinner bell’. He pulled me up and started jerking at my belt and button on my jeans. I tried to catch my breath. There was saliva dripping from my bottom lip.

I stripped my shirt off and used it to wipe off the remnants of my gagging. I tossed it somewhere in the darkness of the van. My tits drew his attention away from ripping my jeans off. I unclasped my bra. My tits were fully unleashed into his big, rough hands.

“You want to suck…. aannnhh,” I said.

He had a huge mouthful of my right tit in his mouth. He bit at my nipples and I hissed like a snake, still trying to slither out of my pants. He liked my panties on, stretched to the side.

He pulled me up onto his lap, facing him. He grinned while he slid me down. He wanted me to the hilt on his cock. He slowly pulled me, determined, and stared at my face, muttering under his breath, nodding.

“…yeah, …yeah, all the way, ….all the way, ….take it, ….ahhh, good girl,”

At the same time he pulled me down, my own whine matched his animalistic mutterings. I was slippery. When I heard him call me a ‘good girl,’ my pussy was too needy to argue with him. All I could do was open up and sink down on him.

“…unnhhh…unnnhh…Babeeeee, my pussy.”

I bounced on his dick. The car lights behind and beside us were never so bright. I saw our fucking in the shadows that danced across the inside of the vehicle. We fucked past the point that I knew I’d be sore the next day.

We were sloppy and nasty. We were tired from cumming. The van smelled like sex. It was too cold to roll the windows down to air it out for too long. So the three of us rode home, talking as normal friends would. We laughed about Brian and I fucking. We teased about what his friend saw. They are both older than I am. Some jokes I didn’t get.

I was a happy slut, but Brian only knew his half of the story. My kinky side was creeping up on me. It was pushing me to try new things. I wanted his rough fucking. But I also wanted to be held down, and experiment with the painful side of pleasure. That’s why I was fucking his friend.

Wicked Wednesday

Nov 172014

Another Monday, another week, another TMI Tuesday posted. Enjoy Night Time is the Right Time.

Fill in the blank

1. When I can’t sleep I - usually take something to knock my ass out.

2. My dream bedroom would be full of – Is it too odd to answer with “shoes and clothes?” It’s the truth. I’d totally load up.

3. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be – here, at home. Anywhere else and I’d be wondering…. “what the fuck?” 

4. I need to know my dog is safe in bed with me  at night.

5. My Grandmother dying would truly be a nightmare.

6. Night time is the right time to have sex. I like doing the nasty at night.

Bonus:  Briefly tell us about your last dream–erotic or not.

I have night terrors. No one wants a glimpse of that.

Nov 172014

Watch Me - MM1She grind the most powerful vibe she had against her clit. Metal sat in her ass. It clamped her nipples. It strained her tits. She liked the weight. Her hips bucked back and forth. Her body tightened from her pussy up to her lower belly.

She squirted with a guttural moan. It wasn’t a pretty, sexy sound. She  grunted until the last bit of juice dripped and darkened the sheets. The vibrator’s motor slowed against the immense amount of pressure she put on it.

It was the moan that got him the first time he saw it. He barely had time to get his dick out of his pants before he shot a load. He couldn’t turn that moan off. In ran in his head like a tune you couldn’t chase out.








Nov 112014

I hate leaving parties alone. I hate leaving a party in which a fresh ex is in attendance . I knew he was waiting for me to look in his direction. He just needed some tiny tip off from me. If he got it, it would be alright to approach. The silly little games we play.

I could have kept to myself and ignored him. Ignored what I knew he wanted to do. Probably, it was to fuck me. Most definitely, he wanted to flirt. We were standing across the room. I leisurely found the end of a couch and three other people followed suit down the piece of furniture. I settled my dress on top of the pair of jeans next to me just in time for him to appear with a chair. It was flirting, even if it wasn’t. He wanted to draw me in.

Admittedly, It’s hard to come home lonely and horny. The drive can take forever and the demons your mind create are dark and hungry. Finding comfort in an ex can feel like a quick fix, a moment of weakness, or just getting a nut.

I won’t lie, the sexual tension was thick and slippery, like my thighs. I had to take a moment to think on how to play it. The Devil does tug. And then I remembered…

An ex is an ex for a reason…

“Enjoy your night.”I stood up and walked out.

When I got to my car, my hands fumbled with the key fob. Once I got the door open, I slid inside. I slammed the door behind me.

I pulled my panties down and shoved two fingers inside my pussy.

Nov 032014

Catherine was a Princess. Her station was obvious upon her delivery. She was overindulged by her family and bored with school studies. Catherine was developing a reputation. She spent evenings with faeries, dancing in the smoke of the Caterpillar.

As usual, Catherine was headed home, late. The windows were down and the radio was turned up. She felt a bump, and immediately another, larger one come from the passenger side of her car. It was her tire. She cursed as she exited the vehicle to examine it. Her front tire was partially deflated and had something sticking out of it.

There was a house about half a mile up the road. It looked to be her only reserve. Catherine’s boots were scuffed by the time she reached the front door of the home, but the gown and the crown made it obvious who she was. Catherine knocked on the door. When it opened, the woman answering it looked surprised. Catherine explained the issue she was having with her car. She was ushered right in.

The woman called for her son, Charlie, to bring Catherine a warm wrap for her shoulders while she put on water for tea, and snacks. Charlie’s first glance at her blonde hair and pretty pink ribbon left him thick tongued. He was shocked when he came into the foyer, carrying the wrap his mother called for.

“Hmm… Hi. I’m Charlie. You probably don’t know me. I know you. I mean, everyone knows you. You’re a Princess. I’m a few years younger than you in school.”

Charlie bumbled over his little speech. He was nervous to have a Princess in his house. He offered her the warm wrap.

“Actually, I think you were in charge of helping us hang decorations for the Annual Nightingale Dance, weren’t you?” Catherine whipped the wrap to cover her shoulders. His cheeks turned pink.

“Yeah, I like helping out the theatre department. We just finished our Fall show.”

“The Princess’s did a fundraiser for it. Laurel’s mother had Ogre’s mud donated. That stuff’s great for your face. I sold six tickets for time with the mermaids.” Catherine winked at Charlie. Charlie blushed and turned his face away.

“I hope you don’t mind a little honey in your tea!” Charlie’s mother was back. She had huge mugs of steaming tea, cookies, and slices of cake.

“It’s very late. You’re welcome to stay the night. First thing in the morning I’ll have Charlie go down and check out that tire. Then he can take you home. You can stay in Charlie’s room. He can have the couch. In the morning you’ll be – fresh, fed, and have a good night’s sleep.”

His mother insisted.

Catherine took a hot, steamy shower. Charlie grabbed a blanket and pillows for the couch. His mother put fresh sheets on his bed and fetched Catherine acceptable sleepwear. The entire night Catherine tossed and turned.

The next morning, after being force-fed their weight in breakfast, Charlie and Catherine cut out to find her car. It wasn’t a long walk. Charlie bent over the tire and frowned.

“You ran over something.” Charlie gave it a tug and it came right out.

“What is it?” Catherine leaned over to get a better look.

“Hmm… just some deer antler.” Charlie looked it over and lifted his arm to fling it into the woods.

“Wait,” said Catherine. “Let me see.”

Charlie stood and handed the jagged piece of antler to Catherine. Charlie worked, getting the spare tire put on, while Catherine wondered around with the piece of deer antler. She turned it over, held it up to the sun and grinned.

“Yanno… If this is what I think it is…,” She lifted the antler piece to her nose and gave it a good whiff. “Yep. It has a faint sparkle on the inside and it smells like candy canes.” Catherine gave Charlie a sly smile. She reached around and pulled the pretty pink ribbon from her hair. She tied it around the antler. Charlie watched her with a questioning stare.

“Reindeer antler.” It’s ground up and smoked to make girls horny. But, as a guy, if you wear it around your neck, it makes your dick grow.” She offered the homemade necklace. He looked at it with hesitation. She chuckled and tied it around his neck. Catherine reached down and massaged a handful of Charlie’s fattening cock. Catherine’s facial expression turned to excitement. His turned to embarrassment as Charlie’s release was almost immediate.

“Yanno, we could get in the backseat,” Catherine said, not noticing. Her fingers teased him. Charlie was panting and pulling away. He broke free of her grasping hands. And put both hands in the air “surrendering.”

“Thanks…for everything. See you at school!” And Charlie was gone. He ran off so fast she didn’t even see which he direction he went. Catherine got in the car and headed home in a huff.

Charlie burst through the front door. His mother was sewing on the dining room table. Some of his teeth were falling out , replaced by sharp, shiny, new ones. His face stretched and the fur underneath begin to show. He also had a huge erection.

His mother looked at him in shock, “Charlie!”

“You wouldn’t understand, Mom!” Charlie ran to his room, whimpering like a puppy.

Charlie’s mother went back to sewing. She clicked her tongue against one of her own sharp teeth. She wondered if she was feeding these kids enough when they came around.

Catherine arrived home, still nursing a hurt ego. She was willing to give Charlie a piece of ass. She figured he’d rather have Mermaids of the Month instead. Fine by her, the magazine made the left side of his mattress impossible to sleep on.

“Boys are dogs,” said Catherine.

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