Sep 072013


Rage2There’s a few words that you can use to describe the pictures.

I’m sticking with rage.

I’m giving you a natural and one I played with.

Which one do you like better, and why?

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Sinful Sunday

Aug 172013

Since TH’s surgery, we’ve been going to physical therapy. This isn’t a large room. Lucky for me it was a slow day. However, there were still a few men working there. And this really old guy, who still didn’t look as if he approved of what I was doing.

“Hey, Man… smile, we’re taking a picture.”

Physical Therapy





 Who else is being Sinful?

Sinful Sunday


By the way, I’m hoping this will get me another notch up on my Scavenger Hunt List that Curvaceous Dee is hosting!

Jul 212013

A past Dom used to have me put rubber bands around my nipples. At that point in time, I hadn’t heard of that. My nipples got the memo though, Loud and Clear! They still top my list when it comes to clamps and pins. Oh, what a little band can do.



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Sinful Sunday

Jul 162013

I’m trying to change my view on things, literally, figuratively – what have you. Get a new perspective. This is, in part, thanks to a Blogger who doesn’t even know she’s a part of this change in me as I’ve never even spoken to her, and other home stuff. I’m sure this will all come together with time, but for now, please stick with me while I muddle through thoughts and experiences, the good, bad, and ugly. I’m figuring myself out here. No. Here, literally. On my blog. Feel free to stalk or comment.


So. Pictures. It started the other day with my contribution to Sinful Sunday. I decided to go a different route to get A Different View. Now, I’m working on a different series, and you have to understand that with me, I get some ridiculous outcomes with some of the shit that I try. But here’s a slight googly-eyed picture. It’s a first take. I silly, tiny, first peek  at something I’m working on from another perspective of me.

from the front - Sultry Saturday


See who all has kicked in for this Sultry Saturday!

Sultry Saturday