Sep 092014

TMI Tuesday: September 9, 2014

Welcome. Have fun. It’s time again for TMI Tuesday.

All Up In Your Business…


1. What is the one word, in your vocabulary, that you use excessively? Don’t know…ask your friends and family.


2. If you had to have a sex change, what part of your body would you want enhanced more than anything else?

My Dick

3. You are not having a sex change, what part of your body do you want enhanced?

My muscles, hidden beneath my fat.

4. When was the last time you felt possessive about someone?

This morning. Don’t fuck with anyone who spent nine months renting out a space in my womb.

5. When was the last time you got a wedgie and had to remove it in public?

I usually wear thongs in public, so they’re already there.

6. If the world froze for an afternoon and only you could move and no one could see you or remember what you did, what would you do?

I have a list.

Bonus: What is your favorite sex toy of 2014?

Nothing ever tops my Hitachi, but I still love my Mimi.

TMI Tuesday blog
Sep 122013


I have an entire drawer of sexy panties. I have panties bought for nasty things. I have the most wonderful, little, white panties that when I held them up to really look at them, I could imagine Daddy rolling them down my ass. I have some that are the perfect material that a little girl would want to feel her Daddy’s fingers through. I have thongs that are cute to wear during play in a dungeon. I have panties that frame out the sweet spots on my ass. Those seem to help the aim of newer spankers. I have some that are purple because those were a past Dom’s favorite color. The same with blue, but I couldn’t ever find many that were blue. Mostly black, and some pink. I like a little frill. I like red, too. Just not too much.

I’m not crazy about panties that have words on them. I’ve only got a few pairs of those. My favorite says “badass” across the ass. I guess I love that pair. I think they’re funny. I’m sure that a D-type, flipping up my skirt to find them, wouldn’t. I’d wear some with my favorite football team on them! I should look for a pair or five of those and put them on my wishlist.

I have panties that are worthless when it comes to teasing. They’re too thin to sop up any of my juices. I have panties that came back to me in shreds. I had panties that never came back. I have panties that I’m going to fit into any day now. I have some that I’m not ready to get rid of yet, like an old t-shirt from college. Most of them were bought to match a bra, which is why that drawer will barely shut, too.

Most of the time, these panties are only worn during certain, or special occasions, which is sad to me. But Monday I decided that I was going to wear them every day. I can wear a tight tank-top or t-shirt, but it has to show my panties. I can change panties throughout the day, if I want to, depending on my mood.

Monday was day one. I wore a pair of my favorites, a black, 50’s inspired, sheer front with frilly sides. They also showed a nice bit of ass cheek.

Tuesday I started with some pink cheeky shorts that dip low in the front, decorated with tiny, white stripes. Then I changed into my “badass” panties once TH and I started talking football. Yeah, I’m going to get some Alabama Football panties.

Wednesday was a black pair that says “Love Me” across the ass. They were cotton. And I stayed within my color regimen on those, going black, pink, and white.  I paired them with a tight, pink t-shirt and a whole lot of sass.


I had fun just writing about this. Changing panties and looking at myself in the mirror brought about a sexier side of my day-to-day life.  I was a little more excited about reaching up on tip-toes to dust, and bending over to get the laundry out of the dryer.


Jun 252013

It was a theory. A test. Maybe. She usually got dressed in her room with the shades drawn. Although she knew he was always watching her, and she had never minded him doing so, she was always modest when it came to her body. She had kept that part to herself. For as much that she knew.

But again, this was a test. She opened all the shades. In her panties and what most people wouldn’t even call a tank top, considering the lack of material. Her breasts strained against the old, comfortable threads. She lowered down to pop the DVD into the player. Her ass spread with the bounce of her landing.

Her experiment kept giving her the chills. She hoped the movie would keep her mind off of it. She remembered waking up in a dreamy haze of the DVD screen.  The movie must have ended.  She started turning  off everything. Half fumbling over the remotes as the television provided the only light. She stumbled to her room and fell flat into bed.

She was out.

The next morning, on the way to make coffee, she noticed it.

There was a note written in permanent marker on one of her paper towels.

“You are MINE. I am Watching.”

“P.S. Nice Show.”

Nov 192012

He’s so possessive.

Mine – he says. His.

He likes it when I say the word when we’re fucking.

Even when we’re not. I don’t forget.

He’ll beat parts of me red and raw so that I’ll remember.

My tears and promises swear that I will.

His. All of it. All of me.

My panties are always wet.

Mar 022010

I thought of you today when I was shopping. I was on my way for new heels to go with the dress I was picking up from the dry cleaners later this afternoon.  I have an evening out this weekend.

I miss the way you made me feel vulnerable, so I took off my panties and I put them in my purse. My slit grew warmer and warmer with each step I took. I was almost sure that every man I walked past would have his nostrils filled with the scent of my needy hole. I was fine with that and I smiled to them, just to let them know. The heels I ended up  buying are only good for laying on my back, but I wore them out of the store and I’m wearing them to the cocktail party this weekend, sans panties.

Thanks for the memories.

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