Oct 152014

Who keeps a playlist on their phone that makes them horny? The playlist you can fuck to. The dirty fucking. That rhythmic, ass-riding fucking. I do. Thumbed the screen three times before I found it. I wouldn’t have put any more time into it. I was horny.

I had no shame in unzipping, stepping out of, or unhooking anything. I left my clothes where they fell. I didn’t care if he watched or not. He didn’t come for a strip show. But I knew he wanted every thick bit of me. He was tripping over his shoes. Mine were all I wore.

I knew it was a bad idea. I thought about it when I grabbed fist fulls of that stiff hotel comforter and slung it off the bed. I bent over the bed. When I felt the vast amount of white sheets against my chest, I didn’t care. I spread my legs. My heels lifted my pussy. I just needed him to climb in and drive.

He stepped between my legs and slid his cock along my pussy. He was surprised at how wet I was. My outer lips were puffed open. He gently pinched one, but didn’t pull. I liked that very much.

“Yeeess, pleasee. Like that.” I swayed my ass back towards him. I lifted it up for him. I think he got the message. The length of his dick teased the outside of my pussy until my ass danced.

“Next time, I’ma fuck them titties.” He lined up the tip of his dick with my hole. He slid in nice and deep. I didn’t care what he said. He was inside. I’d deal with his mouth later. He held my hips. I bounced up and down the length of him. We kept a nice rhythm.

When he got on my nipples…

I was needy on his cock. I begged for my tits, sucking, biting, harder, harder. I could see his nervousness. Once he knew how hard, he was sloppy and chewy. I loved it. He bounced from tit to tit. I rode his cock, hard, and happily, right into Squirty Land.

I walked around for a day or two afterwards. My nipples and breasts were sore from his mouth and his hands. I wondered why I had him go that crazy with my nipples.

It was the dick.

It’s always the dick.

May 042011

I’ve been off.

I came back from an amazing extended Frolicon weekend with great friends, old & new, wonderful play, and just all around really happy experiences, but already dancing the tightrope of subdrop. I had an extra night of aftercare and extra attention that helped mend those wounds…

wounds – what wounds?!

The ‘I’m not 24/7″ wounds    (IT’S OVER!! No more daily D/s!  No more all day PLAY!  FML! I was in heaven!) <~~ those wounds

But in the end, I ripped that fucking band-aid off, just like I do it…. fast & dirty – and all was back in sync. Drop recovered from.

Meanwhile, I had what I originally thought was ‘Con Crud’.

It was not.

I had Streptococcal pharyngitis.

I had Strep Throat.


Temperature up. Temperature Down. Up. Down. Up. Down.

Meanwhile, (Yes – that’s the SECOND ‘Meanwhile,’ – in other words… all this shit is going on at the same time.) A series of bad tornadoes decide to unload on my hometown.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama was hit with these horrible storms that has wiped out life, homes, businesses… just everything. Not everything, but it sure fucking seems that way. People are dead. Hundreds are missing.

I grew up here. There are places that I’ve grown up seeing that aren’t there anymore… and not because they’ve been torn down but because they’ve been destroyed.

It reminded me of the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ where those German towns are blown to fuck and back.  That’s how parts of this tiny little town in Alabama looks. …and how all this shit … this drop, this destruction, and this stress looked to me… was like a bad acid trip… like I was walking with one leg longer than the other, but just by a tad.

So maybe things started to turn when they nabbed Bin Laden?

Someone on my FB said that they thought he’d been hiding in Alabama the whole time. Fucking tornadoes came and that bastard had nowhere to hide.  -rednecks… *shrugs* …. go figure –

I got some chick time with MGirl one night. I kinda unloaded emotionally. I had needed that.

With all this going on, I had started going through my garage and separating what I had into sized kits. Ex: A child wears size 4T? Here’s a 4T kit (Bag marked size 4T Boy or Girl includes shirt, shorts, underwear, pj’s, shoes, toy). MGirl had started doing this as well and The SIL is bringing more supplies over for this in the days to come so all of our combined efforts will go FAR.

With those things we can go out on a truck and take food and these supplies to people who need them.

Day one I was on the phone with a volunteer number everyone was passing around, and they told us to go sign up at a church and they’d call us next week.

Really? Funny… The fucking President was here a few days ago and he seemed to think that we were in some sorta…crisis situation or something. Oddest thing… there’s The National Guard blocking off parts of 15th street and they are draining a Forrest Lake due to rumors of dead bodies. Seems to me like you could find me something to fucking do, bitch.

I needed a place to go… something to do.

….and today I went out to Temporary Emergency Services.

I worked in ‘Shoes’ for …hours.

This might not seem like a big deal, but please, let me explain. Heels are not appropriate footwear for tornadoes. Tuscaloosa has heels. We had to pull all the heels off the shelves to make room for sensible shoes that could be given to those who had nothing.

First of all – every place is overloaded with everything- there just isn’t enough people.

At some point I went to go and find a place to store our 100 boxes of heels and some big guys to move them.


Some amazingly annoying alarm goes off. I’m sweating like a whore. My pin-up/rock-a-billy girl bandanna look was holding up quite well though…

I swing by the front and ask the guy in charge what the alarm was all about and he informed me that he needed escorts. (I know… heh.)

Since nobody’s name tag actually stuck, I kinda shoved the front part of mine into my cleavage. It literally stuck up like a flag.  You could tell he was kinda shocked when his eyes searched my chest, found my name in my tit crease – read it… then had to meet my eyes…knowing that I’d done that on purpose. I’m sure he wondered…if not but for a moment… “What kind of person does….that?”

“You will go with Casey…. and she will show you how to do it once and then come back here to get your first family.”

….and I did.

I escorted families around who had nothing  and we got them set up with everything from shirts, pants, shoes, underwear, socks, pj’s, baby items, pillows, blankets, coats, towels, cloths, cleaning supplies, hygiene, toys, school supplies, toiletries, food & water.

I worked my ass off.

Then I went to MGirl’s and got high.

Now I feel better.

Gonna do that shit tomorrow too.

. ..and mark my Southern Ass… I’m wearing heels in tornadoes from now on. If anyone has earned the right… I believe it’s me.

Mar 022010

I thought of you today when I was shopping. I was on my way to shop for new heels to go with the dress I was picking up from the dry cleaners later this afternoon.  I have an evening out this weekend.

I miss the way you made me feel vulnerable, so I took off my panties and I put them in my purse. My slit grew warmer and warmer with each step I took. I was almost sure that every man I walked past would have his nostrils filled with the scent of my needy hole. I was fine with that and I smiled to them, just to let them know. The heels I ended up  buying are only good for laying on my back, but I wore them out of the store and I’m wearing them to the cocktail party this weekend, sans panties.

Thanks for the memories.

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