Sep 172013

Blowjob2I’ve given my fair share of blowjobs. I was less excited about some of them than others. I look back at some of them and cringe. The silly naivety of a teenage girl got me into more problems that I’d care to remember.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t sucking every dick I could find. But with age I became attached to the dicks I sucked and the men behind them. O.K. – Sometimes I just enjoyed their cocks.

Now, I give a blowjob because I enjoy my partner’s cock in my mouth. I love knowing that it makes him happy. I know his cock and what he likes and dislikes. Deep-throating helps. :)

Aug 222013

She’d told him that he could do anything that he wanted. He’d paid extra, reeked of class and it’d make for a nice place for the night, if she could finagle it. The room didn’t look like you could pay for it by the hour, anyway.

She went to piss and check her make-up, running a finger under her right eye to rid a sinking line of thick black liner. She stained the virgin-white hand towel with a black line and walked out, tossing the towel on the counter, where it fell, its stiffness caved and usefulness abused by a whore.

He was sitting in a chair and having a drink. He offered her one and she took him up on three. By that time, she was ready to either get started or grab her bag and go. He pulled out a piece of material stuffed between his side and the seat, tossing it to her. She caught it off guard and held it up to get a better look at it. This meant turning it around, up and down, several times before realizing what it was; and hearing him telling her to put it on.

She had done some kinky stuff, but mostly guys wanted her to spank them with something they had, like a paddle or a stick. They wanted her to say all types of things to them. She never understood why, but money was money.

She wasn’t sure about this …hood. It seemed thin enough. She asked him a few questions, just wanting to make sure of a few things, first. Her biggest concern was airflow and sight. He told her that she could breathe easily, but not see. And he didn’t want her to speak. She decided to give it a try. If anything felt funny, she was done. Agreement set.

He fucked her while she wore the hood. She huffed through the thin material, like a bull being ridden. She was at his mercy when it came to any movement other than rutting.  He’d turn or move her gently, then drive hard inside her. She felt his face, and how close it was to her. She heard his mutterings, but made out nothing. He never touched her face. He never did anything strange, but this was strange to her. Feeling and hearing him, not really touching him, for lack of sight. Not helping to initiate anything sexual. Not speaking.

As soon as they were done, she jumped up and ripped off the hood. His eyes were wide, surprised at her sudden show of anxiety. Since money was exchanged in the beginning, their business was technically over. She quickly shoved herself into her clothes, and grabbed her bag. She was out the door.

No words were spoken. She didn’t take the elevator, the stairs seemed more backdoor. Once she made it to the street, she slid her hand into her bag and fingered the thin material of the hood and smiled.

Jul 292013
Jun 252013

clothespinI was brand new to kink. I was kinda talking to this guy named Ronnie. He was a good guy. Not a sadistic bone in his body. But he was trying. He had about a nickle’s worth more of experience than I did.

We were on the phone. I didn’t  know if I had any clothespins. We laughed when I hit pay dirt with three of them in my “junk drawer.” I had no idea where they came from. I didn’t even have a clothesline.

Bless his heart. He tried. For all the wrestling that his tongue did with those nasty words. I just wasn’t buying it.

Some girls you just have to put their hands on.

But I did learn how to use my clothespins….

Apr 272013


She had a thing for the animal shuffle and the view of a whore.

She’d been through enough of them.

Now she’s careful who she bruises for.

But the marks do call.

And the ringing is hard to avoid.

Now the ringing won’t stop and her unmarked flesh drives her up the fucking wall.

Dec 312012

fasterThings get familiar. But when he asked for something… and she huffed, he slowly got up as well.

When he came back with the restraints, her eyes went wide and her chin lifted to the side in question.

“I need to teach you something.”

She had gotten thirsty. Her mouth was dry.

In one fail swoop he had her by the hair, turned, and on the floor.

She was scared. She was scared of him like she hadn’t been in a while.

He began with the cane. She scooted, tucking her ass as much as she could. He had her tied tightly.

He gritted his teeth.

“Faster… Beg for me to go faster.”

Sultry Saturday

Kink of the Week

Oct 292012

His office door opened and there he stood.

She stopped in front of him.

He opened his palm to her.

She gently pushed the warm, silky material into his hand.

He cocked his head with some surprise.

She’d already taken them off.

Kink of the Week

Mar 142010

“If the knife comes out of my mouth while you are taking me in my ass, then you will use the knife to carve your initials into my very sore ass.”

He made me repeat it before he put the knife in. I started to drool immediately.

As I felt the tip of his cock touch up against my tight hole, he leaned up and reached, turning my face back to look up at him.”This is going to hurt you, either way,”….. I just nodded slowly, and drooled.

Feb 092010

What is your favorite thing to get hit with?

A Man’s hands.

I’ve watched as He’s unloaded toy after toy, paddles, straps, floggers, canes, everything. I’ve felt each of these implements strike my flesh and bring my tears and my wetness, but none bring me the closeness that His hands do.

When He touches me He has the ability to feel His work, the temperature, the give, the flow of blood and tenseness of muscle. He can go from a caress to a slap or a pinch in a moment, at His whim. I am nothing if not at His mercy…and I …love …being at His mercy.

I enjoy Him the most… His arms restraining me, His mouth as my gag, His hands striking me. I know I’m supposed to be the toy, but, it’s Him that I wish I could order from, not JT’s Stockroom.


(FYI: I like JT’s.)

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