Oct 072014

TMI Tuesday – October 7, 2014

Welcome to TMI Tuesday “Memorable & Amazing”

tmi art Oct 7 2014

Memorable sex is not necessarily amazing sex, though amazing sex is certainly memorable.

Memorable: hard to forget.
Amazing: startlingly impressive.

1. Tell us your top 3 memorable and/or amazing sexual experiences thus far in 2014.

How dare you ask me to kiss suck and tell!

2. What made the encounters memorable/amazing?

Because I was in them.

3. What is memorable and amazing about you?

My tits, my big ‘ol booty, riding on that surfboard, and of course, my sense of humor. Did I say my tits?

Bonus: Which one of the things listed below should be infectious? ALL of them!
a. smiles
b. wealth
c. laughter
d. good health

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