Nov 152014

Small Evil Stick

“There’s going to be a fine line between me and The Devil tonight, pet.”

Click the kiss to be sinful with someone else!

Sinful Sunday

  16 Responses to “Evil Stick”

  1. oooo looks like much fun will be had tonight!

  2. OUCH…
    I hope you have a devilish good time.

  3. *Shivers* I love the misery (or evil) stick. So innocuous looking – yet so deliciously cruel. One of my favourite implements. Jane xxx

  4. Powerful photo… and it has me oh so curious. XO

  5. Oooooh just reading that remark makes my skin tingle xx

  6. That is a tingling promise of pain.

  7. Oh my I bet that thing stings like a son of bitch


  8. This image is really pretty. Love how the red pops. And that thing does look like a stingy SOB.

  9. Anyone else wanna lick that stick?

  10. Ohh that looks like it hurts..and I love your caption with it!

  11. This looks evil. Hope its the devil himself who is wielding such an implement. If not someone might be called the Devil when all is said and done.


    xxx Miss July xxx

  12. That stick really does belong to the devil…I love it :-)

  13. That looks delicious and painful!

  14. Oooo, that does look like some fun!! :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  15. Oh how I love the evil sticks…

  16. That is a very beautiful stick there.

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