Dec 222014

Tolbert watched the couple from across the restaurant. The Blonde tossed her head back and laughed easily at what her companion said. They were enjoying each others company. Only a few sips of wine into dinner, and from where he was sitting, this was a beautiful match.

Tolbert cut into the filet and decorated his plate with blood from the almost raw, red meat.. His taste buds danced with the same anticipation as did his cock. His meal was accompanied by the show from across the way. He didn’t have to worry about being noticed or seen.

The Blonde reached out and tapped the pads of her fingertips gently on top of The Gentleman’s hand. She teased him with a coy smile and primly pulled back her hand. Her red nails left an invisible net of lust, drawing him to her.

Their server, Williams, delivered their food, and their wine glasses were refilled.

“Will there be anything else for the moment? asked Williams.

The Gentleman shook his head and The Blonde just smiled. “No, thank you, though.”

Williams bowed slightly and left the table. The Blonde and The Gentleman took moments tasting their food and complimenting choices. Tolbert just had to wait. He’d seen the fervor, just under the white tablecloth.

The restaurant was emptying slowly, and the couple was finishing their meal. Her legs recrossed under the tablecloth. She feigned an accident as she brushed one up against his trousers. He felt the length of her heel. The Gentleman imagined her leg over his shoulder.

She squirmed in her seat. The Blonde leaned over the table, her ample breasts pressing themselves against the top of her dress. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her. He didn’t need the invitation. The Gentleman’s hand wrapped around the back of her head. He pawed in public display of sexual desire. Their actions caught the attention of the hangers-on. It propelled them towards the door.

Tolbert sat down, back into his little cove, flushed. His cum garnished the single piece of bloody piece of meat on his place. He continued to cut into his dinner, enjoying the texture of the meat mixed with the warmth and saltiness of his own semen.

Williams appeared by his table just as Tolbert noticed the couple rushing for the door. Williams watched them go and noticed Tolbert’s plate.

“I thought I might have put a bit too much in the wine, Sir.” Williams half-way asked the owner.

Tolbert laughed. He ran a sliver of meat around in a circle on his plate, chasing up the juices. “You did fine, Williams. Just fine. That’s all for now.”



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  1. Hmmmm, not sure who I’d rather be in that scenario. ;)

  2. mummm now that sounds like my kind of dinner. I am licking my lips thinking about it

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