Mar 022014
Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

I write dark. I write sinister. There’s a tone for it. My pieces are triggers if they are written well. My new ones, mostly and fully. I believe it’s because each write is a collection of thoughts that have grown turgid and vile in the dark. Also, I shouldn’t be allowed the latitude that I have in D/s and life in general.

Wish One – Become a Better Writer

I’ve hung from tripods and train tracks, but I really want to do more suspension. I just don’t get enough rope time.

Wish Two – Fly

Now I’m going to make a wish that’s not sexy. I was selfish with the other two. I’m not trying to get all “Miss America” in here, but I’d feed everybody. I’m not going to get political with it, but I’d fucking feed everybody.

Wish Three – Everybody Eat

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

May 112012

A Rope & Go is when you are performing a suspension or tie in a semi-public/public place.

In other words, you pre-tie as much as possible, go to the scene, strip, tie, suspend, take pictures, get down, and GO. Hence, a Rope & Go.

A friend and I developed this term last weekend while I was standing naked under a train trestle. He was in the process of rigging me for a suspension. I was holding up my hair, swatting away the bugs that were feasting on me during the muggy, May evening. .I was also the lookout. We could hear what sounded like a backyard party through some thick brush, probably 50 yards from us, if that. Voices were loud, boozy. We realized that it was Cinco de Mayo. No wonder. The local university graduation was today as well. We really picked a great day for this. Nothing was stopping us now though, not even the people walking their dogs, just a few yards away, in complete sight… if only they turned their heads. We tested the beams and up I went. It was his first suspension. He was proud. I was proud for him. I knew we should get the hell out of there. Jesus, there was an entire row of cars parked facing in our direction, and I was naked, hanging from a bunch of rope.

Still, I couldn’t help but to dangle there for just a bit. It’s easy to Rope. It’s harder to Go.


By the way, this has been added to Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt. It’s my first one, listed under the location of “Bridge.” It won me the Bronze Award. :D