May 232013

So, Some have  lived through the bullshit themselves to some degree or another, at some point or another. Some of us see a fucked up situation and just want to bring light to it.

Regardless of what happens, there’s the possibility of  at least a handful of contributors leaving. If they do. Don’t leave them hanging. We put this information out there, now help them to find a better way. If you have information on your blog about getting started, post the fuck out of it. If you don’t have one – write one. And everyone retweet it. Light it up.

It’s the time to help those who need it. Give them information to get started, and if they make it, then they do. Maybe some of them will find a different niche all-together. Who knows. Let’s just not make this another fucked-up situation.

I’m going to link to as much information as I can for new Bloggers. There’s a TON more information IN THE COMMENTS TO THIS POST! Remember to follow other links on these pages for more information. It’s there. Look for it.

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