Nov 122013

The sun lifted and beamed through the two small windows in the room. It penetrated her face in some spots more clearly than others. When she tried to open her eyes, one wouldn’t. It was too swollen closed. The other had an inflamed cut across the eyebrow. She had limited vision. He had punched her in the face.

Her hands automatically went for her eyes. She found her wrists bound, along with her ankles. They were shackled to the small, iron bed she was laying on. The thin mattress that she was laying on was as naked as she was. She wondered if it was as dirty too. The side of the bed pressed against the long wall.  All she had to do was look down the foot of the bed to see him leaned on his shoulder, up against the doorway.

He must have heard the chains rattling. “Morning, pet.” She just lay there, in silence, frozen, and determined. The tension was in an elevator on it’s way to the penthouse.

“Don’t do it.” He shook his head, took his baseball cap off, raked his nails through his hair then re-positioned his cap. It was a habit she recognized. He shook his head again, looking at the floor and talking with one hand, the other still tucked under his arm.

“Are you going to try that thing where you cut yourself off emotionally? Because I think we both remember how well that worked out for you last time.”

“No,” her voice came out like a horse whisper; so she lay her head back, cleared her throat and tried again. “No. I’m just… trying to figure …everything out, and I’m tired and hurt.” She wasn’t in any physical or mental shape to earn his ire.  She didn’t know what was coming next, either.

He swaggered into the room and took a seat on the mattress beside her, then looked to the only other piece of furniture in the room which was a St. Andrew’s cross. He looked back at her.

“This used to be my playroom. Now, this is your room, but I don’t have room for that anywhere else in the house. You want to take a shower, get something to eat, maybe let me look at that eye?”

She warily nodded. He unlocked her feet first and then moved to her hands. She squeaked out an expression of gratitude. Before he unlocked her left wrist her stopped and let his elbows fall to her knees, and his face to the floor. “Thank you… what, pet?”

Her stomach sank. She hoped that by omitting that one word she hadn’t undone herself and his willingness to be gentle, even for as long as it would last.

He flipped her over. The jerk to her body almost jammed her one still chained wrist. One of his hands seemed to put his entire body weight on the side of her face. She could barely breathe. She felt the springs against her cheeks. His other hand slapped her ass until she finally got it high enough for his liking.

She screamed the word “Master,” endlessly. She felt something smooth enter her pussy and she lifted her ass for it. She spread her legs for it. Everything else hurt, but her cunt felt good. He said nothing the entire time, but pulled out before she could finish.

Just like she knew him, he knew her. He let her head up and covered her eyes with his hand, pushing whatever he’d fucked her with into her mouth. She could obviously taste her own juices.

“Clean it.”

She did. He uncovered her eyes.  He held the length of his hunting knife in his hands, inspecting how well she cleaned the butt of it.

She cried.

Jul 032013

GhostsIt’s two people in two rooms. Right across from one another.

He’s sitting in a chair. So put together

She’s hopelessly writhing and rolling in dusty circles.

Neither knows for whom the brick dust was lain, but it’s a line, regardless.

One whispers over it.

One claws at getting out from under it.

These rooms aren’t new.

They’ve both walked them together, freely.

But that was before.

Jun 212013

parkinglotSince the last incident, she’d been behaving. But two weeks had passed and even the whispers and bets as to when the next one would happen weren’t really whispers anymore. He stood and called her into the office and shut the door. Each time he did, the possibilities excited her. It excited them too. The entire office watched their lamb to slaughter with froth on their lips. She could almost see it dripping down and joining with the stains left from their coffee cups.

They were more than voyeurs. Some of the more excitable ones felt as if they were taking part in it all. She’d never know how much all of this played into giving release to one man’s sad marriage, another’s inability to adapt to social situations, and the few other that used it just as fodder to drain their dicks. Many.  Many times over.

Generally she was called in to do secretarial work and if he felt like it, a blowjob. Although the last one had been more of a face-fucking, and more than she had been prepared for.

“Bend over the desk and remove your clothes so that I can get to your pussy. Spread your legs. Now. Now.”

She didn’t get her skirt thrown up over the back of her ass before he was in her. Hard. Her thighs slammed into the front of his desk and she yowled. He was constantly pounding her. His body bent her over. But he grabbed her hair. He pulled it and used it to ride her.  The harder he pounded; the harder he pulled; the more her legs spread. She climbed that desk. She banged her cunt back to meet him. She squirted on his cock and some papers that he was supposed to sign.  He yanked her down to swallow every drop and left her on the floor as he zipped up.

She put herself back together and picked up the office.  He spoke when she opened the door to leave.

“Meet me at my car after work”

She smiled. “Yes Sir.”

Jun 122013

nipples hotHe was all hisses and gasps, and I knew he couldn’t keep going if I kept touching him.

“Touch me.” – It came off as more of a demand.

“What?” – He whispered, like his parents were going to come in. We were in my house. No one was home.  I owned it.

“Touch ME – wherever you want.” – I rolled to my back, legs spread. My large breasts spread.

He sat up on his knees and wrapped an arm around my leg, initially planned on heading to my cunt, but  his head followed his other hand. It was reaching for a nipple. It was a fucking hard squeeze.  Hard enough for me to catback and moan, surprised and strong enough to yank my own nipple free.  I could tell that he didn’t know if my reaction was a positive or a negative one.

“Suck my nipples, please.” – Insert whore voice.

He was trying. It was too much.

I at least wanted to catch that first mouthful for him.

There was a lot of huffing and questionable looks. I laughed, played in his cum, and then cleaned up. We talked about it and how the nipple thing had just set me off. I had wanted him to be able to explore more. He wasn’t smoking, but he was high. We both were, after a weekend of fucking. You can’t give a boy a toy and not expect him to play with it.

May 202013

Hold downHe came to the door. His knock is not the same.

And the horses are off.

In. Shut. Lock. Bed. Arm. Pin.

“You know how I found you? I followed your scent. I know every bit of you. It’s because I own every bit of you. You’re mine. Mine to do with. Mine. Can you understand that? Can you? I want to make sure. .. I need you to understand. Mine.”

He wasn’t sure what helped pave the way for his release, the freedom to speak to her that way, or the look on her face when he did. Her body language made his cock jump. And he knew; he should have done this the first time his wife asked him.

Dec 092012

time outHer mind wonders. She thinks about what’s going through his his.

He watches her from behind and wants to run his tongue from her hip to her bra strap.

He wants to pull it with his teeth and then snatch at it until the thin lace and elastic fibers scream and give way.

He’d have her hair in his mouth.

He’d bury his head in her hair.

He wants her scent. Sniffing her neck and up to her jawline.

Her heart would begin to beat faster. He’d be able to feel it against his own.

Part of her would begin to panic.

She would realize that he was going to take her.

And also… that time out wasn’t so bad.

Dec 042012

Tie and shoesA twelve year old rye in his glass, and his slut at his feet.

The ice chips clinked.

Then – Snatch. Silence. Snatch. His tie. It was the sound of one material rhythmically being given a hard, snaking yank against another. Again, with the drink and the ice. My mouth. I was panting a little.

He was quick. Tightly getting that knot around my neck. He played. Gently lulling my head back and forth. I was giving in. I moved slightly. My cunt found the Italian leather and felt so good there. His hand tightened that knot and brought it closer to him. He started pulling the hairs from my head, but I just couldn’t stop. I was too far gone.

Nov 192012

He’s so possessive.

Mine – he says. His.

He likes it when I say the word when we’re fucking.

Even when we’re not. I don’t forget.

He’ll beat parts of me red and raw so that I’ll remember.

My tears and promises swear that I will.

His. All of it. All of me.

My panties are always wet.