May 202013

No, I wasn’t there. God help. I wasn’t there.

I’m not going to have this one up for long, because it’s not for everyone. Everyone’s going to take it differently. Nothing I can do about that. If I misunderstood something, please let me know. But if it’s a bad situation. If it’s a fucked up situation. It’s just fucked up.

So, I’m Shocked that I have worked for someone that speaks English that poorly. I’ve seen a picture of his face, but I don’t care – I’m almost sure that the entire empire is being run by Borat. It’s like textspeak. Or worse, my Mother’s textspeak. You have to read it (or in this case, listen to it) at least seven times to put it together. She’s only half-way up to date with the sheep and she used to be a regular person. Regardless, it has indeed verified that in no way has a single post ever been written by him.

I cannot imagine losing $150,000 in one year. Then in one MONTH?! WHoooAAAA. I’m on emergency mode on day TWO, motherfuckers! You don’t overlook drops in numbers like that. Not if you’re …maybe, I dunno… looking at them?

Listen to me. How the fuck do you have time to verify something ten times if you don’t have the time to pay attention  to where your company was bleeding money?

I’m firing everyone except for my girlfriend. Of Course. I’m sure you were probably hanging out with her while you were missing meetings about how your company was going TO SHIT.

Oh Gawd, it’s The End, well no fuck, you ass. Now we just want know if you did it on purpose or if you two were just incompetent. What’s your business history? Ever tossed a business before?

Oh and there’s No need to transfer anything. There’s nobody to here to pick it up. Christ on a stick. My slack-jaw count just doubled.

By the way, let’s not make any public announcements, just in case I need to cover my ass for anything. Besides, I’d still like to try to keep the community bringing in SOME money after I fire you. You know how I feel about telling the truth to the community. :shivers::

Hell, I might file some kind of protection. We’ll see what we’re gonna do? – Just…What The Fuck?!

I don’t know who it was that originally brought up concern for the community, but it made me think of where people’s heads were at during all this. This woman’s job was in the wind, and she was thinking about the community as well. I’m not  saying that others weren’t, I’ve asked who she was and never got a response. I’d like to know, just out of curiosity.

It’s been …worsening for …quite some time?

Wait a minute…?

You’re saying that this train ….really hasn’t been running that smoo..?


GET OUT! And No recordings!

I sue you! I sue you!


I’ve never run a business, but I know if I’ve made $150 grand one year and lost the same amount in one month, there’s a problem. I know that when it’s that big of a problem, you usually follow the money. I know that I got an email asking me to basically “hang in there with us.” Whatever the fuck that means. It came right before the walls started falling. I know that there’s been uproar before. Quite a few members have been banned for speaking their mind, pointing out the whole used product thing. Even more for non-legit reasons.

I still have an account there. However, I stopped posting and reviewing for them after two friends of mine were booted for thinking. God Forbid.  I can still see forums. For now.

Hell, I don’t know if the company really is folding, if he’s cleaning house, or if he’s high on goofballs. I say use you points and step waaaay back. Don’t be afraid to get away from there. If you really want to do it, find your niche. If it was just a little fun, then it was just a little fun.

Either way. Think for yourself on this one.

  12 Responses to “If You’ve Heard The Audio”

  1. Bahaha! Too funny.

    “Hell, I don’t know if the company really is folding, if he’s cleaning house, or if he’s high on goofballs”

    The best sentence ever.

  2. I couldn’t have explained my feelings on this better myself. I have cashed in the last of my points and will not financially support this asshole. The audio has been removed now, so I cant double check, but I think the woman expressing concern for the community was Carrie Ann. I thought the same thing when I heard it. She’s getting fired, but she’s thinking about how all the contributors are going to feel. I don’t think you can get anyone better to help run the community. “Fresh Eyes” my ass!

    At first I thought Stormy was being helpful and just cared. After speaking with a few other people I realized just how fucked up you have to be to go back and work for someone who just fired all your friends. I was thinking this was probably long planned. I don’t doubt that she was set up to “save” the community well before the firings actually took place. From what I heard, she wen’t looking for the opportunity.

    I don’t doubt that the audio is real but I also question whether he’s just bullshitting to be able to get rid of everyone. How the hell can someone let their business go for THAT long? EF has had the best prices I’ve been able to find, period. Points are nice and everything, but if your business is failing, here’s a little hint: Stop giving away shit for free! I have long wondered how a company can make money with low prices and give so much away.

  3. The woman you hear asking about the community is Carrie Ann. I’ve heard her voice from enough of when she used to do a lot of video reviews. She’s been with EF through a LOT of firings and community changes, mostly as an employee.

    As my husband pointed out to me, EF is very unique with the community, but in any business really why people get fired isn’t public knowledge. We would never know. But I can’t find any other online business where people from the community become employees like this. Still though, to look at it from a business perspective…..what he’s saying and doing isn’t at all unheard of. Well, customers don’t hear about it. But it happens a lot. Especially firing of long-term employees because you’re low on funds. Bring in “fresh blood” = “bring in someone at a lower wage”. And in any business, ever, you never ever admit to the public if you’re in dire straits financially. Especially in this case bc of the people with points who are using them up, getting more free stuff. It’s going to make matters worse. I realize that EF has painted themselves into a corner, talking about transparency and “sex shop you can trust” but no business is ever as transparent as people expect EF to be, on as many facets as they expect EF to be.

    The points ….. yes, if he’s losing that much money, why did they spend ages refining the points system, only to keep it? Between normal activities plus if you can be an editor of one or both sections…you can really rack up points (I know someone who did) and if you’re good, earn the equiv of a nice Tantus dildo every 3 days.

    Sales aren’t down, if my commissions are anything to go by. My commissions first tripled in November and then suddenly shot up to numbers I’ve never seen before. Since December, I now have averaged $900 a month. He mentions (I think? hard to tell) something about keeping up with Amazon prices being his downfall. That could be true, the prices have been seriously low.

    I was asked in DM by Stormy if I wanted to join the Descriptive Review program. When I decided to poke around I said I’d consider it, but I wanted a little more info, then I never heard back. I don’t know if she offered it to me without it being cleared, or if she got busy….but why would she offer it at all if the company is about to go under? Makes no sense.

    I’ve stayed far, far away from the community aspect. Due to the materials info, the ratings, the way I can refine down a category to show only the safe materials to people, the prices, the sales, the variety in stock….this is why I keep on linking to EF. To me, as just an occasional-buyer-of-sex-toys, EF isn’t the worst a consumer can do…..I’d rate places like the millions-just-like-it-and-carries-every-unsafe-sex-toy-known-to-man joints,, adam and eve, and Amazon, as being worse places to shop. For the people who want to just get in and out, they’re going to pick places more like EF. For the people who care about business ethics, they’re going to pick smaller places. But 98% of the people I’ve given sex toy advice to who email me? 98% shop at EF. I give them links to the products at both SheVibe and EF.

  4. In the video, he was saying they were having financial problems. However, on EF, he said that EF was doing really good and there was no financial problems. So I got no idea wth is happening. I just left that site without even spending any of those points or whatsoever. Especially after hearing that they sent out used stuff…Made me pretty skeptical about the whole community (website). I got a copy of that recording for anyone who wants to listen to it.

  5. I worked for EF for 4 years, almost to the date. In those four years, 25 people were hired. Not warehouse or office people, but people to run “the community” — the blogs, the social media, the review program, the forum, sexis, all the behind the scenes stuff it takes to maintain something that large.

    Of those 25 people, 4 quit.

    21 were fired.

    1 is still there.

    We all understand that folks get fired, that companies don’t tell the public the truth about financial difficulties.

    The reason it’s so galling is that of the 21 people fired, only 4 were fired for performance reasons. The rest were all let go for financial and cut back reasons and NONE of them allowed to explain that to anyone. It was common knowledge they’d been humiliatingly fired but no one could defend themselves or let anyone know they hadn’t screwed up.

    The treatment of loyal staff — and the lies…

    Those are the problem, not the fact that a company fires people.

  6. As a business owner, I do understand the firing of employees–but NOT every dang one of them, and definitely NOT under false pretenses.

    I am probably getting banned–big loss right now, lol!-due to my continual complaining about not hearing from Fred…then he answered eventually. If you call it that. Unfortunately, it was more smoke up our butts.

    I would be shut down in my town if I handled a business in this manner!!! But–am taking the advice of a friend–“use all the points you can til it is gone.” And being persistent with someone who has a grudge…also reason for banning.

    So here is a question for those who were fired so rudely–“Would you have stayed if he would have asked for lees in wages?” I am guessing the answer for at least a few of you would have been yes–you guys really cared!

    The loyalty, hard work, diligence and friendliness of the administrators were what made the site what is was…not the callous lies, vanilla puff excuses, martyred ex-worker or the lies on the actual domain owner–check whois…..interesting, huh? As in, whois Thomas Neal from France and NJ???? Why does it show HIM owning the domain for EF????

  7. While I may not 100% agree with everything you posted on the forums, I really appreciate your gall. Firings happen, people get banned, but one thing I hate is when posts get deleted (like with the used toys thing.) If they delete your post I’m going to be super pissed. It’s one thing to delete posts with that video, I guess I get that, but with your own honest feelings?

    One thing that I REALLY agree with is encouraging others to read what other bloggers are saying. When posts get deleted, the information on Eden goes missing… But other people talk about it off of Eden.

    There are certainly people biased towards Eden, and there are certainly people biased against Eden, but if you only read what’s on the forums you’re not going to get all of the information.

    I am pretty lucky to have avoided banning so far. I have spoken up for Eden, but in a ‘calm the fuck down, no matter what you believe being mean to other contributors and spreading misinformation won’t help anything” sort of way. I have a lot of students that I talk to who have been asking about this, and I haven’t really been sugarcoating things, but saying that we really don’t know what’s going to happen.

    Anyways, sorry I haven’t really spoken to you before this fiasco. Followed you on there, after seeing your post on who would unfollow you, to show my support for you speaking your mind.

  8. I really wish I could find the audio and hear it. This is a big deal for me. I also wish I had at least found your blog before the big reply I made in the thread about Gary and everyone leaving just moments ago.

    I’m so sad and upset that I’m gone for two months and I come back to the community I used to trust SO MUCH to it being completely obliterated under such TERRIBLE circumstances.

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