Oct 142014
Another smashing TMI Tuesday idea from Virtual Sin.

Color is everywhere–nature, food, clothing, skin, animals. Different colors symbolize or mean different things in different cultures. Finally, color affects mood.


From your life, tell us about an object, experience or idea related to each of the colors of the spectrum:

1. Red

I have a pair of red thongs with a bow on the back, right at the top of the ass. Pussy – a gift. ;)

2. Orange

Ugh – A few of my NCAA football rivals wear this color. We’re big time Alabama fans. I don’t let The Socialites or The Husband wear orange (not to mention myself.) This makes decorating for fall a bit on the tough side, but we ride out Halloween in different colors of dark purple and black. I’ve been working on creame colored pumpkins for fall. I know, just work with me.

3. Yellow

Lemon trees and antique baby paraphernalia. I love a lemon tree. I love lemonade with tequila. <3

4. Green

A color that will never look good on me, no matter how many times I try it on. Beautiful to decorate with in spring. Nature makes a background for naked.

5. Blue

TH looks good in blue. His eyes are blue. I love the teal side. I use it to decorate with it in the summer. Our pool. 15’s basketball colors. Our dog, Mookie… he looks good in blue sweaters.

6. Violet

I don’t ever really use this color. Sometimes I’m drawn to it when making jewelry.

Bonus: What is the color of sex? – Depends on who your fucking.

TMI Tuesday blog
Feb 052014

Catching the signal from one of her friends, Angela brushed her skirt, took a deep breath and walked to where he was sitting. She wasn’t even supposed to have her friend there, but Marie was almost her sister and how in God’s name was she supposed to go through this without her? She could also give her Mother some closure if this all went South, God help.

It was cold in Jersey. She was dressed to a tee thanks to Jimmy. She was wearing a big warm fur from Jimmy. And she was wired to the fucking gills thanks to the fucking FEDs. She was also going into Jimmy’s place. Jimmy’s place! She tried to tell the FEDs that they didn’t have nobody inside there. They kept insisting that they did. Fucking FEDs.

Angela was a girlfriend. Angela also processed a certain amount of coke that she’d recently been busted on which gave the FEDS reason to wiretap her phone. They got Nicky on everything from Conspiracy , Racketeering, down to fucking jay walking. So she rolled. Now she’s a rat. Now Nicky’s gonna kill her.

When she finally sat down across from him, she knew she’d hit a lucky. He was high as fuck, all fidgety and shit. She moved real close and shushed him, “Hey, hey, Baby…what’s wrong?” The waitress came by and Angela waved her down, “Scotch! Two triples!” Angela went right back to tending to Nicky. “What’s got you so worked up?”

Nicky kept sniffing and coke checking his nose. “The fucking FEDs, that’s what.” Angela had tried to tell those fucking FEDs. She told them that they didn’t have nobody in here. Nicky would find out. When the drinks came, Nicky downed his and asked for another. Angela’s kisses and cooing were a benefit to the drinks. Nicky started to notice Angela more. Her legs, her lips, her thighs.

Nicky watched her smiling at him, closed out his drink, and took her hand. “Upstairs.” She followed him, knowing that undressing was a bullet she couldn’t dodge. Coming into Nicky’s room above the restaurant meant that the FEDs couldn’t hear her through the interference in the walls. They were trying to get the audio feed back up.

“I’m getting in the shower. Be naked and ready when I get out.” He was already closing the bathroom door as he said it. She’d never stop with the Hail Mary’s if she got out of this one. She stripped, pulling cords and wires everywhere. She shoved them in her bag and it under the bed. She was naked when he came out in a towel. He smiled gently, dropping the towel. He kissed the inside of her ankles before he snatched her to him.

He slid inside her with a deep breath and a grunt when his cock fully landed. His hold on her ankles loosened as he slid his grip up her legs and tightened on the top of her thighs. Her back arched while his body slammed against hers. Nicky always was a good fuck.

Angela’s body started to shake and Nikky pinned down both of her wrists. He leaned down close to her face, “This is my pussy. It doesn’t belong to anybody else, especially not the FEDs.” Angela’s body was already squeezing and manipulating around Nicky’s cock. She couldn’t stop. “Nicky spat the words at her,” Come on, cum for me you dirty whore.”

And cum she did, right up until the moment that the electrical cord tightened just a little too much.  Nicky let her body slump back, flat against the bed. He put his pants on and hit a button on the phone.

“Hey, I need a couple of guys to deal with a thing. Ok. Yeah.” Nicky put his shirt on, buttoned up and looked at Angela’s body on the bed. He slid in one cufflink at a time and shook his head. It was sad. Angela always was a good fuck.
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Oct 012013

What we do for sex…

sex craze tmi art

1. Why do you like sexting or virtual sex (chatting, skype, etc.)? I like fucking. Dick in pussy. Flirting is cool. It can get you wound up. Send some pictures and get the bloodflow going, but it’s sexting and skype isn’t the bump and grind.

2. When you’re about to “get busy”…get down & dirty, you know have sex, do you like to be undressed by your lover or take off all your clothes by yourself? It really depends on how horny I/we are, and the situation at hand. There’s a ton to take into consideration too. Are we alone in a bedroom, not to be interrupted all night, or are we trying to get in a quicky behind a gas station. Just sayin’ 

3. What is the most desperate thing you’ve done for sex? I can promise you – you don’t want to know.

4. Libido booster drugs for women (viagra for women) will hit the market soon. Are you interested in trying them? Will you take the new drug(s)? Why or why not? Ehh, I might. It depends. Drugs that are brand new to the market are not always the best. I tend to let them go awhile and see if anyone grows an extra ear before I jump into taking new medication.
(If you are a man, would you like for your female lover to take such a drug?)

Bonus: If it were legal in your country/community to visit a “sex box” would you? No.

Read more about sex box…

Jul 022013


1. If my sex life were a film, it would be rated XXX .  

2. I got a body for sinful, needy things and a face for begging like a little girl in need . 

3. It’s extremely sexy when a guy/girl bites .

4. Doing anything naked makes me feel more comfortable .

5. In the morning, I am always really fucking grumpy .

6. I would love to find someone sadistic and rough enough in the local kink area.

Bonus: Roses are ____ , Violets are ____ , YOU CREATE THE REST OF THE POEM

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Talk real dirty to me.

And I might fuck you.

TMI Tuesday blog
Jun 282013

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were inspired by Sex-Ed writer Jon Pressick and his#dailysexdiscussion that happens on twitter.

1. Have you ever investigated having an open relationship?  Yes, with The Husband, but he’s not interested in seeing anyone else. He understands my needs, kinky as they are and all that implies.

- Have you tried to have an open relationship? Yes.

2. Do you have any sexual phobias? I’ve never liked feet. I love foot rubs, but don’t try sucking on my toes or anything. And I don’t want to touch your feet. 
- What have you done to manage or overcome them? Nothing. I just don’t like feet. Hell, I didn’t let people even touch my feet until an Ex gave me a foot rub once. There’s nothing wrong with my feet, by the way.

3. What is the best new sexual activity you have tried in 2013? I’m really working on my blow job skills, but I’d say my squirting abilities have really improved.

4. Have you ever called into a sex advice radio/television show or written to a sex advice columnist? I actually just wrote up a few questions about her Daddy/ girl relationship that I thought about sending to an acquaintance.
- Was it helpful? I haven’t sent it yet, but I’m sure she’ll be helpful.

5. Would you use the services of a sex therapist? Why or why not? I would if I felt that I would benefit from one.

6. Should sex therapists be allowed to engage in actual sexual activities with clients? Yes. If the therapy is beneficial. Why or why not?

I highly recommend watching the movie “The Sessions” based on a true story of how a sex therapist helped a disabled man live a full, rich life that included sex. Movie trailer:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1866249/ – I’ve actually seen this movie and it was really quite interesting.

Bonus:  Have you read any adult sex ed books lately? What do you recommend? Nothing lately, but I always recommend Opening Up by Tristan Taormino. It really opens your mind more than you think.

TMI Tuesday blog
May 162013

You and him. Sitting in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then here you come with a baby carriage.

WORKWell – that isn’t for everyone. Some people are more casual. More quiet. More secretive. Professional and family lives tend to get into the way of exploring kink and other fetishes that some might have. Some people don’t know what they want and need a little more information.

Now that dating has become so easily accessibly online, it’s just a click away. Well, most things are if you know where to look.XXX Sex Guides gives you reviews of sites, and some interesting niches for you to explore. Does it scream sex? Yes. Why shouldn’t it though? It’s all about sex. There’s a little something deeper though.

Transexuals, FemDoms, Bondage. Escorts. Professionals. In the U.S. or otherwise, XXX Sex Guides offers you a taste of what’s out there in the alternative dating world. It gives those who are new a place to start looking for information and old hats a place to hang them.

XXX Sex Guides  Links you up to ProCon which informs you of the prostitution laws in 100 countries. Keeps you informed. If in Europe and looking for an escort, then you’re on the right site. Endless possibilities.

* The only site that’s listed on XXX Sex Guides that I’ve used and am currently using is Fetlife.com. It’s a wonderful site and I’ve enjoyed it so far. Although I’ve received payment for this post, it’s still within FTC Guidelines. *

Jun 162011

Even when I say that bad stuff, He smiles.

He’s gonna get me if I don’t shut up.

Daddy’s got that mean stuff like that sometimes.

But I will hide my face and casually leave my ass in the air, then squeal when he smacks at it.

Then I will be faux-shocked at his defilement of such an innocent creature

… and tell him about it.

… with a straight face.

…and a voice that most people have never heard and will never hear out of me.

I’m just a babygirl.

I want to hide behind him and curl up in his lap.

I want him to pet me and  feed me bites.

I want him to squish my sammiches flat, and rub that sweet part of my ass until my legs spread, and I get all blushy blushy.

I like sitting on the floor so I can stretch, then crawling over to put my head in his lap.

He can sit me down, and stop all the noise, and I’ll listen.

He can have me in tears in a heartbeat.

It’s more than sex.

It’s more than play.

It’s not exactly love, but close…

It’s a special level of care for another person.